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"Hey Pikachu" Cheats

Ruki Makino

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Bow To Your Master:
In the beginning, go to Pikachu's discovery days. Go to any level and say "FIERCE DIETY" (DEE-I-TEE). He will start to bow down at you!

Another Cheat:
At any level, say "orochi" (OR-O-CHEE). He will start thunderbolting like crazy!!! You may have to complete the game to do this first. to complete it, catch all of the best, water all the oddish, that sort of thing.

Hint: Unlock Daring Days:
Make sure that everything except the Piñata Party does not have a cloud over them. Then, break at least two piñatas at the Piñata Party. You will get the Harmonica. Then, you will go to camp overnight. A Haunter will appear. Tell Pikachu to Thunderbolt it. The next day, Pikachu will play the Harmonica again. A Lapras will carry both of you to Cobalt Island. Once there, you will go on a treasure hunt with Pikachu. The next day, Professor Oak will call you. He will introduce you to two new modes: Pikachu mode and View mode. Professor Oak will explain them. The next day, Professor Oak will introduce you to Daring Day
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