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    ^^ Fanfiction writer who has no life. :p Obsessed with Otogi Ryuuji, Ryou Bakura, and Pegasus Crawford. And Sanosuke. MINE!
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  1. RPG

    "Right," Rydia said grimmly, sighing slightly. "Hold on," Namu said, digging around in his pack for something. He came up with what looked like a scarf that he wrapped around his head, covering up his tell-tale pale blond hair (uncommon in this area of dark-haired people) as well as the lower half of his face. "No chances." Namu said, winking a little at her. "To be recognised now would not be good." Rydia agreed, and the two headed for town. As they walked, they tried to figure out what was most important. "Boots." Rydia said. "And warm clothes. Those are our priorities." "If you say so," Namu said, adjusting the scar across his face. "Whachoo!" He sneezed, causing Rydia to laugh. He chuckled wanely. "Stupid itchy fabric..." Rydia continued to laugh at him as they headed for the tailor's shop, but Namu was chuckling right along with her.
  2. RPG

    Namu frowned slightly and looked up at the sky. "Hmmm... It's been a long time. Okay, let's see, where exactly are we now..." He sweatdropped a bit. "This may take a bit Rydia." Rydia sighed and sat down on a convienient rock nearby, watching as Namu looked up at the possition of the sun and turned around in circles, trying to get his bearings. She laughed at him silently, and then tossed him something from her bag. "Here." Namu unfolded it and blinked. "Uhhh... Rydia, this is just a bunch of squigly lines." Rydia face-faulted. "It's a MAP moron!" She laughed again and got up to lean over his shoulder, pointing to a particular spot. "We should be somewhere right around here." "Okay then. " Namu said cheerfully, handing the map back to her. We need to go south. Uh.... Rydia? Which way is south?" Rydia rolled her eyes heavenward. "You have no sense of direction, do you?" ":sweat: Why do you think I always wandered?" Namu asked. "So if you have no directional sense, how come you always seemed to stop by my village on a pretty regular basis?" Rydia asked as she glanced around, trying to decren south. "Because I can always follow my heart." Namu said quietly. Rydia froze, her back toward him, adn took several deep breaths. [i]Did he really just say that?![/i] "Oh, Namu, south is... that way!" Both of them sighted along Rydia's outstretched finger, and Namu sweatdropped. "That's south?" Rydia looked grimly at the high mountain range and checked the map again. "Oh yeah. That's south all right." ---------- OOC: XD Who knew Namu had the direction sense of Ryoga Hibiki? Sorry if this is a bit hyper terra-chan, I'm in a bouncey mood...
  3. Writing

    Meh, I have lots. ^^ *shuffles through her collection of quotes for a few really good ones* "No, the lotus pads weren't made for you to stand on, that's why they sink when you do!" ~(Espa Roba to one of his brothers; Kage NoTenshi; Dirt Pebbles and Dice) "The farther your head is in the clouds, the easier it is to reach the stars." ~Me "I ain't your dog Kaiba! Only Serenity's." ~(Joey; Windswift; Only for a Sibling) "Rwou? I sowwey you're goin' to Heww..." ~(Chibi-Amane to Ryou; Windswift; Only for a Sibling)
  4. Anime

    Wufei's. ,^o^, It made me cry like a baby. I dunno, Duo [i]is[/i] my fav pilot, but I knew all about his past a long time ago. But finding out Wufei was actually married... :shifty: That was a bit shocking. But really sweet! My best friend and I were reading it together, and we both started bawling like babies. ^^ I did like Duo's a lot though, even though it disappointed me a little. After hearing all the rumors and legends about the infamous Solo, he doesn't even get named... (He's supposedly the kid with teh headband that sort-of looks like Quatre who's with Duo in the first few pages. After that he supposedly died of the L2 plague) I dunno, maybe he really was just a fanfic character that caught on, or maybe a doujinshi chara. *scratches head* He [i]has[/i] become an almost-official part of Duo's past though, and it would have been nice if they covered it in Episode ZERO. ^^ I really, really liked Trowa's. It's probably my second fav, right behind Wufei's. ^o^ Seeing him with Miidi was just so cute! Hehehe... And seeing Cathrin scorn the war was just so priceless! *grin* Hmmm... I wonder why Trowa doesn't keep Miidi's cross? He has it on in that flashback during Endless Waltz. *scratches head again* Maybe he wears it under his shirt, like Duo does his?
  5. RPG

