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  1. AJ2K1 4 Life, yes Satan was gods most beautiful angel (when he was called lusifer...spelling?) then he got jealouse of god, and tried to take over heaven. then god threw him and his followers out of heaven (I suggest you read revulations last book in the bible) and into hell
  2. I'm christian. I belive in God because (work with me ok I failed spelling) I've had so many prayers anserewed and I can feel him. he is the most important thing in my life, I will pray for anyone who askes me to pray for them (and I won't be nosey and ask why you need prayer) I have seen prayer keep my parents from getting divorced, heal my dog when he was really sick. If you going to tell me yyou don't belive in God them I"m going to pray for you even more, becouse the devil has a hold on you. people who don't belive in the devil don't belive in god and vice versa. with out god there would be no satan. I beleve that we have evolved from Adam and Eve, but we didn't come from any ape, monkey or gorrillia. Yes we have changed, we adaped to different climents and way of living.
  3. duckydoodle

    Yo yo yo, da bucket returns!

    :wigout: omg desert shadow you soooooo good (the bucket pic.) if I could draw as good as you my art teacher would be doing this ::wigout: bucket shadow welcome back!!! (he he my new name for you).
  4. duckydoodle


    I have a neopet, but they can't die!!! my user name is duckydoodle (kinda hard to guess huh? lol) come chat with me, or check out my guild.
  5. duckydoodle

    Gaming Two strange things......

    That moon scared my litte sis, ha ha, now she won't even touch the game she says its evil......lest I don't have to worry about her deleting my game or messing it up.