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Final Fantasy: The Revival of Evil..........


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Ok, this is the proper posting bit of my FF: Revival of Evil sign up! If you want to join, just post your character there, and you're in :)


[I]Ryu had just arrived back to his hometown, Alexandrea, after travelling the world, to find it was a mess...Dead bodys were everywhere, and pieces of houses were spread all over the streets.

Ryu was gutted...He couldn't even shed a tear. He ran over to an old man, that was still breathing, and tried to get some imformation about what had happened.

"Tell me, what happened here?"


"What about the mist!?"


"No! Wait! Don't die, damnit!!!"[/I] :mad:

[I]Then the old man passed away...Ryu suddenly noticed that the castle was completely ripped apart.

He rushed to it, and looked inside...There was nothing but dead bodys everywhere...Ryu then checked in all the other rooms, but it was all the same...Bodies. Dead bodies. Dead, bleeding bodys. He then ran into the only room he hadn't checked: The Queens room.

There she was, Queen Garnet, lying on the floor, dead...


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*Cid lay in his room staring at the wall.*

Cid - Why doesn't anything cool ever happen any more. I hope Freya comes today to teach me some more Spear fighting.

*Suddenly there is a large commation in the hallways.*

Cid - What the!?

*Cid peaks outside and finds soldiers running everywhere.*

Cid - What happened?

Soldier - Master Cid, Alexandria has been destroyed.

Cid - Destroyed? *Cid runs back in his room and grabs the Dragon Lance. He runs back out and heads for the hanger bay.* I hope Garnet is ok.

*Cid makes it to the hanger and is about to board the Highwind, a large ship which his father had given him, the regement's first ship using jet purpultion.*

Man - And where do you think your going?

Cid - Mother!

Hilde Garde - So, where are you going?

Cid - I have to go to Alexandria!

Hilde Garde - I dont think so, not without your father's permission.

Cid - Sorry mom, but I have to do this.

*Cid gets into the Highwind and shuts the hatch.*

Cid - Lets go guys.

Crew - Sir!

Cid - Set a cource for Alexandria.

Crew - But sir.......

Cid - Do it!

*Cid walks into the cargo hold where he finds Kupo asleep. Kupo is a young Moggle which Cid befriended while Visiting the Lost Continent with Eiko.*

Cid - Yo, Kupo!

Kupo - Uhhh, whaaaaaa?

Cid - Get up, we got work to do.

*An hour later.*

Crew Head - Cid, you may want to look at this.

Cid - What?

Crew Head - Its Alexandia Sir, its.......demolished.
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Alexandria is destroyed with only 2 survivors...Kain Strife and Princess Garnet.Kain beaten and bruised lay on the ground in front of the castle.

Kain-Are you alright?

Garnet-Yes.Can you walk?

Kain-Maybe.I don't know?My leg was slashed pretty good.

Garnet-Look a air ship!*points*

Cid-Is that Garnet?

Cid lands the ship and pick them up.

Cid-What happened?

Garnet-We were attacked.We were caught off guard and as you can see they won.

Kain-We struggled to get outside.

Cid-I see...
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Cid - Your leg looks pretty bad man, here, let me help you.

*Cid uses Cura on Kain and Garnet. They are each fully healed by the spell.*

Kain - Thanks man.

Voice - Queen Garnet!

Garnet - Huh?

*Cid, Garnet, and Kain look up above. Up on the balcony of Garnet's room, a boy stands shouting to them.*

Ryu - Queen Garnet! Your alive!

*Ryu jumps down from the balcony, landing in a bush which breaks his fall.*

Cid - Whos he?

Garnet - I don't know.

*Ryu runs over to Garnet.*

Ryu - Your majesty, I thought you were dead. I saw your body up in your room.

Garnet - What? My body.........Oh no, BEATRIX!

Cid - What?

Garnet - When we where attacked, I was about to help Steiner, Zidane, and Beatrix fight the hords, but Beatrix discissed herself as me to trick the enemy and Steiner and Zidane forced me to run away.

Cid - You mean there all.......

Ryu - Yes, there all dead.
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[COLOR=red]Garnet falls to the floor[/COLOR]

Garnet: Oh no...I can't belive they're all dead...Oh, why does this always happen to me!? It all started when I got Zidane to capture me...

Ryu: Yeah, I knew all about it...I was one of the soldiers in the castle when that happened...I'm glad I became an explorer.

Cid: Who were the invaders?

Garnet: Mist monsters...

