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    Manga Does Online Manga Ever Get You Depressed!?

    That happened to me once when I was reading Fullmetal Alchemist manga. There was a chapter that pretty much broke my heart and I had to leave the computer for a bit. Good thing it didn't just end there, though, or I would've started yelling.
  2. Crimson Angel

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    I just recently got into Bleach too. I've only read the first two volumes, but I absolutely love it. Ichigo's such an awesome character, too. I haven't seen the anime, but I've seen a Bleach AMV and it looks nice.
  3. Crimson Angel

    Manga What new manga/manwha are you reading now?

    Right now I'm reading several series at the same time. I guess I'll list them in how much I've read: Hellsing Trigun Yu-Gi-Oh! DN Angel Digimon Tamers Evangelion Fushigi Yuugi Gundam Wing (well, not really... more like Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and Episode Zero... so not the actual series...) I also really want to read Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, and Priest. Don't seem to have enough money though...
  4. Crimson Angel

    Anime Shounen-ai and shoujo-ai

    [quote name='maladjusted][color=firebrick'] Um...Remus and Lupin are the same person. ^_^ Sorry, I had to say something. I think you meant Siruis & Lupin, which is the second-favorite HP slash.[/color][/quote] Whoops, heheh, yeah I meant Remus x Sirius. I'm such a dork. :sweat: You know, I usually base my "favorite" pairings off canon, because it makes a lot of sense. But, then, if I go around yelling "Harry and Draco!" I'm not exactly following canon, right? My logic is screwed up. I think it's because some fanon pairings are so cute that, in my mind, they should become canon. Yeah, right, Rowling's going to write a novelette about Harry and Draco's secret love life, and Adult Swim is going to air new Gundam Wing episodes developing Heero and Duo/Trowa and Quatre relationships. Hah, I wish. XD
  5. Crimson Angel

    Anime Shounen-ai and shoujo-ai

    [quote name='Adora']But then there is the WRONGNESS which appears sometimes, and I want to scrub from my eyes. Like Cid x Vincent. Wtf was with that? I never understood it at all. Couples which are really wrong like that - straight, gay and otherwise- weird me out, and aren't good fandom.[/quote] I know what you mean! I only got converted to shounen-ai/shoujo-ai recently, so I don't think I've seen every possible pairing, but some of the ones I [I]have[/I] seen are a little...bizzare. Alucard x Anderson from Hellsing? No way. They hate each other's guts. Harry x Snape? ...Please no. My friend mentioned Fred x George once. :nope: Personally, my favorite couples are probably Heero x Duo, Remus x Sirius, and Mirielle x Kirika (from Noir). I think it's really cute. :D
  6. Crimson Angel

    Anime At what age did you start watching anime?

    I started watching anime when I was in 4th grade... and it was Pokemon! Man I almost miss watching that. I remember waking up at 6:30 in the morning to watch it when it came on at 7. Some kids at school got me watching it, they were always bringing the cards. That's when I officially converted to anime fangirl-ism, and I converted my cousin too. :D
  7. Crimson Angel

    When an obsession goes too far.

    I've had my share of experience with obsessions. Gah, the whole list would take hours. But I'm currently obsessed with Cowboy Bebop, namely *cough*Spike*cough*. Several others are Digimon, Inuyasha, Vivi from FFIX, Red from FFVII, and, when I was younger, Pokemon. Yes, I'm weird. But I'm probably not as weird as my cousin. One mention of Matt from Digimon and she goes bonkers. It's plain scary.
  8. Crimson Angel

    Anime Cowboy Bebop: "The Real Fan Club"

    Name: Crimson Angel Favorite Character: Spike Favorite Session: Jammin With Edward Favorite Song: Blue
  9. Crimson Angel

    Gaming Your favorite video game villain of all time...

    My favorite villain? Definitely Sephiroth. He kicks serious butt, and he's psycho. He's got a nice sword, too. Another is probably Alex, from Golden Sun. Don't ask why. And, finally, there's Lynx from Chrono Cross. *shrugs* I like cats. *points to signature with Red XIII as the only subject*