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ok guys, I know this isn't an rpg, and so ths may be looked upon immeaditly upon as sam or something to be put up in GD, but I am putting it up here, because it's a question for roleplayers, into the nature of some roleplaying, so yeah, move it where ya want, just figured I would explain why it's appearing here first.

Anyways to the question...

Ok well last night I decided to start reposting in Otaku, and was looking through the sign ups, when I remembered something that sometimes got on my nerves about peoples roleplaying, and it sorta comes down to the common sense level, here I will use an example I used to talk with my friends...

Alright, 2 wizards, now as most of us fantasy roleplayers know, wizards are spell casters, who wear very little armour and ussually avoid close commbat in general. These 2 wizard both have the same inate powers in spell casting, but the difference is, one grows up in a sacntuary, knowing his magics their whole life, studying the, training them. The other instead grows up, living as a swordsman, or an adventurer, andnever knowing of theirs magics, the question is, will the adventuring wizard, who traded wordly expiernce, be as powerful a caster as the one who studyed thier whole life?

From my train of thoughts the answer is obvious, and thats that it is a no. The wizard who spent the entire time training and studying would simply have a better knoweldge and expiernce with thier casting, even if the started out at the same power...

Anywayz I wanna hear what you guys think, and to some of you newer roleplayers out thier, some advise for improved post quality, is to build your charecters past first, then have their abilitys built on that charecters past.

Anywayz please answer, and if you mods feel this should be elsewhere, go ahead, I just wanted to ask this to the roleplayers first and make sure a few of them saw it.
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Actually, I think it should be closed...

And it will be, but the answer is obvious: No. I don't even see why you really needed to ask this question.

That's like saying, "If one potential genius went to school, and one didn't, who would be smarter?"

Conclusion: Stupid question.

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