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  1. [size=1][font=georgia]The one that comes right off my head is when I was young (about three to five years old), my babysitter would always sing that 'Jesus loves me yes I know' song. And she said Jesus was always with me, too. I thought she meant Jesus was in me, like, in my body when she said 'with me' for whatever reason. So for a period of time I thought he lived in my bellybutton (since I have an 'innie', the little skin inside proved to me to be Jesus' head). Also, I always got the impression that a condom was also made of cotton. I didn't know how that would work at the time, so I dismissed it thinking 'it's got special powers of some sort or something'. I learned the truth around eleven years old. Pathetic. -_-[/size][/font]
  2. [size=1][font=georgia]I wait. Then wait more. Then wait even more. If I'm tired of waiting, I'll wander around the house and drift along, sometimes bonding with my cat. When I get sleepy enough, I go to bed and go to sleep. It's usually in the evening my power is out, or late at night/early in the morning, so it's basically dark as hell and sometimes I get so nervous I nearly suffocate myself under my covers. Once I was so freaked out and I believed someone was actually by my bedside my imagination conjoured up some ugly looking female standing right beside my bed. Didn't sleep very well that night. >>[/size][/font]
  3. [font=georgia][size=1]Woo. Not in any specific order. [b]Computer:[/b] The source of my many outlets to the world, the thing that gives me fanfiction, the thing that allows me to [i]write[/i] fanfiction and much more. It's made me become lazy, I hate to admit. [b]PS2:[/b] What can I say. Without this thing, I would've never known Final Fantasy or Dance Dance Revolution ever existed. They are really the only two games I play, and my PS2 makes them available to play, so..yeah. [b]To Make People Happy:[/b] I don't know about you, but when people get overly negative about people or things I feel uncomfortable and somewhat guilty even if I'm not involved the least bit. So, why not spread the optimism. [b]Babysitting:[/b] My source of money at the age of thirteen (Ten bucks the hour, aren't I a lucky brat). I don't really like babies, but being with three to five year olds is really fun to me. They can have fun and it just really makes me happy and all 'proud' feeling like. [b]To Change:[/b] Knowing I can be like this one moment and this other person the next. Seeing people grow up and not still be the same gives an interesting twist to my choice of friends and all. [b]Learning:[/b] Not just by math and things like that, but by learning from experience and from history you learn a lot and it makes me feel good to know I know so and so information and I have the ability to share it with people. [b]Experiences:[/b] Hell, who knows what will ever happen. Some experiences good and bad, but hey, that's life. I enjoy them; this ties in with the learning. Ah well, that mainly sums it up.[/font][/size]
  4. [size=1][font=georgia][b]Ayumi Hamasaki[/b] is my favorite Japanese music artist. The different styles of her songs really appeal; it's not all rock but not a bubblegum-pop style..but still manages that pop-ish sound but it isn't really too bad. She can experiment, and even if it doesn't appeal at first, I find myself always growing onto the songs. Her voice isn't the most beautiful, but at least she can pull off singles that have kick *** remixes...(Most of the time). [b]Do As Infinity[/b] are a nice band too listen to also; Tomiko Van has a wonderful voice and it sounds really good with the melodies and instruments. I only bought two albums, but hey, I can't get everything. Other artists/groups I can recall that I like are also [b]Hikaru Utada[/b], [b]Gackt[/b], [b]GLAY[/b], [b]GLOBE[/b], [b]Nami Tamaki[/b] and [b]Koda Kumi[/b]. I would think [b]Peelander Z[/b] would count too; those guys are [i]crazy.[/i][/font][/size]
  5. [size=1][font=georgia]Who knows. For me, I don't know for sure what happens, so I just keep quiet. If I were to stick with a belief though, it would be death is death. It's like slumber; when you go to sleep, you're usually not aware and you'll wake up the next day. When you're dying and eventually dead, you are sleeping..except well, you're heart and stuff don't beat at all anymore and you never wake up. You're not aware you wake up, and so, there, you're dead anyway. Just like sleeping. That thought kind of scares me, actually. Not being able to experience things ever again...*shiver*[/size][/font]