    OOC: Gah! So sorry I've been gone so long. >> My internet's been seriously busted, but now its fixed again! Yay! --------------- Namu had been so intent on walking that he jumped about three feet straight up. His instincts kicked in and he spun around, kicking whatever was behind him in the stomach before the fact that "it" was Rydia penetrated his mind. He balked and stared at her as she stared back, surprised at what he'd done. "Rydia, I - I'm sorry, I -" he noticed the tears on her cheeks as she slowly climbed back to her feet and stopped. "Rydia..." "How could you leave me again?!" she asked. "After you saved my life, and I've saved yours! I thought we were [i]friends[/i] Namu!" "W-we are... But I can't let you come with me! Rydia, if my father finds out you have powers he'll kill you! I won't let that happen, I care for you too much!" Both of them gasped slightly as they realized what Namu had just said.
  6. RPG

    Namu laid awake for a long time, thinking about his past. For a long, long time he'd tried to push any memories of his name and life into the back of his mind, sealed away under a lock that he didn't want broken. And now Rydia had come along and smashed it. Namu sighed and rolled over so that he faced Rydia, who was sleeping peacefully with her back to him. He wasn't sure whether to be grateful or not to her, and finally settled on thankful. After all, James had been his best friend, and Rydia, his new best friend, had helped him remember just how much he missed James. He blinked and sat up, staring at the fire which was little more then embers now. Rydia? His best friend? Sure, she was sweet and kind, they'd known each other practically forever, and they [i]had[/i] been travelling together for little over a month... He shivered slightly, even in the warm weather, as another thought came to him. If Rydia had been born in his father's domain, she would have been killed. There were probably other Elementals in his father's realm getting found out and destroyed, even now. Sometimes Element powers could be hereditary, expecially father to son, and there were more males then females with the power, but sometimes it came up randomly too. Namu frowned as something else occured to him. His father probably saw those "peasent" Elementals as the reason he'd run away, and probably came down even harder on them now then he had in Namu's youth. Namu knew what he had to do, but still, he didn't want to. He had to go back to his father's kingdom, whether he wanted to or not, and he had to stop his father's reign of terror. If he didn't who would? But even so, he was not happy about having to face the place of his youth again. And he most certainly was not going to bring Rydia with him! He wouldn't let her. Once upon a time James had died because Namu hadn't been able to stand up for him. He swore to himself then and there that he wouldn't let Rydia go the same way. He finally fell asleep, but it was a tortured sleep in which he saw Rydia and James, chased endlessly by his father, without any way for Namu to help.
  7. Anime

    Check Barnes & Noble, that's where I found my copy in manga format. Episode Zero was a six-issue series of manga about each of the pilot's pasts, before the series. It also shows how each of the boys met up with their respective old guy (Dr. J, ect.). If you've heard "rumors" about Chang Meiran or Midii Une, Episode Zero is where you'll learn about them. ^~
  8. RPG

    "So what's the ring for?" Destiny asked curiously. Christian was in front of her on the big bird, and her arms were wrapped securely around his waist. The little girl, Nika? was behind Destiny, holding onto her waist. "Ahhh..." Christian looked forward so Destiny wouldn't see him blush. "N-nothing." "Why Chris, did you just stutter?" Destiny asked, laughing a little as she tried to hold onto him and keep Nika from sliding off and keep her staff from falling, all at the same time. "No, and don't call me Chris..." Christian muttered. Destiny grinned and wrapped her arms tighter around his middle, laying her head against his shoulder with a happy sigh. "If you say so Chris."
  9. Anime

    I know in the Noa's Ark arc (heh) Otogi does do some card dueling. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any specific info on his cards, and I need them for a fanfic. First and foremost, does anyone have Orgoth the Relentless's ATK/DEF points? Not the ones from Dungeon Dice Monsters, his real points from his Duel Monsters card. Also, anyone know exactly what the magic cards "Dungeon Path" and "Dungeon Dice" do? I know vaguely, but any info would be a help. Thanks in advance! ~SJ
  10. Anime

