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Endless Waltz Gundam Wing RPG Sign Up


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Ok here is the beginning story...

In year blah blah blah, the gundam wings u choose with be used to destroy the other team of gundams blah blah blah. so basically what we do is go to other planets and dominate them ok. here is the sign up sheet.

weopons(your gundam uses):
weopons(you use when you are not in gundam:

this is mine
you cannot all be the same gundam.

Weopons for gundam:two beam sabers, a big gun. and the built in weopons are the fire blasters on both arms.
Weopons for me: Cmp150 automatic, and throwing knives.
Bio: watch gundam wing to see my bio

i just wanna keep this bio simple, rules r, if i dont like you u get kicked out. k? k

and please people, when u say to your self.."this rpg looks gay" just remember that there will be a time where there arnt any people online and since u are bored, you realize that u should sign up.
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name- pedro
gundam- serpent
weapon- two machine guns that fall from may arm, then a tail with two blasters, laser sword like darth varder.
weapon- ak47, garnades, pistols, m-16.
bio- unkown
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Guest HeeroGundamZero
Name:Raiken Eve
Gundam: XXXG-O1W Nemesis Gundam
Weapons used by Gundam:
Beam Scythe,dual shoulder mounted beam cannons, dual machinecannons mounted in the fists, wrist mounted shield with pildriver nose
Weapons used when outside gundam:
Dual samuria swords named hikari and kage, japanese for light and dark,dual magnum .50 calibres.plus two belts of ammunition.
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Don't go dragging up old audition threads for an rpg. The creator of this hasn't even logged into the site since back in 2003. So it's highly unlikely that this is going to ever go anywhere. It's long over with.

Take a moment to read through this here: [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58239"][U]Theater Guidelines[/U][/URL] and then go here for the actual sign ups: [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=48"][U]Auditions[/U][/URL] Stick to the ones that are recent, as in posted within the last few months. ~Indi

[B]Thread Closed[/B][/COLOR]
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