  6. [size=1][font=georgia]The 'Masturbating Cat' sure caught my eye. I think that was shown on VH1 or something at a point. [url=http://www.eatbabies.com]Eat Babies[/url], [url=http://www.urbandictionary.com]Urban Dictionary[/url] and [url=http://www.2flashgames.com/viewlink.php?url=http://www.lookatentertainment.com/v/v-1753.htm&id=1990]The Pissed Off Halo Kid[/url] is up there too. (The last three are links)[/font][/size]
  7. [QUOTE=Darky Dee]There's National Talk Like a Pirate Day here in the states. =/[/QUOTE] [size=1][font=georgia]Haha, actually, that [i]is[/i] true, at least at my school it happens. I was in school, and they said on the announcements 'Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day!'. I thought it was some dumb thing the school had made up themselves, but hearing this makes me laugh.[/font][/size]
  8. [font=georgia][size=1]I had nothing to do, saw the post, and it doesn't seem to hard, so I gave my go. [b]Avatar:[/b] [IMG]http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a297/Kanariya_674/Otakuboards%20Stuff/ConorOberstSet1Avi.jpg[/IMG] [b]Banner:[/b][/size][/font] [IMG]http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a297/Kanariya_674/Otakuboards%20Stuff/ConorOberstSet1Banner.jpg[/IMG]
  9. [size=1][font=georgia]Congratulations KatanaViolet! With one flick of your magic wand, your apartment is clean! Unfortunately, you're so messy, and from using the wand a lot, you've grown so lazy, you're immobile and don't move much at all. You've gained so much weight, you can barely walk. While attempting to, you fall and hit your head on your glass coffee table and one of the shards go jamming through your head and you're left to bleed to death. Congratulations, your laziness just killed you. [b]I wish I could control time.[/b][/size][/font]
  10. [size=1][font=georgia]Keyblade, I must say, I love your work. [b]The first art thing:[/b] I don't know, it doesn't really appeal to me. It looks good, and the background and fonts work well with one another, but nothing sparks interest, as you said, a devotion to your favorite color blue. I give it an [b]8/10[/b]. [b]Banner #1:[/b] The background, the font, the blue theme, that part is wonderful. A border is always a plus, and all that blends and it looks great. I have a problem with the image; it kind of fits the banner, but not enough. It's a little to dark, and it seems like a kind of low quality image. I give this banner an [b]8/10[/b] also. [b]Banner #2:[/b] This one, is my favorite out of them all. Everything fits; blue theme of course, artsy things all over the place, and the font is good. The border color is great; it doesn't stick out too much, but it isn't too light. The image is great for this banner, as it isn't too dark which I see sometimes in your work. I give this a perfect [b]10/10[/b]. [b]Banner #3:[/b] Ah, mostly everything looks good as always. Font is nice and the background isn't dull. The image seems a little blurred though, but it doesn't interfere too much. I give this banner a [b]9/10[/b]. [b]Banner #4:[/b] The only not blue one, heh. The blend of colors works very well, and the image fits (and must I say is quite adorable). Glittery, swirly things over to the left give some more flare to the banner, and the border color matches well. The font seems choppy though, and it doesn't really give emphasis. I give it an [b]8/10[/b]. Well, good job. Overall, I see your backgrounds are perfect, and no need about missing borders, but image selections should be looked at.[/font][/size]
  11. [font=georgia][size=1]Congratulations Amelia! You have fast forwarded through high school and are now attending the college of your dreams. Unfortunately, while you were busy going through time, things happened. A disease broke out, destroying your family, and your parents didn't write a will for you, so all the money went to your older sister you never knew about. Because of this, you don't have any money, and after the first three minutes of being in college, you are kicked out for not being able to pay your tuition. [b]I wish I had fire powers.[/b][/font][/size]
  12. [size=1][font=georgia]I remember threads like this...I don't have too painful moments as mentioned before, and I hope never to experience those kind of moments. [b]1.[/b] (I've shared this one so many times on this board) One time, I had one of those round sleds that spin around when you go down hills. Well, there's a hill, and at the end of the hill there is a parking lot with parked cars. I went sledding down the hill, and unfortunately it didn't stop at the end of the hill. The sled kept on going, and into the parking lot it went, and I had no idea what was going on because being the round sled I was facing backwards. And then I felt a 'thump', and pain. Turns out I hit the bumper of one of the parked cars. [b]2.