    Heeeey... :shifty: Am I the only one who was squealing with glee throughout the whole thing? ^^! Personally, I like it when Yami B goes evil. He's so cool! *squeaks* But then again, I may just be a helpless fangirl *grin*. Awwww... But the poor stooges... ^^ I thought the redhead (Sid?) was kinda cute... *snicker* Hey, does it ever say what happened to Bandit Keith after Malik drove him crazy? Did he just vanish, or what?
  11. Let's see... I have four, five really. ^^\\// First and foremost is Jesus, of course. The next two sort of go together. See, I'm a writer, and so of course I read a lot. I really look up to [b]Terry Pratchett[/b], probably because he writes a lot of humour/sataire/parody, which I'm not good at. ^^; I usually do dark drama and angst. The other writer I look up to is [b]Carol Thurston[/b]. Her book, [i]The Eye of Horus[/i], just absolutely blew me away. (If you're a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh I highly recommend it, as it takes place in Egypt) It's my favorite book, and right now I'm rereading through it for the fourth time. ^~ I doubt it'll get bumped from its place as my fav for a long, long time. Or at least until Thurston-sama writes another novel. ;) LOL The other two people who've had a major impact on my life are more personal heros. *grin* The first is my "neesan", [b]Brood Mayran[/b]. She's not my [i]biological[/i] big sister, but I look up to her anyway. She's encouraged me when I thought I was nothing, erged me to keep writing, and all around been an awesome friend and neesan. *glomp* Not only that, but she's a writer too, and I can only wish that someday I'll be as good as her. The other one is my "imouto-chan", my best friend [b]Rosie[/b]. Again, she's not my biological sister, but we've stuck together through a lot. This year, our freshmen year in high school, she'll be going to a different school then me, and I don't know what I'm going to do without her around to make me laugh and lighten my day. :,(
  12. RPG

    Namu sighed in exhasperation and looked down at his hands, silent for a moment. "My father is and was a tyrant. He doesn't care about individual people as long as he stays on top." He clenched his fists, and apparently without even noticing small bursts of lightning began to crackle across his skin. "My mother died in childbirth with me, but my father never took another wife because he had his heir, me. I grew up completely alone. My father didn't care, he was always away on business. My only friend was a kitchen boy by the name of James. James was older then me by about three years, but neither of us cared. "Despite being a commoner, James was a [i]butaisouran[/i]. His element was fire. He told me that usually Elementals come into their powers at puberty, so I shouldn't worry that mine hadn't developed yet. He offered to help get me ready, teach me how to control it and such from the very beginning. My powers actually came to me early, as soon as I hit nine, so James repeated his offer to help train me, and I took him up on it. Neither one of us thought anything about hiding, or training in secret. "Once, when I was ten, my father came home from a business trip and found James and I training together. He walked into my room just as James threw a small fire blast at me. I was going to put up an electric shield to block it, just as James had been teaching me for the past week or so. But I was so surprised to see my father that I completely forgot, and got burned on the shoulder. Not very badly, but I do still have a scar from it. "My father, of course, thought James was attacking me, and he ordered James put to death. Not just for attacking me either. My father had a law that if any commoners were found to have Elemental powers, they were killed. My father is entirely too power-hungrey for his own good. I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen to me. He [i]forced[/i] me to watch as he killed my best friend for an act he hadn't done. "So that night I packed upa nd I ran away. I swore I'd never go back to my father's house, and I don't plan to, ever again. So don't get any funny ideas about leading me back there somehow Rydia." He got up and turned to walk back into the forest. "Wait!" Rydia called. "Aren't you hungry?" "No." He left again, but this time he didn't go far. A few minutes later Rydia creeped in the direction he'd gone and saw him sitting in a tree, staring at the stars. He seemed to be singing softly, but it was in another language, and Rydia couldn't understand. Sad for Namu's sake, she turned and went back to the camp.
  13. Writing

    Non-canon means that it's not in the official storyline. Like, for instance, on Sailor Moon, Usagi/Mamoru (Serena/Darien) is a canon pairing, but, say, Minako/Mamoru (Mina/Darien), isn't. ^~ Hetero means hetrosexual, or guy/girl, as opposed to guy/guy (yaoi) or girl/girl (yuri). Hope that helps.
  14. Writing

    Meeheehee... ^^ Most of what I write is Yu-Gi-Oh, and a LOT of it is non-canon. *snicker* Let's see... [b]Malik/Anzu (Tea)[/b] is one of my favorites, as is [b]Ryou/Shizuka/Bakura[/b]. [b]Isis/Seto[/b] and [b]Mai/Seto[/b] are nice too. *^^* But my favorite is probably [b]Rebecca/Mokuba[/b]. *snicker* Let's see, what other genres do I write... Oh! In Ranma I absolutely [i]love[/i] [b]Ryoga/Ukyou[/b]. *shrug* That could be considered canon, I guess, but whatever... Hm... Gundam Wing I write mostly canon, except for two pairings. ^^\\// [b]Cathrin/Quatre[/b] and [b]Cathrin/Treize[/b]. ^o^ All hail weird romances!
  15. Writing

    I write some. Mostly angst. >