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Digimon: The Beginning


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*This thread is here for us to explore what could have happened way back when, how things started, before Digimon S1. There are 5 kids, two of them younsters. No evil DigiDestined or anything~~this was back when they fought the evil from behind the FireWall. One twist~~we'll set this a little farther in the future (would have originally taken place in 60's, 70's maybe, but let's not go there.).
I've only got one rule: if you post, you need to post part of the story~~you can complain about another post, but you must post a part of the story as well.
Got it? I hope so. I'll start (lucky me).*
*A regular day like any other. Lia is doing her best to kick butt in FF7, when her younger brother Ty stumbles in. Just as Lia is about to deliver the final blow to Sephiroth, Ty trips over the main power cord.*
Lia: :eek: TY! WHAT DID YOU DO?!?
Ty: ...um?
Lia: I was about to win, you doofus! :flaming: Get out get out get out!!!
*Crying, Ty does. Mom and Dad are in Lia's room in a instant, scolding her. After they leave, Lia kicks her wall, living with her punishment.*
Lia: Grounded for a week. Just for yelling at my dweeb of a brother.
*A knock on the door. Ty sneaks in.*
Lia: Get out of here--you've already got me in enough trouble as it is!
Ty: I'm sorry...:(
Lia: Yeah, right, you always say that. And you always get away with it because everyone thinks you are so cute. :mad:
*A tap on her window causes Lia to open it. The Hida boy that just moved in next door is there.*
Lia: Hi. You're new here, aren't you? What's your name?
Koushiro Hida: Koushiro Hida *actually, I don't remember his real name, work with me here*, but please don't call me that!
Lia: What do you want to be called?
Koushiro Hida: Yoshi.
Ty: Hee hee hee, like the dragon dinosaur?
Yoshi: Who's that?
Lia: My little bro. So what brings you here, Yoshi?
Yoshi: :confused: You mean you haven't seen the weird glow outside your window?
Lia: What?
*He points to it. Sure enough, there's a weird glow under her window. It pulses gently. As Lia looks closer, she could almost swear she sees something not of our world.*
*At that moment, the earth shakes. Lights blink, and Ty reaches out for Lia as she falls through her window. Two kids across the street see the commotion, and run over. A mighty terra heave throws all five kids into the glowing thing.*
*A moment later, Lia is alone. But what frightens her more is that she know she is not at home anymore. And suddenly, being grounded doesn't seem so bad.*
OK, go to it.
(Sorry DigiStory peeps, but I want to have another, different story going.)
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Awesomeness Ginny! Meet Raiha, the strange girl with the crest of compassion...

Lia: Where am I?

Raiha: Hello. You're a girl like me!

Lia: Yeah, who are you?

Raiha: I'm Raiha, but everyone calls me Ri (pronounced Rye). Are you okay?

Lia: I'm fine. Why ask?

Raiha: I asked that to everyone here.

Lia: You've been here before?

Raiha: No, but I recognize my big brother. See?

Terris: Hello.
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*Lia suddenly remembers her own brother, Ty. She looks about for him, but doesn't see him anywhere.*
Lia: Have you seen a kid named Ty, or one called Yoshi?
Raiha: Well, I did see a boy walking over the--
Lia: Thanks! *runs in direction Raiha points*
*She sees her brother, but immediately stops and screams. Raiha and Terris catch up with her, asking what is wrong. Lia points.*
Lia: What is that--that [i]thing[/i] with my brother?
*The "thing" looks like a caterpillar, but is too big to be a normal one.*
Raiha: Whoa....where are we?
Terris: A place where there are a lot of strange animals. I saw some small dinosaurs running by the waterfall before you caught up with me, Raiha.
Lia: Ty, get away from that thing!
Ty: But it's nice--it's just a baby. And it's name is Noptamon. It won't hurt us.
Raiha: How do you know?
NoptaM: I won't--I promise. Ty is very nice. I want to be his friend.
Ty: Can I keep it, Lia? Please?
Lia: I dunno, squirt. Are you sure about this?
Ty: If you don't let me keep it, I'm gonna cry!
Lia: *unmoved* Whoopee. Now let's go see if we can find Yoshi--he's bound to be here somewhere.
*Just a side note--pick a character--human, Digimon, or the bad guy, whatever you want, and post as them. NO EVIL DIGIDESTINED!!!*
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ben [/i]

*Looks at her innocently* I didn't do anything. :angel: Got a question, can we have two digimon? [/B][/QUOTE]LOL, yeah, just like Willis in the movie...

