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Unknown Relations

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since I'm the OLDEST of cousins in my family i can't really say I find any of them hot cause theya re like... 10....

Anyway, I know my moms imediate Family and my dad's immediate family... their children and thats about it... my great Uncle and Great Grandmother too... other than that I dunno where they are and I don't care...

I do know I have an uncle younger than me.... my mom's real dad has a weird family which just screws up mine more.... I've never even met him i don't think... maybe when I was like 1.... oh yeah, and my Mamma and Pappa.... who are... my mom's other grandparents on her rel dad's side... I love them :) even though I haven't seen them in years....
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Jeff [/i]
[B]i have a crush on one of my oldest cousin. she's so hot..i use to wrestle with her when i was little..i haven't seen her in about 9 years..

i know it's sick feeling, but you can't help it..-_- [/B][/QUOTE][SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]

Again, I refer you to the little rhyme. Incest is the best, put your family to the test.

Shinji (^_^)/[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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