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For many months, we have been blessed with the privilege of putting images in the RPG/Games forum. Sadly, not many threads have used it.
So I asked myself: Why isn't there an RPG in which the images actually complemented the story?

Having said that...[I]Welcome to the Spriter's RPG.[/I]

To avoid trouble, and unnecesary(sp?) questions, I'll say this from the beginning.
[SIZE=3]This is not a comic![/SIZE]

Story-wise, I won't go into details yet. First, I'd rather explain how this works.

Storytelling will be in the traditional way, however, there's a catch: Actions done by the characters will be shown by images.
Example: Evilman X pointed his gun at the impostor.
Longer situations could be animated, or explained by more than one sprite.

By doing this, I hope to help readers visualise(sp?) the situation better.

For now, I just want to know if there are people willing to try this. All you need is your character's sprite sheet (custom, borrowed, I don't care), the other characters' sheets,and a real desire to do this.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Schratn9 [/i]
[B]This sounds very interesting? [/B][/QUOTE]

...Dear god. Let's see what wrong with this.

1) First, you're saying "This sounds very interesting[b]?[/B]". This could be a mistake, but it sounds like you're doubting what you're saying.

2) Please, only post in a sign-up topic if you're signing-up, or have already and wish to ask some questions, or simply want to ask some questions. Don't just say you like the sound of it or something.

I'd say more, but I'm too lazy at the moment...

Anyway, onto the story itself!

[URL=http://lordwarlock.netfirms.com/Warlock_Master.gif]Y'know, I should /really/ update this...[/URL]

Question though... What's the actual story? Blah blah blah, yak, yak, yak. You know the speech.
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I was waiting until people posted before blowing up my brain making up a storyline. Now that there's at least someone interested, it's time to do the speech!

[I]Note- This story is not necessarily tied to the Megaman timeline, but it takes place in the same universe.[/I]

Undisclosed Year:

The Sigma Virus has been totally eradicated. However, peace has not been totally restored. With it's last "breath", the Virus released it's full power, destroying all Reploids and Mavericks. The only survivors were those with a natural resistance to the Virus; and even they were seriously incapacitated.

10 years have passed since Sigma's Last Stand (as it was named in history records).
In an attemp to create 5Super Reploids that would protect society, Dr. Cain discovered something terrible: The Virus still lingered in the atmosphere.

The Super Reploids have now become Mavericks, and they are loose. Yet, there's still jope for mankind.
Zero, one of the injured survivors, has recruited 5 brave souls. These normal persons will be transformed into Cyploids, combining the phisical superiority of robots with the Viral inmunity of humans.

Here's the info you need to sign:

Link to sheet
Cyploid, or Maverick? (Only 5 on each side)
Bio (N/A if Maverick)
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Name- Charlie Fortune

Code Name- Evilman

Sheet- Attachment


Personality- Relaxed, happy go lucky attitude. He can easily overreact, though...

Bio- A mercenary, he was chosen for the Cyploid Project because of his extensive combat experience. His parents were soldiers who died fighting the Super Mavericks, so he didn't discuss about money with Zero.
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