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Writing Shattered Like Always

Guest tragicmagic

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Guest tragicmagic
Down by the moments pulse,
Hurt by one's words so false,
Saddened by the days results,
Angered by my own qualities and own faults,
I'm shattered.
Trying to regain all that I had,
But realizing all that I had was bad,

This is how I live from day to day,
Not quite sure what the Hell to say,
Whatever you do right now isn't the time to walk in my way,
That's just too bad for me,
Blinded by what I cannot see,
Too many times did I fall,
And this thing people call life,
Chose to ruin it all.
With my head hanging down,
I'm not sure what curse I have found,
But whatever it is,
I wish it was his.
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