Ryu: What!? Mist monsters? But...I thought you got rid of the mist from the Lifa Tree when the old Queen...Sorry...

Garnet: It's ok, I'd gotten over it long ago...By the way, whats your name?

Ryu: My names Ryu

Cid: I'm regent Cids son.

Kain: And you already know who I am ;
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Cid - We had beter make sure there aren't any more monsters in the city. Kain, why don't you and the queen go and look in the city. If you find any survivors, send them to the highwind ASAP. Me and Kupo will go check out the castle. Umm...Ryu, you said your name was?

Ryu - Yeah.

Cid - Go see if there are any down in the harbor.

Ryu - Alright.

Kain - Sounds like a plan.

Cid - Ok, lets rock.

*Ryu heads for the harbor, and Garnet and Kain head into the city.*

Cid - Yo! Kupo, time to move.

*Kupo waddles out of the highwind. In his right hand, he holds a large broad sword, easily twice his height, but Kupo manages to carry it as easy as if it where a dagger.*

Cid - Ready to go bro?

Kupo - Yeap, lets go.

*Cid walks into the castle, holding the dragon lance, followed by Kupo flying in, his sword sheathed on his back. The check most of the castle, finding nothing buy death and destruction. Finally, they come to the kitchen. In the middle of the vast kitchen lies a gigantic slug creature, snacking on some cheif legs.*

Cid - Holy crap, thats a biggin.

Kupo - No kiding.

*The slug thing spots Kupo and Cid and starts sliming its way over to them. Before either of them can move, it shots out some slimy mucuss from what looks like it's mouth. The mucuss invelops Kupo, than hardens rock solid, making him imoble.*

Cid - Your going to pay for that.

*Cid charges at the slug and shoves his spear right in it's side. But when he tries to pull it out, it won't buddge.*

Cid - Crud.

*Cid Jumps back just before he is swallowed up by the creatures mucuss. With the use of his spear, Cid casts Thundera, but the creature's mucuss protects it from the attack.*

Cid - O crap.

*Searching around franticly for a weapon, Cid spys a mop in the corner of the room.*

Cid - :smirk: That'll work.

*Cid grabs the mop and gets in a fighting possion with it. The Slug creature seems to let out a little chuckle at Cid.*

Cid - You think thats funny? Well how about this?

*Cid quickly grabs a bottle of alchohol and douses the mop with it. He then lights the mop on fire with a near by candle. Using the jump attack to hit the slug, the firey mop lights the slug's slimy covering on fire, inveloping the slug with a ferosious flame.*

Cid - Now that hes taken care of, how am I goning to get Kupo out of that shell?
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[COLOR=red]Ryu goes off to the harbour[/COLOR]

Ryu: Heeeere monster monster...

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, Ryu hears a noise[/COLOR]

Ryu: .....

[COLOR=red]He walks over to where he heard the noise, with his Mithril Dagger firmly in his hand[/COLOR]

Ryu: Come out come out wherever you are...

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, a couple of little Goblins come out from a wrecked ship, and Ryu jumps out[/COLOR]


Goblin 1: Huh???

Goblin 2: A Human!

Goblin 1: Yeah! It IS a Human!

Goblin 2: Lets kill it!!! :devil:

Goblin 1: Ok! :D

[COLOR=red]Both the Goblins get in a fighting stance then scream out loud:[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]Both the Goblins then run up to Ryu[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Thinking) Theres 2 of them, and I can only slash one at a time...I'm gonna have to go for a giant swing of my Dagger and hope it gets them both![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]As the Goblins jumps up into the air, Ryu slashes at one, and it instantly disappears, then just as he is about to slash the other one, it punches him in the face, sending him splashing into the water[/COLOR]

Goblin 2: Naaahahahaha!

[COLOR=blue]Ryu starts to swim back up to the surface, but suddenly feels a sharp pain in his left ankle, also holding him down in the water[/COLOR]

Ryu: :eek:

[COLOR=blue]He looks down to find a giant sea monster that looks alot like a shark, digging its teeth into his leg[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Glug) ARRRRGH!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]He bends down to slash at it, but the other Goblin jumps into the water and gets out an Axe[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Thinking) Oh no! Things just can't get any worse!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Then he realises he is running out of air.[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Thinking) Aw man! Why'd I have to open my big mouth!? Okay Ryu, don't panic...There's got to be a way outta this...Just stay calm...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]He searches in his pocket and finds a few needles (An explorer has to be ready for anything!), then bends down and stabs a few into the sea monsters head, it instantly lets go, and he starts swimming to the surface[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Thinking) Oh sh*t! What about the Goblin!?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]But to his suprise, when he turns round, he sees the Goblin flapping its arms madly and clutching at its throat[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Thinking) Can't breath eh? Sucker.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]He finally gets to the surface, and scrambles out onto the platform next to the water[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=darkred]*Cough cough*[/COLOR] ****...He messed up my leg pretty bad, and I can't find my bandages! They must have been shaken off from the impact when I fell in the water, and NO WAY am I going back in there to get it!

