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Writing Four Ways


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What am I doing? Why am I here? I can't see why is it balck? someone tell me. TELL ME!!!(He suddenly wakes up)
"Ujian are you ok?"
"Huh? Oh Hinato sorry i was just taking a nap."
"I dont think you should be taking a nap during class Ujian"
"(lol) Don't worry"
"You could fail this time"
"Stop worrying Hinato i'll be fine don't worry all i have to do is study and ill be fine."
"You had that dream again didn't you Ujian?"
"...........Yeah I did"
"You should talk to someone about it Ujian?!"
"NO they would think i was crazy"
"Well its better to be crazy then to live alone crazy."
"I guess your right."
"How about we talk to Mr. Hiromoto about this?"
"Um ok Hina."
(The school bell rings its time for lunch you know that ring lol)
"Ujian hurry its lunch time"
"Ok let me get my stuff"
Man ive been having that dream for a year now. Maybe i should talk to the school counseler.
"Hinato wait up"
"OH finally Ujian what took you?"
"Oh i just had to get my stuff thats all"
"OH ok lets go eat"(smiles with that peace sign)
They walk towards the lunch room and see an entire mess of people.
"Hinato let's go see the counseler ater school ok"
"OK Ujian"
"So what do you want to eat huh?"
Ujians eyes are faced towards the window looking at some group of guys walking on the sidewalk.
"Ujian what wrong arent you gonna get a hotdog?"
"OH of course i am heh" Something is weird about those guys.
"Hey Hinato do you notice anything strange about those guys?"
lol sorry im not finished ill leave off where i was later ok bye.
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