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reply if you play either Ultima Online ,or you are going to start playing Neverwinter nites, that comes out in a week.

Im wanting a forum to spend most of my time on looking of what everyone else has to say about it and ideas for the game.

People could meet other people on the game.
If you get lost have a look on the forum if you get split of from the group (because people respond very fast on this website)
Buy/or trade things
Guild messaging

This is an idea for all of the people on here who play roleplaying games to concider.

I will get some peoples view on this post by people who i play for on these games. They will be grateful im not sure about you?

:):):):)------COME ON HELP ME HERE GUYS------ :):):):)
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]A)You triple posted. B) Your posts are not really relevant to this forum. C) You're posts are not exactly coherent. I recommend you fix the assorted errors up before one of the mods has to for you. A free piece of advice, my lost cathartic friend.[/font][/color]
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oh ffs guys thi is really f***ing rediculus
i just decided to make a suggestin starting ones with in the suggestions forum
then i get a moderator saying "please please post this in the games/rpg section" which is fine .and now i get bloody someone else saying "no not a good place to post this in here"
im not trying to make enemies but im just making a suggestion and im getting backfire from people
dont have to reply but this advice for you
my lost friend.......
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Look, unless you are actually starting an RPG on these boards, which I saw no hint of, put this in the PC Gaming forum. If you had bothered to learn the rules, you wouldn't have this problem. Delete this thread afterwards, for convenience.[/font][/color]
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