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    [SIZE="1"]From the Affable, to the Card-Carrying, to the Omnicidal there are always villains out there that we can't help but secretly (and not so secretly) root for as they go about their dastardly deeds. Whether it's down to the way their latest Xanatos Gambit leaves you in awe of their strategic acumen, or their combat prowess at having left the hero without a leg to stand on, or even just the way they've developed as characters there's always something about them that draws out our support when really we should be cheering for the protagonist. So, which villains make you smile when they waltz back onto the screen ? And more importantly, why ? Seeing as it's hardly fair for me to ask people a question without giving an opinion of my own first I'm going to nominated [B]Gundam 00[/B]'s [B]Ali Al-Saachez[/B]. An admitted utter monster with no regard for the lives of his fellow human beings, nor regret for the lives he's destroyed in the past Ali lives first and foremost to fight and cause as much mayhem as possible because, simply put, it's fun for him. So why do I cheer for Ali when he shows up, especially when [spoiler]he killed my favourite character Lockon Stratos[/spoiler] ? Because he's so unrepentantly badass in everything he does, he exudes charisma and in a series with far too many characters with sticks up their ***** (at least in series one) Ali is just in it for the lulz and the cash. Then of course there was this vid which just cemented my loyalty to the Cult of Ali. [CENTER][YOUTUBE="Prince Ali, Mighty is He."]dIj56Rssy-0[/YOUTUBE] [/SIZE][/CENTER]
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    I like discussing things like cognitive linguistics or pedagogics because there are no real answers to the questions raised, but I don't like having discussions where someone is insisting on an untruth, and I know I could back up my arguments with facts. In the last case, I like the option of plopping out some answers via my telephone.    One thing I really don't like about people having all the information of the world at hand, is that I can't use my linguistic background to tell people bullshit etymology anymore. Did you know that "to masturbate" was first used by sailors? "To turbate" was greasing the lumber. And "to confront" comes from the spanish "con fruncir" which means "with frown".    They mIght take the info as an option for a moment, but only until they google "masturbate etymology", or something. Educational background has become worthless since Prof. Google took over the class room.