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RPG Dragon Ball X:A New Story

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OOC:What the h*ll! first you say I'm weak!Then you say all of as are weak.Who are you!I saw your email address.why did you use
TeroValor as email name.Are you Stalking ME!
If you say were weak again all kick your A** got it D**k

Tero Valor

Sorry people that I said those things

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I am Ring!! Karma, you will die by my hand if you continue to insult me in such a crude manner!!!! Prepare to die!!!
(Ring's eyes glow a raging gold as he charges Karma and fires two huge blasts into his chest, knocking him through a large wall
behind him.)
Ring: Now who's weak, A**hole?!!! I will let you live with your emberrasment, this time. But next time you wanna talk dirt, I'd suggest finding someone who won't kill you, and believe me, if you don't get your a** in check I will hunt you down and the result won't be pretty. [COLOR=red]Got that D*CK HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR]

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[COLOR=royalblue]And I quote. "Only the fool curses what he can not understand."

To Mr. Karma: I have many friends, many are mods/gods. I do not want you to call me weak when it is very far from the truth. You will show me respect, or I will show you pain. Do I make myself clear?
Talais: *sigh* I think I 'll go train...*blasts off*
*Reapears by her ship* It's so quiet... I'll fix that problem....*charges up an attack...*


A highly concentrated ki blast hurls itself from her hands and blasts towards the sky...

Talais: Hmmm...I'll have to perfect that move...[/COLOR]

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OOC: heh i just realized that you guys havent spelled my name right its 3 I's no 2 but i dont really care anyway

Brolli continues to train with his other half neither of them letting up

OOC: really don't know what else to say sorry

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OOC:To Ringmaster and Raiha I like to say... way to go!
I'm sick of that guy too I hope Karma does't come back....

*Trunks and Gotai enter the ring and look at each other*

Gotai:Wow..This sore is a big crowd.
Trunks:yes it is.Do you remember the fight we had before?

THe Story Continues......

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[COLOR=red]If Karma reapears...I'll ask my friend to put him on the "mod hit list..."
[COLOR=royalblue]Talais: *flies upward steeply* *levels out high above the stratasphere* *sigh* It's so quiet....

Pulling out a small black stone from her pocket, she kisses it gently, then holds it in front of her...


Huge black wings spurt from her back and her speed instantly goes through the roof...

Talais: Little sister.....I'm honoring your memory to the best of my ability...[/COLOR]

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OOC:I like to Start and finish this Post I'll try to make it Cool.

*As Trunks and Gotai(to tell you Gotai is Gohan's son)steer at each other*

Trunks:Do you remember what happen to you let time we fought?
Gotai:Yes,I have gotten more Powerful sents then...

*GoTai looks around*

Gotai:Their are alot of people watch us.
Trunks:Yes,so let's gave them a show.
Gotai:All right.

*Trunks and Gotai get into battle stance*

Trunks:Let's Go!!!

*The Fight start fighting fist to fist,Foot to foot.match each others

Gotai:I told you I got better.
Trunks:You aren't Lying.

*The to start to fight again,well on the out side Tero is very distarbed by Karma's ora*

Bolli:What with him?
Bolli:That guy.
Goku:Tero?I don't know?

*Goku go's over to Tero*

Goku:What's Wrong?
*I'm Think.*
Goku:about what?
*who is Karma verusing?*
Goku:I think it's Shimmira

*In a insence Karma Shot up he's energy.Causing Trunks to turn around and Gotai to neil him with a beam causing him to Fly out of the ring*

The Host:The winner is Gotai!
Gotai:Yes,I won!Iwon!
The Host:The next match is Goku Vs. Tero Valor!

*Continue the story....*

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*Piccolo watches as Tero and Goku enter the ring. He is still soar from his fight with Gohan, and the sensu bean hadn't fully healled him.*

Gohan - I hope I wasn't to hard on you Piccolo.

Piccolo - On the contrary Gohan, you wheren't hard enough.

Gohan - What are you talking about, I beat you.

Piccolo - I wasn't fighting at my maximum level. I was distracted by an outside power, but I couldn't really identify what it was.

Gohan - You mean......

Piccolo - Yes, I have discovered a Super Namekian 2.

Gohan - :eek: Can you show me?

