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  1. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy 11 Beta Test

    i would partner up with you but i havent play for at least a month so i am way behind you :( i don't know why i stopped i just had so many things to do plus we lose this data anyway, but when it comes out to the public im going to play non-stop.
  2. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy 11 Beta Test

    Im a beta tester, but i didn't know that we got the game for free. I thought they were going to just send us a hdd free. If we do get the game that would be awesome!!!
  3. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy 11 Beta Test

    im a beta tester, but thats about as much as i can say [size=1][color=CC0000]I'm sure you can say more, and I think in future you should. People like punctuation too. ^_^ -[b]Break[/b][/size][/color]
  4. rawl28

    Gaming Metal Gear Solid 3! Yay!

    Hideo said, in an interview with play magazine, that the game is 80% in the jungle. He also hinted about the whole big boss idea and he didnt deny it when asked if it was big boss flat out.
  5. rawl28

    Gaming Metal Gear Solid 3! Yay!

    Isn't is possible that the "snake" we see in the trailer is BIG BOSS. In the final scene of the video he only has on eye. I also heard that snake eater was some code name during vietnam. Snake would be to young to be in vietnam even if he was 50 in MGS2. I guess we will have to find out. I loved mgs2 i beat it on all the modes twice and got all the dog tags!
  6. the line-up is really: monday-thursday: 11:00 - Futurama 11:30 - Family Guy 12:00 - Kikiader 12:30 - Inu Yahsa 1:00 - Reign 1:30 - Lupin 3 it says so on adultswim.com
  7. rawl28

    Gaming Sunrise World War

    also there is outlaw star, but i cant think of any others. I think it is going to be like command & conquer or warcraft
  8. rawl28

    Gaming the nintendo fanboys rise again

    If you are like the Nintendo "fanboy" at my school i dont think you will get very far by not showering, wearing the same shirt every day (we know its the same the dot we drew on it last year is still there), and talking about zelda like its god. Sorry!
  9. I have the game because i am borrowing it from my friend. and i love it I am playing on zeon (they are sweet) because my brother andmy friend are both playing federation. on zeon you get a bunch of char costom mobile suits like the zaku II, and gelgoog. You should get the new gundam games [I]zeonic front[/I] and the other federation one (i forgot the name). Also what do you think of the new X-play. Personally i dont like it.
  10. On july 7, they are going to start airing new inu yasha shows (finally). Also later this year they will show Zeta Gundam on Toonami, maybe thats whats happening on june 7.
  11. Hey, i have played that game. i havent bought it yet but i am borrowing it from my friend, and i was playing it nonstop until i got my network adaptor. there really are no tips for the game though.
  12. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy XI

    earlier in the thread people were saying that they signed up for the public beta. I was wondering if any of you guys got it because i just got an email today saying that i was accepted to be a beta tester fro FFXI and TETRA MASTER (what ever that is). Also i get a free Hard Disk Drive for my PS2!
  13. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy Quiz

    thats wrong it is not ff4 so they were wrong earlier [size=1][color=crimson]Dude, would you mind improving and/or putting a little more effort into your posts. It's starting to get annoying. -[b]Break[/b][/size][/color]
  14. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy Quiz

    ok i have my question what game were summons first in
  15. rawl28

    Gaming Final Fantasy Quiz

    in that case you get meteo for tellah and cecil becomes a paladin if you mean items you get the legend sword and the clothes i think thats what there called in the snes version [size=1][color=003399]Remember, if you answer a question, ask a question. - [b]Zeh[/b][/size][/color]