[COLOR=red]He slowly stands up, and limps off to find something to stop his leg bleeding[/COLOR]
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Kain goes into the city with Garnet.As soon as they enter they get

Kain-Stand back Garnet.

Garnet-I know how to fight!

Kain pulls out his sword and gets into a fighting position.

Garnet-He's big.:eek: I'll be standing over here.

Kain-Be careful.

Kain uses his Braver limit and slices the monster in half.

Garnet-Good job!*claps*

Kain-Thanks!:D :o

Garnet-Let's go.

Kain-We have to be extra careful.
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*Cid walks through the castle carrying Kupo, still in his little shell. Eventually he come across a familiar set of corpses.*

Cid - Tantalus!

*Cid drops Kupo and runs over to the Tantalus party, all of them dead.*

Cid - Crap. And I still can't get Kupo out.

*Cid spys Cinna's hammer on the ground.*

Cid - That could work.

*Cid picks up the Hammer. He than hits the top of Kupo's shell with it. The shell begins to crack, than shatters.*

Kupo - *GASP* Air! *Breaths heavily.*

Cid - Kupo, your ok.

Kupo - Ya, **** mucuss monster.

Cid - Well the good thing Is that was the only one. Lets get out of the castle and find the others.

*Cid and Kupo leave the castle, Cid still carrying Cinna's hammer.*
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[COLOR=red]Ryu walks out of the castle, and into the weapons shop[/COLOR]

Ryu: Aha, I should be able to get some good stuff from here...

[COLOR=red]Picks up "The Ogre" off the shelf [/COLOR]

Ryu: Hey, this should be good for doing some damage!

[COLOR=red]Walks over to the inn[/COLOR]

Ryu: Com'on...Theres got to be summit in here to stop my leg bleeding!

[COLOR=red]Searches around, but can't find anything[/COLOR]

Ryu: :(

[COLOR=red]Walks off the the bell tower, to find a moogle on the floor, with its eyes closed[/COLOR]

Ryu: Oh no...Stiltzskin!!! Not you too! :(

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, Stiltzkin stands up[/COLOR]

Stiltzkin: Hey! I'm not-

[COLOR=red]A giant monster comes up behind him and bites off his head[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]Runs up to the monster but falls over because of his faulty leg[/COLOR]

Ryu: OW!

Monster: Blarghahahahahahaha!!!

[COLOR=red]While it laughs, Ryu picks up his weapon and throws it at the monster with all his strengh, and it rips right through the monster[/COLOR]

Ryu: :mad:

[COLOR=red]He slowly stands up, and wraps Stiltzkins cloak around his leg[/COLOR]

Ryu: :( Stiltzkin... :(
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Sorry man.

Kain-I think we are surronded.

Garnet-Me too.



Kain-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:laugh: :laugh:

Garnet-Your crazy.

Kain-They left a weak spot.I want you to run and i'll cover you.

Garnet-What will happen to you?

Kain-I don't know.
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*Cid and Kupo walk into town. After a while they pass a weapon's shop.*

Cid - Hold up, I need to get a weapon. A hammers not really my style.

*The 2 walk into the weapon's shop. Cid finds a spear with a gigantic blade at the end.*

Cid - Hey, I recognise that spear.

*Cid picks up the spear.*

Cid - This is a Heavy-Spear, Freya used to use this type for a while.

*Cid swings it around a little.*

Cid - Hmmm, keeps true to its name. Ok Kupo, lets go see if the others found any survivors.
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Off the coast of Junon on a new S Class Airship Seifer and his team of mercenaries get word of the Mist Monster atrocities.

Seifer: Well looks like there a bi reward out for slaying the monster scum.

Lavitz: Yeah, maybe we should head that way, we are running low on funding, specialling after repairing the ship from our encounter at Balamb.

Seifer: Yeah, that would be an easy way to make a couple grand.

Alright men lets fire her up and set a course for Alexandria.

Men: Yes Sir!

Lavitz: Are you concerned Seifer?

