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    Lady Asphyxia

    Contact Deets, Yo

    The other day I was catching a train home and ended up talking to this girl. We hit it off (I'm actively recruiting friends in the London region, btw), and so I asked for details. The conversation went thusly:    Me: So do you have facebook? I can add you! Her: No, I don't really use it...I'm one of those people.  Me: Oh okay, what about a phone number?  Her: I do have a number! But I only have an old-school Nokia and I don't really use it. Do you have twitter?  Me: Shit, I don't have one sorry. Instagram? Her: No, phone doesn't take photos so no real use for it. How about e-mail? Me: Oh, sure! I have a gmail -- we could chat?  Her: Here's my hotmail account.    In conclusion, the world is super connected but weirdly not these days, and each time I come back to these boards lately I have a little freak out about the fact that I lost all of these friends that probably have no idea how much I miss them or reminisce. So: I now have a twitter! Because it seems like the most public and least dodgy way to maintain contact? I thought about posting my snapchat name on the internet but was worried I'd end up with an inbox full of dicks -- not from you guys but trolls, mostly.    So I am at @katalilundone , which was originally katalilondon but I entertain myself with silly words.    If I know you from le past and you would like to catch up, please feel free to send me a message either via OB or twitter and I can provide any of the following details:    a) E-mail b) Snapchat c) What's app d) Instagram (which is boring because my local cafe will give you a free Bloody Mary if you instagram pictures of their menu, which is the entire purpose of my instagram)  e) Facebook f) LinkedIn (Although why would you?) g) Skype     I would love to know how to contact all of you, as well, so that I don't have to try to stalk someone like Charlie or Juu to see if they ever cough up contact details! 
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    Wut R U Dooing?

    It has been too long, OtakuBoards.   While I keep in touch with a few of you elsewhere (You can bug me on Twitter @LostHisKeysMan) there are some that have dropped off my radar over the years. In my quiet moments I wonder what happened to everyone. It seems so strange to follow the daily happenings of a large internet community for years and then... stop, you know? OB will always be my online home. I mean, I joined 12 years ago before there was even a term for 'social networking.' Have you ever tried visiting this site on a 56k modem? I sure have.   Anyways, people grow up, graduate, get jobs, marry, and maybe even have some children of their own. I guess I'm curious to see where the pieces have fallen. Did any of our talented artists and writers end up pursuing that as a career? Have they found any success? Have our members moved onto Reddit and other online communities, or did they simply get too busy to maintain an active online social life? Is Allamorph still insufferable? Okay, some of these questions I know the answer to...   I currently live in Los Angeles/Hollywood where I have a boring day job working in online copyright enforcement. It pays the bills well enough, and afford me free time to play in a dodgeball league and run Dungeons & Dragons games every week. Beyond that, I'm working on writing for comic books. It's been a slow process, but a couple of my short stories are being published this summer and I got to speak about one at a panel in Comic-Con. Right now I'm working on an anthology of comic stories that I'll promote the hell out of once it's released. I'd like to do this full-time, but that seems unrealistic from a financial point of view.   Writing/editing comics and working on OB RPGs aren't that much different. It's still a matter of trying to get a bunch of different plates spinning at once, and flattery is much more effective than guilt. These are lessons I learned a long time ago trying to rope players in posting more often in Almagest and whatnot, and I find myself using them constantly. Sometimes I think about starting yet another new RPG, but then I think that creative energy might be spent on something that can reach a wider audience. Still, if the right idea came along I suppose I wouldn't say no.   I'm still very much a gay dude as well. I came out to OB before I had come out to most of my friends in real-life, and this community's support/ambivalence about my sexuality helped give me a lot of confidence at a time when I really needed it. Now it seems like such a non-issue, but I suppose that's the way it is with these things. It's amazing how much has changed, yet this silly internet message board soldiers on. So long as the site remains it will always have a faithful (albeit overzealous) moderator in Shy.   What about you? How have you been?   - Shy
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    Inuyasha Fandom

    What is your dream car?

    If money was not an issue, what vehicle would you cream your panties over owning? Personally, I'd have a 1955 Futura (The original Batmobile was modeled from this vehicle) or a 1980 Camaro.
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    What is your dream car?

    [color=#0000ff]I've always wanted an Aston Martin, specifically the Vanquish although I haven't given specific models a lot of thought (and honestly picked Vanquish because it has the best sounding title). You see lots of Ferraris and Lamborghinis around (at least where I am) but it's very rare that you actually see an Aston Martin (I've never seen one in person actually).[/color]