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  1. LooseMoose

    Chop Suey

    You lot like Chop Suey eh? Go find Avril Lavigne's version. Its comedy gold. :devil:
  2. I'd second what James said, also I like a lot of things with brown sauce on as well as ketchup. Its mainly just cheese and brown sauce sandwiches though. Speaking of sandwiches, I love hot mashed potato sandwiches with melted cheese. :love:
  3. Hello there, my friends got a challenge pretty soon and is new to the game he asked my if you lot could help seeing as I have an account here. So I was just wondering if you had any hints/tips/stratagies with what hes got. The deck: 2x blue eyes white dragon 3x petit dragon 3x baby dragon*** 3x blackland fire dragon 3x crawling dragon 3x winged dragon,guardian of the fortress #1 3x armoured lizard 3x lesser dragon 3x dissolver rock 2x catapult turtle* 2x cannon soldier** 2x lord of D effect creatures 3x dragon piper 2x unhappy maiden 3x blast juggler
  4. This is not true of all women but they seem to very good at reciting long lists consisting of exact details about all the naughty things you have done. Do women just have a good memory? Is it easy to come up with a long list of infractions. It honestly seems that some women have the strategy " thats gives me the 5 hits but I won't say anything now I will save it up for later" So do you think they do do this? And I'm pretty sure men can be like this in a way but IMO I see women a lot more like this. Disclaimer: Please don't hurt me. :)
  5. LooseMoose

    Art Desktop.

    Some pice pics here! Dark Death do you have the original picture? Could you PM it me if you'd be so kind.:D Heres something I found off KazAa that I'm using. I'm putting that up because my desktop is a mess.
  6. I believe its not right to judge someone by thier post count. Why should anyone spamming thier way up into 4 figures be more thought of than someone who doesn't say much but when they do it actually means something. Its also along the same lines as prejudice..... (Or is that going too far?) :)
  7. Why does everyone have to hate music because its automatically categorized into a certain genre? I like Meteora and I liked the last album but I didn't like the remix they did. I'd probably say Faint was the best on thier new one though. But most of the time now im listening to the Foo Fighters and Muse. :)
  8. Nice responses so far. I live not far from GW's HQ in Nottingham. doukeshi03: If you like the Imperial Guard you should see the new stuff coming out. Heres an example of what I was talking about earlier from one of my armies:
  9. I'm just saying right but the gun arm with the gun showing is the right arm isn't it? If it is it has no thumb! :)
  10. Anyone play any tabletop wargames? Such as for example Warhammer Fantasy/40K and any of the sub games? For anyone who hasn't got the faintest idea what I'm talking about its little minis(28mm normally) played on a table in a turn based game. Its pretty cool if your into that type of that thing. It also might appeal to you artistic types because you have to paint all of the minis too. So.......anyone play?:)
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