Seifer: Why would i be concerned?

Lavitz: This autrocities we read about are pretty extensive. Far more grave then any regular band of roaming monsters.

Seifer: True, we should proceed with caution on this one. I sense a bad pressence of darkness hovering over this.

Keep the men working, dont let them get lazy, if you need me Ill be in my quarters.

Lavitz: Yes sir!

The S Class ship called the Valkry heads of into the distance for alexandria.
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[COLOR=red]As Ryu walks back to the castle, he spots a giant spider munching on some guys head[/COLOR]

Ryu: :flaming:

Spider: :flaming:

[COLOR=red]Suddenly the giant spider crys out a loud screeching noise, and 3 more appear, and surround Ryu[/COLOR]

Ryu: [COLOR=blue](Thinking) ****...I'm surrounded! The maximum I can get with this weapon is 2 in 1, but theres 4 here...This isn't good...[/COLOR]
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Seifers mercenary group arrive at alaxandria and see nothing but destruction.

Seifer: Alright men, hold position here, me and Lavitz will check things out.

Men: Yes sir.

Seifer: Lets go Lavitz.

Seifer and Lavitz repel down the airship to the ground.

Lavitz: What the..........

Seifer: As I suspected, where not dealing with the regular monsters.

Lavitz and Seifer head out toward the city. Upon reaching the city the ground starts to shake and lighting shoots acroos the sky.

Lavitz: This doesnt look good.

Out of no where a Ruby Dragon flys over head heading straight for the ship.

Seifer: @%#% Its heading for the ship, they dont stand a chance.

Seifer and lavitz start running towards the ship in the distance. The dont even make it halfway there when the Dragon launches a fireball straight into the bridge of the deck sending the ship crashing to the earth in a ball of flames.

Lavitz: There gone........

Seifer: Lavitz Run!

The Dragon shifts his attention to Seifer and Lavitz and starts flying there way.

Seifer and Lavitz sprint towards the city looking for shelter.
The dragon gains on them and launches another fireball. Siefer and lavitz manage to roll out of the way of this one and land behind a rubled building.

Seifer: Lavitz, get your Neo Bahamuet ready. When I sprint acroos the other to the other side of the city cast it on this $%^&$ when he starts coming at me.

Lavitz: Right......(starts his Neo Bahamuet summon.

Seifer bolts out of the rumble sprinting across the leveled city hoping over rocks and dead bodies. The Dragon Starts after him.
Lavitz jumps out from behind the ruble and finishes hios summon. The sky turns black and Neo Bahamuet can be heard in the distance coming this way......


Seifer dives down into a crater in the ground where a tall Cathedral had crumbled right as the Ruby Dragon reaches him. The dragon starts to scratch at the rumble. The dragon then notices Neo Bahamuets Presence and turns toward bahamuet. All was to late for the Dragon. Bahamuet launched his GigaFlare and blasted the dragon out o the sky. the dragon landed several feet from where Seifer was hid.

With the Dragon still barely alive, Seifer ducked out fo the ruble and walked over to the dragon sending his gunblade straight down through the head. Then fired.
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*As the spiders inch closser towards Ryu, sweat starts to drip down his face. As the spiders get ready to pounce, The roof above them gives way and two figures come flying down.*


*Cid comes down on one spider's head with his heavy spear, crushing its head. Kupo scewers another with his broad sword. The two than jump off the fallen spiders and land near Ryu.*

Ryu - You take the one on the left, I'll handle to one on the right.

Cid - Sounds good.
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[COLOR=red]Ryu runs up to the spider on his right, and jabs one of the daggers on The Ogre into it's head, then swings round and kicks it in the side, then takes The Ogre out of the spiders head and rips it right through the spiders back, killing it. Ryu then turns round, to see a dead spiders on the floor next to Cid[/COLOR]

Ryu: Well, thats them sorted.

Cid: Yeah, you can say that again!

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, aload of pollen splurts out of the spiders, and attaches itself to Ryu and Cid, and they instantly drop to the ground[/COLOR]

Ryu: Uhhhh...The...Pollen..........We Need Medicine... Or A baby mutant...Spider will be...Born in our...Stomachs!!!

Cid: :eek: K-Kupo...

Kupo: Y-Yeah Cid?

Cid: Go...Find...Blanks...Dead...Body...

Kupo: Um...Why?

Cid: He...Has...Some...Medicine...That...Can...Help...Us...

Kupo: Ok Cid!

Cid: Hurry...

Ryu: We're...Counting...On...You..................
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