[/b] You know the feeling when your leg goes numb? Well, try attempting to walk still with the leg numb. I did one step, and then my whole body somehow twisted and I fell. I had to stay on the ground because the numb leg now just felt like it was twisted. [b]3.[/b] In P.E. (it's funny how everything happens in P.E.), our class was playing some type of revised version of Dodgeball. Well, I was one of three people left on my team, and there were many on the other team, and they had two balls, I had one, and one on my team had one. So, people decide to gang up on me. So they threw it, and I ducked. (It actually was kind of cool, because right when it came I ducked) Then the other person threw it right afterwards, and I leaned back. Now, I had perfect control of my body, but for some reason I fell backwards, but to protect my fall I tried to use my hands, but instead they were kind of twisted and then I landed on my butt. Everyone laughed, but it hurt like heck afterwards and I had to carry around an ice pack on my wrist the rest of the day. [b]4.[/b] Try using a fork as a toothpick. [b]5.[/b] I decided to have a 'fight' with my dog, which just happens to be taller then me when standing and stronger. So, I started 'attacking' him by lightly hitting him on the face with my hands. He growled, bit me, and stood on his hind legs and swung his paws and unclipped nails at my face. It went across my lip and cheek and bled and it stayed there for about two days. Unfortunately, I fell at a point and he started biting my arms too. [b]6.[/b] Touched mom's straightening iron when it was still hot. Had a burn for a week to two weeks. [b]7.[/b] While playing DDR, one of the dry areas on my feet scraped across the screws on my metal pad at my house, and started bleeding. Wasn't really painful, but was very sore. Also had my share of needles being stabbed in my foot. I stepped on the ground and it went in my foot for the first needle, and the second needle I was sliding on my carpet and went into my foot. I was sliding on carpet again and that time a sharp pencil went in. Still have the marks. And when I get hit in the head with a ball, it really doesn't hurt. Just recently it was in P.E. and a basketball was accidentally thrown at my head but I hardly felt a thing.[/size][/font]
  13. [size=1][font=georgia]This is starting to sound like a new online dating thing, heh. My person (doesn't really matter male or female, but I prefer the females) would have to be a variety of things. They'd have to be pretty smart, because then they would probably get through situations and know various things, and that's a plus.They would have a nice face, and I'd prefer a slim to average appearance. They wouldn't let situations get out of hand, and don't let their emotions get out of hand, either. They would be understanding of me, understood enough to trust, and a sex drive not too high or low. I'm agnostic, so I wouldn't want someone religious that it seems to me as an obsession. I'd prefer someone that is agnostic too, but whether atheist or Christian, Muslim, etc. I don't mind, just not overly religious. They would be open minded, accepting other peoples' views whether they believe to be right or not. And they wouldn't solve problems by screaming/complaining, but rather talking it out.[/size][/font]
  14. [size=1][font=georgia]Congratulations Dodeca! You now have a gunblade. Unfortunately, you have never used a gun, or blade in your life, so what makes you think you can use a gunblade? Simply, you can't. While attempting to do a cool trick with the weapon, you accidentally shoot yourself and slice your head off. Congratulations, you've just accidentally killed yourself. [b]I wish I could play DDR nonstop for six hours.[/b][/font][/size]
  15. [size=1][font=georgia]Geez, concerning this it could be anything. As stated before, homosexuality is becoming more acceptable nowadays, and some may just be 'experimenting'. So, of course it would seem more people you know are claiming to be homosexual, or bisexual. But, in a way, it had become trend with the people I know. For example, my friend had one day declared herself 'bisexual.' Now, I have no problem with that, but I began to get suspicious, and as she claimed herself 'bisexual' to about everyone she knew, everyone was hogging her about 'oh my goodness that's so cool' and stuff like that. She had suddenly become a really 'important' person, and then as the fame died out, she proclaimed herself straight. I ask her about it, and she remains silent. Now, that could be many things. A lack of attention in her home, or maybe it just was experimenting. But, I can believe it's always possible if not a trend, a source of attention, and that I don't respect.[/size][/font]
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