Lia: I hate it here!

Raiha: I like it. It's so peaceful, and there's no pain.

Lia: What pain?

Raiha: My cuts and bruises don't hurt anymore.

Irismon: Hi Rai! I'm Irismon, your partner. Can I be your friend?

Raiha: You're soo cute! Sure!

Irismon was so adorable to me, a little dragon like baby with a flowery smell.

Lia: It's cute.

Irismon: What's cute?
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*Lia is not a meanie, she just can't stand her little cute bro, who gets away with everything because he's so adorable. And "Yoshi" is really Hiroki, so for anyone who's playing Hiroki, make your choice of which name you are going to use.
Raiha: Cute means, uh...really nice looking. Like Lia's little brother Ty. Isn't Irismon adorable?
Lia: *less than enthusiastic* Yeah, adorable.
Terris: What's wrong with her?
Lia: Nothing's wrong with me! I'm going to go find that kid who called himself Yoshi. *stomps off*
Raiha: O...k.
*meanwhile, Ty and Noptamon are chatting like old friends.*
Ty: And my sister--
Nopta: What's a sister?
*Lia is walking up at this point*
Ty: A sister is...well...she's a person who...uh...I dunno. But I like mine a lot.
*Lia raises an eyebrow, then decides to walk away for a moment. That's when she runs slap bang into "Yoshi" (Hiroki).*
Lia: OW! Please watch where you're going from now on, k?
Yoshi/Hiroki: Never mind that, you should see what I just found!
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Lia: what do you want to show me?
Yoshi: look at this *pulls out a digiegg*
Lia: it looks like some kind of... egg
Ty: What did you find Lia!??! *runs over to Yoshi and Lia and shoves in to get a good look at the digiegg* wow... what is it, Noptamon? *looks down at the little digimon in his arms*
Noptamon: What do you mean what is it? Haven't you seen a digiegg before?
Yoshi: hmm... a digiegg? *brings the digiegg closer to his face and inspects it* It looks a lot like an Easter egg...
Lia: Hey, you're right Yoshi! Look at all the swirls of pink and purple. It's beautiful. But it could be dangerous when it haches.
Noptamon: *looks up at Lia* what do you mean dangerous? It'll just be a little baby digimon.
Lia: Digimon, Digiegg? whats all this DIGIstuff thats going on?
Noptamon: *giggles* Digimon is short for Digital monster. I think you're smart enough to figure what Digiegg is.
Ty: *blinks down at his digimon partner* are you a digimon Noptamon?
Noptamon: of course!
Lia: *crosses her arms* I don't care if you say it'll be a little digi-whatever. That eggs big enough to hold Godzilla.
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Yoshi: *rubs egg* Uh oh...
Lia: Whaddya mean, uh oh?
Yoshi: The egg, it's...*The egg in question is vibrating in his hands. A crack appears, then another.* It's hatching!!!
Ty: A new Digimon!
Nopta: A new friend!
Lia: A new something to worry about!
Yoshi: Shh, let's just see what happens.
(BTW, I meant for Hiroki Hida to be in this story, but I nicknamed him Yoshi. I guess we'll stick with that name, huh? And also, Noptamon is Nekomon's (my made up Digimon) In Training form.)
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A Small Shadow in the Forest: So... these are the old digidestined...
A Larger Human Shaped One: shhh Tundramon... If they hear us they'll notice us...
Tundramon: Oh come on. Lighten up Kurumi. What's the worst that could happen? Their digimon are only Fresh and In-Training.
Kurumi: Well, if you found someone sneaking around spying on you, what would you ask?
Tundra: umm... What are you doing here?
Kurumi: EXACTLY! And yuo'd answer...
Tundra: I'd tell them the truth. :D We traveled here from the future to watch over the first digidestined to make sure they didn't get in any trouble.
Kurumi: Tundra... :rolleyes: oh well *giggles* you are cute sometimes...

