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Writing theOTAKU prophecies.

Guest Saiyangohan2002

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Guest Saiyangohan2002
[color=green] I've created a phrophetic verse or two about the darkest moments on Otakuboards that I'd like to share with you.


Anything i write here is a work of fiction. Any one coincidences that happen after the publication of this I will not be held accountable for. Remember it is a wrok of total fiction. Nothing i believe will come true. I am not a real prohet. if you don't like it. then please don't read on.

Away witht the disclaimer, on with the story.

[SIZE=3]OtkauBoards; end of an era?[/SIZE]

[B] the return of Kuja [/B]

And there it was, the way of ages, oh sorrow, sorrow for those who remain! for the mouth of the dragon spews forth the ingested and those unwanted will take their places. Oh kuja. you had it all! but you knew the way through, and you came back! bearing the name of a nile by flight . You became again and oyu will go again. Foregoe the red text of desire instead hath chosen to make green. forgoe and decieve the otaku community.

[B] Dragonball section falls [/B]

Maiden fair. You lay the weight of the world on your shoulders. yet no one see you as the way hath you were. you are trampled beneath their feet! neglected and abused. The powerful one will lock you up. Close everyone of your precious threads. not a single one will remain! the cowboy, who thou shones like a apocalyptic rider, then see your fall.

then the powerfull one who many have respected for so long, will proclaim war ont the Otaku community. Joining the new Kuja and the apocalyptic rider. The powerfull one will herald in an age of darkness. Many members will be silenced and many will fall.

[B] The fall. [/B]

The powerfull one. whos authority is unmatched, the will he destroy the creator? for his authority is so big, because he is very trusted, not even the creator can unmake him. he will then proclaim war on the creator. Causing the creator to have no option left but to cloes the boards down.

[B] The six months of terror [/B]

The powerfull one hath taken on the creator! he has sought to take the empire and destroy the kingdom! for the powerful one has gone so far as to ban everyone! In fact, the poerfull one hath banned so many, one 45 will remain. hat 45 will include those in power and the Creator. The new Kuja will take down personally. he is going to defeat those in power. and Take down many.

[B] The desecration has to come before victory [/B]

Soon you will see the cowboy, that apocalyptic rider, in a position he should not be. There he will help the powerfull one take down the boards. When the six months have passed. the dragon will swallow the powerfull one. that angel will destroy the powerful one and restore order to the boards. his name is Rewalius. the defender of trust truth and honor.

Then he will fight the new Kuja in his room of choice. He will make fire spew forth and disintergrate his login. them he will strike down the powerfull one. the Apocalyptic rider, and all those who worship RAM. we will restore the users, and all the coding and the Tribes of the boards. The crewator will then smile down. His boards are once safe again.... thanks to Rewalius. [/color]

I can't stress enough that this is a work of fiction any characters mentioned above are fictitious, any incidents or users identical to the mock prophecy are entirely coincidental.
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