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    Bring that gun to church!

    I'm tired of Christian patriots. America isn't a theocracy, and for that I'm enormously grateful. I don't want a system as twisted as our government claiming to represent my God to the world. I don't like hearing this pastor using the phrase "God and firearms". A lot of people need to stop singing patriotic songs in church, debating whether the founding fathers were Christian or not, looking at the presidency as a position of spiritual leadership, and generally making a religion out of America. I don't care about bringing guns into church though.
  2. John

    Kansas abortion doctor killed in church

    I think most people would kill one to save a thousand, and I think that's what this killer's rationale was. I have little doubt his actions were also fueled by hate (whether he'd admit it to himself or not), but that doesn't mean he was hypocritical in his stance on killing.
  3. [quote name='chibi-master']Hmm... It almost seems as if you believe that I didn't do all these things.:rolleyes:[/quote] The more important point is, you should use the pomegranate term anyway because nobody will be the wiser (high school project, right?), and that's a lot more fun.
  4. John

    Gaming E3 2009

    Project Natal would be full of mundane, casual gimmick-games if it worked, but it won't, as evidenced by common sense and the spazzing avatar and Breakout chick from the presentation. Milo is smarterchild for the 360. Just like the Wii, Natal has massive potential that will go utterly untapped by developers. Label me a cynic, but just remember two years from now: I called it. The games they showed were just games. Some of them looked pretty cool (like CliffyB's Metroidvania), some of them didn't (Forza).
  5. John

    Kansas abortion doctor killed in church

    Rach, the victim's occupation is inseparable from considerations of the crime. Now, nobody's saying that the killer was right. It's just that he wasn't wrong in [I]every[/I] way. Think vigilante justice is wrong? Alright, what would you do if there were a man in your area who made a legal living from killing, let's say, young children, and nobody else would do anything to stop him? Would it be "right" to let it go on, because acting otherwise would be vigilantism? I know it's not exactly the same situation, but to a lot of people, such as our killer, it is the same ethically.
  6. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE=1]Nice summer weather combined with barbecued food makes for awesome evenings. [/SIZE][/quote] Ain't it the truth. I never really appreciated summer until I had to go through Winter in college, making that abysmal walk from the dorms to my classes every morning. Now, it's like the sun wraps me up daily in a gentle hug, softly apologizing for being away for so long. And the cookouts, [I]oh the cookouts! [/I]I don't know what ever possessed me to think Winter was better than Summer before. Must've just been about being a young kid who grew up in the South.
  7. John

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    I have a confession to make. Earlier today there was a thread on /mu/ with a picture of [I]Hybrid Theory[/I] and the assertion that everybody still had that entire CD memorized. Now, since my parents didn't want me listening to such extreem rock musics as Linkin Park way back when, I never got to buy [I]Hybrid Theory[/I] and only had the few songs I could scrape up off Kazaa (I'd also listen to it at my best friend's house). By the time [I]Meteora[/I] came out, though, said friend had a CD burner, so that was the LP album of my youth. Anyway, point is that I (and everyone else in the thread) realized that the OP was completely right-- I still knew that album word for word. The rose-colored glasses were driving everyone insane, someone must have been passing around some internet LSD or something, and, well... album downloads started happening. While everyone else got [I]Hybrid Theory[/I], I grabbed [I]Meteora[/I]. I played that **** for hours. And I [I]enjoyed it[/I]. Not because LP is a good band, but because those early albums are an atomic nostalgiabomb. My inner seventh grader had risen, and he was going to tear it up the only way he knew how--angsty rap-rock. It was [I]great[/I]. I think I've gotten it out of my system for now, but I'm still keeping the album in my library. The point is, on the off-chance that you've ever felt like taking me seriously or respecting me at all, this is a sign that you shouldn't.
  8. I'm finding more and more that the main reason I should've secured a Summer job earlier is that since I still don't have one, my sleep schedule has gotten weirder and weirder. By today, it's become completely inverted--I went to bed at 12:30 PM and got up at 9:30 PM. I think I'm just gonna power through and fix it by staying up later instead of going to bed earlier.
  9. OB Standard is James' magnum opus.
  10. John

    Character Limit

    I agree, once a thread has fulfilled its requirements for information it should be locked regardless of the amount of posting or enjoyment still taking place. We can't have such flagrant disarray clogging up the first page, especially on a board as busy as the Information Kiosk. Shut 'er down.
  11. John


    Perhaps the snarkiness and charming brevity of my previous post belied the fact that it actually answered all of these questions and corrected all of these (shockingly huge) misconceptions. I'll bet it would work better if I put it in big letters: [SIZE=4][B][URL]http://lmgtfy.com/?q=rickrolling[/URL][/B][/SIZE]
  12. John


  13. John

    What's In Your Car?