Ty: awww *eyes sparkle while he watches the digiegg*
Nopta: ohhh... *eyes flicker up towards the forest for a second and he sees two figures making their way closer to them*
Yoshi: Boy... what is it...
Digiegg: *head pops out*
Nopta: what is it... *is talking bout the shadows*
Lia: it's a... a... blob...
New Digimon: *blinks up at Yoshi* YOSHI! It's me! *jumps up and down*
Yoshi: *eyes grow wide* ahh! what are you?
Nopta: *looks at the digimon* that's a digimon. Corlamon.
Corlamon: Yup yup!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ben [/i]

*Looks at her innocently* I didn't do anything. :angel: Got a question, can we have two digimon? [/B][/QUOTE]

GinnyLyn! Can we have 2 Digimon? I'd like to join, but If I can't be evil, then I'm afraid I'm gonna have to have Two Digimon... :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]

GinnyLyn! Can we have 2 Digimon? I'd like to join, but If I can't be evil, then I'm afraid I'm gonna have to have Two Digimon... :D [/B][/QUOTE]
He just has to have it his own way...and there's no arguing with him anyways...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]GinnyLyn! Can we have 2 Digimon? I'd like to join, but If I can't be evil, then I'm afraid I'm gonna have to have Two Digimon... :D [/B][/QUOTE]

LoL.....that's Ben to a T! (j/k, Ben--ya know I love ya!)

Okay...I'd love to be in this, but I'm pretty terrible about writing myself into these things..... Anyone care to introduce me? Please??? My chara is Riven--age 13, and my digi's fresh form is Chomon. He's a little tan blob with red marks by his eyes.

I'd appreciate it....danke.
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(Lia is not really all that mean!)
Nopta: Not that! Them!!!
Everyone else: "Them"?
*Everyone looks to where Noptamon indicates. Nothing is there.*
Lia: Great, not only am I have delusions about little talking monsters, my delusions are having delusions. That can't be a good sign...
Nopta: But...but...something [i]was[/i] there!
Ty: *hugs Nopta* [i]I[/i] believe you.
Yoshi: I guess the important question is...were whatever you saw bad or good?
Nopta: Uh....?
Ty: He wants to know if the things you saw will hurt us.
Nopta: I dunno...
Corla: *giggles*
Yoshi: What?
Corla: You things have the weirdest eyes.
Yoshi: Wha?!?
Corla: I saw them too!
Lia: Ok, fine, whatever. The point is, [i]will they hurt us?![/i]
Corla: *giggles again*
Lia: You little--!
*Yoshi sweeps the Fresh Digimon in his hands.*
Yoshi: Hey, stop! Corlamon's just a baby!
Lia: *pouts* Hmph!
Nopta: I think [i]some[/i]one needs to meet her Digimon.
Lia: Whatever...
(I have one for Lia, so please do not make one up for her. Also, Cera, write yourself in whenever.)
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Kurumi: we need to be more careful Tundra. Two of their digimon already spotted us
Tundra: Oh, come on Kurumi. They're the first digidestined and their digimon. Can't they see us, just once. We can help them fight and then return to our own time.
Kurumi: Tundramon, if they see us in the open it could alter history. At least for a digital world it would. Just us being here's gonna alter history for the digiworld. And if the digiworld is altered, it'll alter my world a bit too.
Tundra: Kurumi, when we go back to our own time you're not going to leave me here in the digiworld to go back to the real world are you?
Kurumi: I dunno my friend, I may take you with me next time.
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