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RPG Return to Atlantis


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OOC: There! It's finally up now you guys can stop buggin me. You know who you are :D
[I]It was late, a light rain was drizzling over downtown. Through the alleys, a lone dog wandered down the street. He began at a walk then slowly picked up speed. The dog started running, dodging trashcans and dipping under fences. His fur now damp, as he periodically stepped in puddles. He rounded a corner, then the brown dog was nowhere to be seen. A boy in his teens was in his place instead. His jeans were soaked. He knew he shouldn't be out this late, but there was something about this ring. His dad had brought it home after another archaeological dig in Egypt. He figured it wasn't important, but Ari thought it was kind of cool. His dad let him have it, as a present. Ari had started to get ready for bed, but he sort of felt drawn to the ring, he put it on. Immediately, he knew he had to go somewhere. He wasn't sure why, and he wasn't sure where, but he knew he must. That's why he was wandering the streets tonight. He turned the next corner and found himself in a park. Ari saw a pavilion up ahead and decided to get out of the rain, but there were already people there. [/I]

[B]Ari:[/B] Uh, hi. Sorry I?m lost, do you guys know where we are?
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Kei was so glad it was summer. In two months, she'd have to go back to school and take on her usual, boring routine. She sat and thought about what she should do, looking at her beutiful ring on her ring finger, on her right hand. She felt a warm feeling come from the ring that helped her relax and enjoy things more easily. As she sat down, she decided to go swimming again. Perhaps she could find something else, other than the two rings she found. She walked in slowly into the ocean, and suddenly jumped at the feeling of stepping on a small, round thing..... it sure didn't feel like any rock..... She looked down to see something gold- bronse-ish with some sand covering it's edges. She tried to pick it up before another wave came. As she rinsed it off in the water, she could make out some type of greek-ish/roman-ish god's face appear on it. It just had to be anchient. (sp??)
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*Tristam had been searching for Kei for hours, a slight smile had crossed his face when he suddenly knew where to look. Bolting out of the local mall he hopped a ride on the bus towards the beach... abotu 10 minutes later he had gotten off at the entrance to the park and started running down the hill.*

Tristan: Kei!

Kei: Tristam? what are you doing here!?

*she tucks the thing in her pocket and forgets it there for now, being so happy to see him. Dashing up the hill they meet halfway and embrace for a moment.*

Tristam: I had a strange feeling... Like something drawing me. I needed to find you to see if you had the same feeling..

Kei: Yes, I did. I didn't know if it was real or not.

Tristam: Let's go check it out..

*Kei nods slightly with a soft smile and takes his hand as they start to walk up the hill towards the large gazebo in the park. About half way there it started pouring down rain. Kei let out a slight yelp and releases his hand and starts to book it for the pavilian. Tristam was right behind her, sure he was fast but she was a bit faster. They arrived in a minutes time panting and gasping for air sitting on a bench acrossed from each other.*

???: Uh, hi. Sorry I?m lost, do you guys know where we are?

*Tristam blinked and jumped looking over, Kei letting out a suprised yelp.*

Tristam: Geez! you startled me! Umm, You are in the state park.

Kei: Yeah, the beach is just down the hill...

Ari: Ok, thanks! My name is Ari, what's yours?

Kei:(with a smile) Kaikei! but you can just call me Kei...

Ari: Alright then, Kei..(looking over to tristam) and your name?

Tristam: My name is tristam...

*He gets up and walks over to Kei protectively putting his arm around her, shooting him a semi-jealous glare. Kei shook her head slightly and poked him in the side.*

Kei: Don't mind him, he's always like that. ;)
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Citi was glad to be home, Citi and Jon( the person who adopted Citi when he was only one )just got back from an archaeological dig in a place deep within the jungles of South America. Jon went to the muesuem where he works and turned in the artifacts they found, but Citi decided to walk around town. During his trip he had found this ring...for some odd reason he felt a mysterious bond to it. For about an hour Citi walked around examining the ring...when he finally stoped he was in the park. He looked arond and saw other kids, he felt a mysterious force compelling him to walk up towards the kids...he stood there for a few minutes... he then decided to follow that feeling. He slowly walked up to the gazebo...

Citi: Hiya!...*He sad rubing the back of his head, but as he did that the ring that he had been examining fell out of his hand... he quickly picked it up and then laughed*
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Ryowa was in Spain fishing with a spear.

Ryowa: Stupid fish. Stay calm. *UGGGHHH* Stop moving.

Ryowa sees a huge fish.

Ryowa: Must get the big fish.

Ryowa quickly throws the spear. Then a cloud of sand in the water appears.

Ryowa: Come on. Let me get that one at least.

Then a cloud of red blood.


Ryowa runs up to the fish and puts it in a net.

Ryowa: Desent dinner here I come.

Ryowa goes to the hotel he was staying at.

Ryowa: Time to cut it up.

Ryowa cuts the fish in half andtakes all the guts and stuff out. But, then he feels somethis hard inside the guts.

Ryowa: What?!?!

Ryowa cuts upen the guts over a sink and finds a strange looking ring.

Ryowa: Awesome!

Ryowa puts the ring on and then suddenly everything seemed to freeze around him.

Ryowa: Hmm...weird. Now time for a shower.

Ryowa goes into the shower and turns the water on but nothing comes out.

Ryowa: What the-.

Ryowa gets dressed and goes out of his room and down to the lobbly. But he stoped in horror at what he saw. Everybody was staying still without moving.

Ryowa: Whats going on here?!?!

But then he saw somebody with the same ring on their hand.

Ryowa: It must be the ring????????!?!!? Uhh....how do I do this...TIME UNFREEZE.

Suddenly everybody goes back at what they were doing. Ryowa runs up to the person with the same ring and greets them.

Ryowa: Hi uhhh...Whats up?!?!
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