    - Lots of empty cups and soda cans - Phone charger - The remains of a fabric sculpture that I submitted as a drawing project for school (boy, that didn't go over well) - Tons of CDs. When my mp3 player got stolen and I was forced to use CDs in my car instead, I thought, "It'll be alright. I can just buy a CD holder and keep ten in my car at a time. I won't need more than ten." So far, I've got the CD holder stuffed to about double capacity, and there's about fifteen more CDs sitting in the passenger seat. - City map (for garage sales)
  14. John

    TV What Are You Watching?

    [CENTER][IMG]https://www.posteritati.com/jpg/Z/ZENTROPA%20DAN.JPG[/IMG] [LEFT]A few days ago I saw [I]Europa[/I], one of the earlier and more conventional (by a very relative use of the word) films by the batshit insane Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier. It uses the format of a classic thriller to tell the story of an idealistic young man who moves to post-WWII Germany to work, but gets tangled up in the plots and conspiracies of powers greater than himself. It's a great film narratively, but what really makes it stand out is the cinematic methods von Trier employs. In addition to a lot of beautiful, surreal uses of composition, the background and foreground shots were filmed separately for I think the entire length of the film. I can't say how much for sure because at times it was done so subtlely I didn't even notice. The (awesome) logo reminds me of [I]Koyaanisqatsi[/I], which I saw a while back and also need to post about. [/LEFT] [/CENTER]
  15. John

    Character Limit

    [quote name='James'][FONT=franklin gothic medium]So this issue has now been sorted out once and for all - minimum characters per post has been removed completely. Really, the minimum character requirement was getting smaller and smaller all the time anyway. I don't think it's even relevant anymore, especially now that a lot of people post images or video responses to things.[/FONT][/quote] Hail to the chief!
  16. John

    Obama urged to fight photo release.

    [quote name='Sabrina'][FONT=Tahoma]Is it necessary to release the photos to the public in order to demand that such methods aren't used? I mean, clearly we know they are being used, so having additional photos proving it doesn't seem to change anything. [/FONT][/quote] Photos are a different means of communication that convey a different set of truths than words. These truths are no less significant than those of words. To say it another way, if the public currently has no problem with waterboarding but might change their minds if they actually saw photos of it taking place, then the bit of truth in those photos--the visceral, physical reality of waterboarding which can't be communicated as well linguistically--is important, and needs to be communicated to the public. Of course, I can see the need for a large amount of secrecy and information withholding on the part of the government, and I support that, but that information is to be withheld on the basis of national security, [I]not[/I] because the public might demand change from the government if that information were exposed. In any kind of democracy, it should all come down to the will of the people. Will many important matters and people be seriously compromised if a formerly unaccounted-for government is suddenly held to the standard it was sworn to in the first place? Yes, but government officials should've anticipated that when they first began to neglect the will of the people. Would the damage of exposing certain information, of finally setting certain deeply-wrong things right, really compromise the whole nation to the point of collapse? Possibly, in some cases. The only thing to do then is try to right the wrongs from the inside out, and just [I]don't let that **** go public[/I]. But I think most of our government's wrongs can afford to be exposed, and must be, in spite of the fallout.
  17. John

    Gaming What games should I buy for the 360?

    I play Halo 3 frequently with a friend of mine. It's ok if you're playing it with friends, but I've always found it mind-numbing to play by yourself online, and even worse in singleplayer. Also, their matchmaking system infuriates me. I prefer CoD4 by a long shot.
  18. John

    Last day of high school forever!!!

    Graphic Design major here. Our little rural school actually has the best program in the state, probably the entire region. It's balls-to-the-wall intense, though. I just got done with Graphics I, and I've already had to pull a few all-nighters and some almost-all-nighters, and it only gets tougher from here. Tons of fun, though--goofing around in the lab, eating food that people's parents/girlfriends/other relations bring in for us, watching the sun come up as we put the final touches on our projects.
  19. John

    Gaming What games should I buy for the 360?

