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  1. best i've ever seen that keeps with the actual pokemon ideal:cool: :D
  2. are the legendary dogs like in gold, impossible to catch?:( Or are they like suicine in crystal? im confused:confused:
  3. :confused: how do i prove myself??????
  4. if u got all 16 badges, go see oak and he'll open up mount silver for you.:ball:
  5. he's right, I need to know about crystal. But that gold information about controlling ho-oh with the wing might be useful. . .:D
  6. liamc2

    Gaming celebi

    i've only used a gameshark on the pc............. and the new no$ emulator stuffed it up (when i exit, it comes up with an error message, so when i start it up again the game is at when i last saved before the cheats:( :mad: )
  7. liamc2

    Gaming First here

    ok I don't have cable or anything like that, so i watch pokemon digimon etc on cheez tv in the mornings, (australian otakus should know what i mean), and they just keep repeating pokemon from the beginning. the furthest they got was when ash & crew arrived at goldenrod! I won't be able to stand to watch the orange islands saga for the 6th time:mad:
  8. sheesh r u critical or what:rolleyes: shouldn't have done that, oh well
  9. liamc2

    Gaming Fav.Pok

    I'd say gold because its the one i'm furthest in:D
  10. i've only used it on the no$ emulator on the pc and it really stuffs up your game:mad:
  11. liamc2

    Gaming Pokemon?

    espeon, i want him to be golden but i don't know how to do it with only my gameboy and gold version (help!!!!!!):confused:
  12. when you win back the radio tower in crystal, the director says something about team rocket and tin tower. as i am only just going up to the leage, i have no idea about what he is saying. besides, i want to catch ho-oh!:mad:
  13. also if you waste the tm by accident on the wrong pokemon, don't worry, you will eventually be able to by it in the goldenrod department store. the same thing goes for the headbutt tm from ilex forest.;)
  14. in my 1st go at gold i beat him with a lvl 80 mewtwo:confused: why did you need the other one?
  15. if u r going to rate that team, can u rate mine? (all are around level 90) Typhlosion item: charcoal flamethrower strength thunderpunch 'sigh' cut Noctowl takedown fly confusion flash Houndoom item:leftovers flamethrower crunch faint attack ember Espeon item: amulet coin Psychic takedown headbutt bite Lugia recover hydropump ancientpower surf Ampharos item: magnet thunder zap cannon thunderpunch thundershock pretty tough crowd eh?
  16. its not just you, i really couldn't be bothered using the battle tower anyway.
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