Piccolo - I would rather not. It take alot of energy, and the power it gives me is difficult to control. I have trained countless hours attampting to perfect it, but it is very difficult.

Gohan - Well I'm glad you didn't.

Piccolo - *smirk* besides, I know you could use the money, teachers don't make much after all.

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OOC:thank you for posting again OutLaw:) and again good luck...

*on the outside The warrors where cheering for both Tero and Goku*

Piccolo:final Goku Vs. Tero this is going to be good.
Gohan:I know.
Talais:Go Tero,Harray Goku
Tala:You can do it Tero!
Talon:Ya kick his Axx!

*While up in the sky Karma Watches*

Karma:This IS going to be good.

*Tero and Goku in the ring*

Tero:you hear that?I guess it's teach vs. pupial,huh?
Goku:Yes,Tero it is but it will be the greatest test for you.
Tero:I know.

*Goku and tero lock for Combat.Than Kicks and punch of fury that are so fast that gohan can't keep up*

Vegeta:Thei...r...r moving s...o..o fa..s..t
Tala:un Real.....
Gohan:I can't see how's winning or losing....

The continue the story......

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Piccolo - Goku isn't even at full strength yet.

Gohan - What? But.....thats impossible.

Vegeta - Its true. I hate to admit it, but Kakarot probobly hasn't broken a sweat yet. Teros in trouble.

Piccolo - I'm not so sure. Tero seems to be enjoying himself, whoa!

*A massive kamehame wave goes fling into the grand stands. Piccolo and Gohan are able to fly over and deflect it, but barly.*

Piccolo - That Tero needs to learn some control.

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OOC:Hey guy sorry for the hold up.By the way,Talon
hasn't been sign on because every time he posted
it didn't show up.

*Tero is still in he's Kamahamaha stance*

Tero:Dammit,What was it that deseracted me?

*Tero looks up at Karma*

Tero:It was you!

*Karma sack he's head yes*

Continue the story....

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*as Tero smiles a Tala joke,Karma smiles to giving
Tero chills up he's spine*

Tero:I can't deside what is more creepyer?His Look or his Smile.
Tala:Tero go back to your fight.

*As Tero turns to Goku,Goku powered up to Super saiyan level 4*

Goku:Okay Tero play time is over.

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[COLOR=seagreen]Talais: Tala.....she wants practice eh? *teleports*

Tala: :eek: Woah!

Talais: What? *looks at her shoulders* Oh, sorry. *wings disapear*

Tala: You wanna fight?

Talais: Sure. Just some "casual" sparing.[/COLOR]

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OOC:Hi Guys Talais and Tala you can wait

*As Tero and Goku are still fighting.Tala and Talais are ready to fight*

Tala:So you got wings and can sommon thing.I can do the same and better.

*Talais laughs at Tala*

Talais:Your joking right
Talais:Okay....Let's see it.

*Tala rise her arms to the sky*

Tala:I call on Deko!!!!!!

*A huge beast comes from the sky*

Talais:Wow....that's good......really good....I think I have some conbation....
Talon:Okay you two,stop it
Talon:You can take it to the ring after Karma Vs.Seasea
and Ring Vs. Shimmira Matches.

*Tero and Goku are still fighting in the ring*

Goku:That is it.....Kamahamaha.........

*A Kamahamaha Beam shoot at Tero.Tero Power Sky rockets to Super Saiyan Level 5!*


Continue the story.....

P.S. to tell Jion The Super Saiyan Level 5 was my Idea too:)

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*Tala pets Deko*

"hmf..your no fun Tero.."

*stretches out*

"This is getting boring..Hey! hurry up there!
I want to fight this century please!"

Deko: Tee hee.. *says something telepathically to Tala*

"Exactly Deko..I'm bored with this form too.."

*climbs onto his back to watch the rest of the match*

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[COLOR=limegreen]Talais: *sigh* I'm so bored....wait a sec....I wonder if Mazek is still around...

Mazek: You wish to fight me child?

Talais: Yes.

Mazek: Then come to me, I will take you on.

Talais: Great!

Tala: Where are you going?

