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  1. Geting mass tokens 1/1 creaters is all good fun. But a red deck would laugh in your face. The best way to actualy play mtg in my eyes, is to have a tournament with starter decks and 2 boosters. Then go from there.
  2. The best decks are combo decks. If you cant kill in 6-8 rounds then your not going to win a tournament. I have a soilder white deck based on speed and damage with about 2 tricky combos. And i still cant get 1st in tournaments. :(
  3. I hate to seem like the realist, but i think you should of known this would happen when you got together with a military man. So don't point your anger at the military.
  4. Talking behind some ones back. Or "Back-stabbing" as am going to call it, is another form of a power struggle. The whole idea is childish. People still tend to us it when they get older. Weather the "back-stabber" knows it at all. They are usually just trying to put themselves in a position to were they better there popularity by trying to change some one else?s views. (Improving their rank by lowering someone else?s) You on the hand already know this. Am a type of person that fights fire with fire. So if you dislike it that much, I would go ahead and tell the person/or persons that do it, to
  5. I have had a ceramic class for some time now. I had it in the start of 10th, and I will be in the class today around 2:30. I usually free hand. I have only worked with a wheel twice. I have found the class to be helpful to me as a "artist" to broaden my scoop of artistry. That and it completely blows math, English, and history out of the water. I haven?t thought much on why people today have such a fascination with the arts. I just hope more people make it a hobby.
  6. [quote][i]Originally posted by Chaos[/i] [b]The entire world just needs to sit back, accept people for who they are, and shut the hell up.[/b][/quote] That?s the great thing about the Bill of rights. We don?t have to "sit down and shut the hell up.? Hell, if we all did that we would be another form of China... I understand your opinion. In mine cases people "over do it". Regardless we are basically a free nation. So I agree with you on that we shouldn?t be so stereotypical but at the same time we all should praise individuality to some degree.
  7. [quote][i]Originally posted by James[/i] [b]Anyway, yeah...we basically agree. As far as your thoughts...well, when you are around women do you always think "Is she checking me out?" There is this feeling that gay men are sexual predators or are always interested in sex. *shrug* It's just another false stereotype.[/b][/quote] Males are thee aggressors in sexual encounters although. So i guess there is at some level to witch homosexual males may be more of the predators then heterosexual females. I do understand that in all actuality to label a group of people as somethin
  8. [Quote][i]Transtic Nerve[/i] [b]I think we're doing just fine right now without that term. In fact I believe it might do more damage than good. But thats me.[/b][/quote] I think this still depends on the area you live. I live in a small town were mine things are rather taboo. I can safe say that homosexuality has a long way to go before every one is rather comfortable about it. There are mine people in my grade that show and say rather violent things about the gay community. Even if metrosexuality is a type of fad. I think it helps bring the homosexual community out of the minorit
  9. My scenes of smell isn?t very good. But i would have to say the smell of this strawberry shampoo is most excellent. It doesn?t actually smell like strawberries. But the generic type of sent they made is very good. (I don?t have the shampoo any more, and i don?t recall the name brand.) :(
  10. Nothing better then a huge box... I have to say when you?re 6 or so. You?re just like a cat. Anything you can crawl in and feel like a spy is 100% cool. So yup.. Best toy when your a kid = a big box.
  11. [b](EDIT)[/b][i]metrosexual South Park brings up good issues... So do you think metrosexual people are good for the gay community. And that it?s a way to lift prejudice off of homosexuals. Or do you think that its just a fad.[/i][b](EDIT)[/b] I wrote this on the fly. I really wanted it to be posted before I went to school. Very sorry that I failed to give a good explanation. [b]Metrosexual:[/b] (MET.roh.sek.shoo.ul) n. A dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle; a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side. The reason wh
  12. South Park brings up good issues... So do you think metrosexual people are good for the gay community. And that its a way to lift predjudice from homosexuals. Or do you think that its just a fad.
  13. My school at one time made us wear cool name tag badges with or pictures on them and stuff. So yah i think i toped you Transtic Nerve!...:confuse2:
  14. I had a short childhood. I don?t think that it was a "bad thing". It just seems that in society, you have no purpose if you are not over the age of 21 and have a high school degree. Anyway, Childhood has very few ties with us when we get older. Some people feel that if you were emotionally harmed as a child. Your personality reflects that when you are older. I really think that age has nothing to do with it. I think it is the person?s strength of mind. (I luv to get off topic at the end) ;)
  15. Get use to it. Its not that big of a deal. Some people dont cuss. Thats great.. When you get older teachers could care less about what you say. Welcome to the real world.
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