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  1. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime FLCL people.

    I like the Dad, he seems to add more comedy to the show than any other character, even though he's usually only on for a few min per episode. The best scene I've seen him in was the Lupin spoof. Although when he challenged Naota to a duel, that was great too. HIH
  2. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Live Action Anime

    I just dont think an anime could ever be turned into a good movie. Especially not something like Trigun. Try have a person in real life do the surprised/shocked flip thing. That'll look real good I'm sure. Animes are just that animations. If they get turned in RL, they suck, and not in a good way... If you REALLY want to know the chances that an anime would make a good live action movie, try throwing a snowball into a fairly big fire. Then come back in 5 minutes. If the snowball is there, the anime that you were thinking of will be a good choice for a LAM (Live Action Move) HIH
  3. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Is Anime a Big Thing Where You Live?

    I really don't know how popular it is in my school. I've seen one person wear a Beebop shirt, and one or 2 wear a DBZ shirt, but I'm not really sure how popular it is. I live in Grosse Pointe Michigan btw.
  4. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Gainax

    I just cracked up when they spoofed the Lupin thing. FLCL is one of the best anime's I've ever seen, too bad there's only SIX episodes for the entire anime.
  5. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Your first time

    I'm not quite sure what my first anime was...I think it was Sailor Moon...or else maybe it was DB(without a Z ;) ) But for me it was really just, hey, cartoons, cool! not, hey! anime, cool! :D It's really only been within the last year or so that I've understood what an anime is, and realizing that they are so much friggen better than any crap Nickelodeon or CN could come up with, and thanking the japanese once again for very good stuff. BTW, the first anime that I just HAD to watch everyday was Pokemon, then I think DBZ, now it's Rurouni Kenshin (and Yu Yu Hakusho when they get more new episodes)
  6. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime so many live action movies from anime..

    One of the adult swim things said there was going to be a live actaion Lupin III movie. But I personally cant wait to see the DBZ one. I'm sure it will be one of the funniest movie ever made, although I'm sure that's also not what it was going for either ;)
  7. The "upper leg" armor that we all know and love on Reign is actaully called a codpiece if I'm not mistaken, not a thong :D ...but that doesn't make the anime any less worse...the animation is kinda bad, plot is stupid, and who can actaully stand watching half naked men kill each other...now, if those were women... :devil: HIH
  8. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Rurouni Kenshin

    I personally dont really like the fights all that much on Rurouni Kenshin. The show is obviously trying to be realistic, by not shooting balls of energy, charging up, and whatnot, but the way the mave...it's not human. No one can actaully move that fast. Like the first fight agains Aoushi(sp?), when Aoushi went to do that one attack where he spins three times and slashes his sword while doing so...if you looked at the way he moved, he just kind of leaned to one side, then disapeared.... :therock: Or basically, whenever Kenshin attacks, he disapears and reapears. And when Senkaku(sp?) was actaully doing the same thing the way he was so fast... riiiight. Oh well, I really like the dub, and the plot, and the swords.. :D Does anyone know if Sanosuke's huge sword, the Zanbatou or whatever, was a real sword? Would be pretty cool if it was.
  9. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Does anyone watch techtv anime?

    I've seen a few episodes of Crest of the Stars that they showed. I dont really like the timing though...new episodes of Lupin..or Crest of the Stars...hmm... :confused: HIH
  10. Hot Ice Hunter

    Art Best Otaku Boards Banner Contest

    So..*clear throat* :blush: newbie question...How do I make a banner and set it up? :bawl: :moron: I'd like to set one up..but I don't know quite how...
  11. Hot Ice Hunter

    Anime Religious content in Anime?

    Trigun has a TON of religious content in it. Mostly in the form of Wolfwood and how he has that cross, does connfessions for people, is a priest, stuff like that. Also how Vash has an anti killing personality and quoted "thou shalt not kill" in one of the episodes.
  12. Hot Ice Hunter

    Art Gotenks Banner

    Personally, I like the inverted colors one better. It looks different and stands out more. But the normal color is fine too, I just don't think it's as good.