Talais: Somewhere. Bye. *teleports*[/COLOR]

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*Goku stood in shock*

Goku:How did that happen?
Tero:I was Training with Talon for the Tourament and The Training go Intense and I happened *Lol*

*Goku think to himself*
Goku:how can Tero learn level 5 in a year?I been training to learn it For years I takes alot out of ya......be Tero is diffent.....he was
Born a Super Saiyan and trains almost all the time.....

Tero:let's continue the match....But first I gotta turn back to saiyan level 4 okay......
Goku:I said full power?.....
Tero:Oh,It's not that....
Tero:I haven learned to contol that level....
Goku:Oh....Okay....Tero....WE can't fight all day so let's use are strogest moves.Okay?

*Tero and Goku get In their standence*

Goku and Tero:KA.....Ma.....HA......MA......HA!!!!!!!!

*The two Beam hit each other*

Gohan:The power of the two!.......
Piccolo:Goku is in trouble....He's using all of he's energy in the blast and Tero's not even breaken a sweat!
Zeko:I think Tero going to win
Tala:I think so too
Talon:Huh?I think your both right......(I'm going to have to use my
Super Silvanos Form to beat Tero)

Tero:Time to end this fight.

*Tero super speeds right next to Goku*

Goku:what the??!!!!
Tero:dragon Fury Fist!!!!!

*Goku is Ko'ed by the hit*

TheHost:The winner is by Knock Out.....Tero!!!!
Tero:Yeah....Goku are you Okay?
TheHost:The next Match is Ring Vs. Anebu.....

Continue the story....

OOC:I got to tell you guy a NEW Rule here.If it A Player vs. Player
match I make the Finally deision.I will be made depened on Posts,
and Realisem to the Show.

Tero Valor P.S. Peace out!

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OOC:Hi guys,did you miss me?I see that Tero Is still the host huh?
I can't see how you humans depened on your leader so much......
Tala and Talais......Useing magic to defeat your enemy show weakness it your Skills as a fighter......I came here to fight one and only one man...........TERO!

This is the End........
and I asore you......It will be PAINFUL.......


Ring Don't get I my Way........
your Super Nature power will not work on me......

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[COLOR=red]Karma, I hate to say this, but for a Newbie with just 3 posts, you are really full of it. In case you haven't noticed, you're talking to all of us, not just Tero. So wise up, shut up, or get off your little *** and get outta here. Got it? Good.
[COLOR=purple]Talais: Foolish Karma, he will learn not to think of me as a human...For nothing could be further from the truth.

Mazek: He enrages you, does he not?

Talais: Yes, but I keep my powers under control. For example, I do not go SSJ when I am extremely angry, I go to Reka Laporin, which is impossible for anyone without a drop of Laporin blood soooo...

Mazek: Karma is seriously misinformed.

Talais: That would be correct. :devil:[/COLOR]

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*Tala looks up at karma and giggles*

"anata wa karma no baka...."

*Tala rests her head on Deko's and grins*

"Who said anything about magic? Deko you haven't said anything
about my race have you?"

Deko: Iie..Talasama. (deko only speaks Japanese xP)

*Tala blinks and giggles again*

"Foolish..he underestimates alot of the wrong people.."

Deko: Hai Talasama!

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[COLOR=purple]Word of advice Tala Lonewolf, learn how to use html code before useing it.

For any given color: first type a set of brackets [], with the words, COLOR= and then the color. For the color you want, insert any color on the list, the colors to chose from are listed just above the reply box. When you're done typing the text you want a certain color, end it by typing [/ color, then close the brakets ]. But make sure there are no spaces in between the two codes you're useing. Get it?[/COLOR]

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Tala:cool ending Tero.
Talon:That was tricky move their Tero.
Tero:I think I was just lucky.
Goku:you have leaned well Tero,you saw a opening and neiled it.
Tero:their is always next year,right?
Talais:Tero!!!that was awesome!
*Tero blushes*
Tero:that you....hi Mazek,how you doin'

*Karma walks you to Tero*

Karma:So you won big deal....I can do that too....:demon:

*Karma walks away*


Tero Valor

I need to ask people this.....
I'm a good host?Karma is at Axx hole in all but I have been thinking....
I can sign on all the time,I'm a newibe,and I can't type right most of the time....I go to still be the host of this board....
please tell me what you think to how read this and type a honest
answer please thank you....


continue the story......

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