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rate my g/s/c/ team.....

Gary Oak

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g/s team

Houndoom: flamethrower,sunny day,solar beam, crunch- @ miracle seed
Tyranitar: crunch,earthquake,surf,fire blast- @ leftovers
espeon: psychic,morning sun,shadowball, return- @ twistedspoon
Quagsire: e-quake,surf,iron tail,rest- @ mint berry
Dragonite: t-wave,t-bolt,outrage,blizzard
lanturn: thunder,raindance,surf,confuse ray
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ok lets see what yall put....

once again sia and lady katuna--

sai- y would i need to psychic attacks when i could have a variety

lady- blackglasses wont do anything shadow ball is powerful by itself w/ out blackglasses

return would do more damage anyway, cuz believe my espeon is maxed happiness, so the return would be very powerful by itself......

im no nOOb so dont treat like me one..
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