    Tip: all good RPGs come from 'Merica. So get your hands on some Mass Effect.
  20. John

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    [quote name='Zen'][COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=1]See, I feel the opposite. I mean, I like Black Flag and Dead Kennedy's quite a bit, but old hardcore just isn't heavy enough for me. It just doesn't pump me up and make me want to do reckless things the way that metalcore and deathcore do. Though lately I've been listening to alot of screamo and post-hardcore, deathcore and metalcore combine the intensity of hardcore with the heaviness of metal which I really, really like. It just fits in for me. Just ain't for everyone. But what's wrong with 20-somethings wanting to making something spectacular of themselves for 2-4 minutes at a time on stage? Isn't that kind of the spirit of rock 'n' roll? I mean, every rock star is human. They're only rock stars when they are performing. It's not like Elvis pooped diamond encrusted turds, haha.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/quote] I meant "make something spectacular of themselves" musically, not as it pertains to the state of actually being in a band. It seems like in most of the stuff nowadays, there's no honest passion behind the aggression--it's just being fast and heavy for the sake of being fast and heavy, and I prefer to listen to something that in some way, any way, justifies the aggression it displays. In fact, it was reading Minor Threat's lyrics and several of the early bands' stories that drew me to the genre when I had barely heard any of the music at all.
  21. John

    Speaker Pelosi: "Big Fat Liar"

    It's ridiculous, the **** we put up with from our politicians. If someone at your workplace had, say, stolen some money from the register, and somebody who had witnessed the crime was responding in the same fashion as Pelosi, there wouldn't be people dissecting their words and arguing over whether they were telling the truth or not; they'd fire them on the spot because [I]it's an obvious ****ing lie[/I].
  22. John

    Obama urged to fight photo release.

    Ultimately, our elected officials are supposed to do what we, the nation, wants them to do. That's kinda how this democracy thing works. So it flies in the face of everything this country is supposed to stand for to withhold torture photos on the grounds that the nation will balk at them and demand that those methods be barred from use. [quote name='Lunox'][FONT=trebuchet ms] My emotions while reading this post: :rolleyes: :confused: :( :animesigh :rolleyes:[/FONT][/quote] This is one of the better posts I've ever seen on OB, I think.
  23. John

    Tax college students?

    If fairness were part of the equation, this idea would've been brought up when cities weren't in financial crisis. I hope nobody lets this happen anywhere.
  24. John

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    Most modern hardcore leaves a bad taste in my mouth, metalcore/deathcore especially. Is it intense? Sure, but it just feels like a cartoon intensity to me--a bunch of 20-somethings trying to make something more spectacular of themselves than they really are. I can deal with some '90s stuff, and I'm giving United Nations a chance, but other than that, everything except oldschool hardcore just seems to lack a certain vitality. Lately, I've been working on my familiarity with the chip music scene by finally getting around to some Bit Shifter and Anamanaguchi. I was pretty disappointed with Bit Shifter's [I]Information Chase[/I]; just a bunch of brainless dance tunes put together on a Gameboy, although "Hexadecimal Genome" was quite a highlight. Anamamaguchi, though, is ****ing great. Their free EP, [I]Power Supply[/I], is inventive, filled-out (three band members'll do that for ya), and really intense. I also listened to their album [I]Dawn Metropolis[/I] on their site, and it's even better. Really talented stuff, I might have to buy it. I also listened to Starscream, and while their rougher, noisier approach to chiptune is a nice contrast to most of the stuff out there, I might have to give them a bit more time to grow on me.
  25. Dear most of you, 1) Recognizing a word officially doesn't mean it will suddenly gain common usage among highly-regarded literary works now and in the future. No sensible person ever defends their word usage with the phrase "it's in the dictionary". People use what words they want, and giving one the recognition of being a "real word" means nothing. 2) If you haven't noticed, English is already pretty messed up. For the most part, that's what gives it character and makes it endearing. 3) Language isn't sacred. People should use whatever words they want however they want to get their meaning across. If anything "corrupts" a language, it's resisting new developments as they come, which are natural and culturally beneficial. You're welcome, John