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  1. This Australian lineup would cause many USA anime fans to scream in delight. Especially seeing Evangelion. Are the anime in Australia edited for content or time, or do they run uncut? (^_*)
  2. A bunch of Love Hina fans at the adultswim.com messageboard are trying to persuade the Adult Swim management to run Love Hina on AS, through a giant messageboard thread (over 2,500 posts so far). But only a couple of hundred fans have posted their pleas into this thread. That's not nearly enough to impress TV execs. We are enlisting the help of other Love Hina fans to join in this campaign. Go to [url]www.adultswim.com,[/url] click on "BOARDS", register on their messageboard and then post your support for Love Hina in the thread titled "Love Hina Suggestion With Synopsis," located in the Show Suggestions folder. If you don't see it right away, click on the little "+" box by the folder name to call up the full list of topics, including the Love Hina one. It will take thousands of different AS boards members posting their support for LH to get Mgt. attention. Please copy this message to all other Love Hina fans that you know and post it in any Love Hina forum you visit. You risk nothing but might get to see Love Hina on Cartoon Network's nightly Adult Swim anime program if this campaign is successful. Thank you for your support. (^_*)
  3. herbkir

    Anime Do adults like to critisize anime?

    I'm an adult who has no problem with anime. In fact, I love it. Some series, however, aren't appropriate for young children. But there are others, such as Hamtaro, that are meant for young children and are popular with them. There also are live-action shows on TV that I'd find just as inappropriate for young kids, and they are running at early hours where the kiddies are still going to be up and watching. The adult-level anime on TV is being run late at night, where it shouldn't be causing any problem. (^_*)
  4. herbkir

    Anime Inu Yasha

    I'm a normal, healthy adult (30+) male who thinks Inuyasha is among the best anime out there. It operates on multiple levels and you can take it at whatever level you choose. For IY fans, the characters have become people we care about, sort of like an extension of our families. Art is a matter of taste, but I find the series beautifully rendered, with great use of color and line to evoke feelings and mood. The music is excellent, having a very Japanese feel while also being pleasant to Western ears. Basically, I've gotten to where I want to know what happens to the IY cast. Will Kagome and Inu finally declare their love to each other? Will Miroku actually give up his kimono-chasing for Sango? Will Kikyou die again and leave Inu in peace? And how will Naraku meet his end? Or will he? This is an anime and anime doesn't always have happy endings. Inuyasha himself has a problem that faces a lot of guys. In order to embrace his future (Kagome), he has to let go of his past (Kikyou) and that's hard to do. He's caught between his sense of obligation and duty to Kikyou and his desire for Kagome. It's fascinating to watch as Inu works through all this. Meanwhile, for laughs we have Miroku the pervert monk. He tries and tries, only to get slapped down again and again. Sesshomaru, especially after he adopts Rin, gradually undergoes a change from Inuyasha's enemy to something like an ally, in his own inscrutable fashion. I've seen a lot of criticism of the IY English dub, especially Moneca Stori's voice characterization of Kagome. I don't think it's as bad as some people make out. Yes, Kagome comes across as shrill and whiny, but Stori also brings out the compassion, caring and integrity in Kagome, especially as the series progresses. The first dozen or so episodes are a bit rough, but I think that was a case of the English voice actors still discovering their characters. Anyway, I like Inuyasha and am looking forward to seeing the new batch of dubbed episodes next year on Adult Swim. (^_*)
  5. herbkir

    Mary Magdelene

    One argument in favor of Jesus being married was that he was a rabbi, a religious teacher, in an age when it was the normal and expected thing for a rabbi to be married. If he weren't married by age 30, when he began his ministry, that would have been considered really queer by the standards of that place and time. It also is nearly certain that he had siblings (or at least half-siblings), since Joseph and Mary would probably have had children other than him. It would be a contradiction that a married man couldn't also be the path to salvation. To say that Jesus had to be pure in order to be the savior, so therefore he could not have sex within marriage, would mean that sex with your spouse is a sin. And that would really upset a lot of married folks out there. (^_*)
  6. herbkir

    Anime which cartoon do you prefer out of..

    Well, I've been an Inuyasha fan for a long while now, but I also like Kenshin, now that CN is rerunning it from its start. Another big favorits of mine is Big O. And I like .hack/sign. Over on Tech TV, some good anime they've run includes Dual and Silent Mobius. They've also run Crest of the Stars and now are starting its sequel, Banner of the Stars, on their Anime Unleashed block. (^_*)
  7. herbkir

    Anime Big O!

    Big O is one of those animes that play with your mind and leave you saying "wtf" over and over again. The first season's episodes were loaded with symbols of the past while each ep. was a self-contained story within the larger meta-plot. The 2nd season was different and darker, with each episode one part of a long continued story. Yet they also were still full of subtle references to the past. I don't really expect the final episode on Sunday will tie up all the loose ends but I'm hoping it will resolve some of the plot issues. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering how the giant scaffolding and lights fit in. I first thought this would be a Truman Show, where people act out their real lives on a stage for entertainment of an audience. Now I'm not sure. It's more like the idea of a recycling universe that resets itself every 40 years. This is the time for a reset because too many people are catching on to the artificial nature of their reality. Gordon Rosewater was the god figure of the last incarnation of Paradigm City, and his son Alex hopes to be the god figure for the next cycle. Roger, however, seems to have been a holdover from the last cycle. (^_*)
  8. herbkir

    Anime Inu Yasha

    THe love between Inu and Kikyo wasn't as strong as it appeared. If it were, then Naraku's trickery wouldn't have worked. They were two outsiders, he by being a half-demon and she by being a miko. They were drawn together to ease their loneliness. Kagome is his future, drawn to him by love, not loneliness. BUt Inu has to let go of his past (Kikyo) before he can embrace his future (Kagome) and he's having a lot of trouble doing that. Kagome has come to realize she must share him with the memory of Kikyo until lhe has settled the Kikyo business in his heart. Only then will he be able to embrace Kagome (see Ep. 48). Inu and Kagome have formed an indissoluble bond that won't be broken, although it will be stretched pretty thin from time to time. (^_*)