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  1. I think that you should just go ahead and start the adventure because to tell you the truth, I am quite tired of waiting myself. As the story progresses you could still have people joining, they could just be in different places in the story and somehow everyone could meet. I do not know, just start the adventure I suppose :D
  2. Ooooo okay, sorry my mistake...my body is 25 and I am still very young, 3,981.
  3. Okay...I was 25 when I was bitten, so I have stopped growing at 25. Is that okay?
  4. Name: Zebias Mercuth Alias: Race: Native American (Passamoquoddy Indian) Species: Vampire...part of the OVD Age: 169 (appears to be 22) Gender: Male Allaince: The OVD Weapon: exploding stars-Shape is like the nazi symbol except, curved. Stars of Destruction is a set...there are four in the set. They are throwing stars. These stars begin in a ball, when the right piece is pushed the blades pop out-it is then ready for action. The user throws at intended target (mind you the user must have good aim) and once the star has hit the target it then burrows deeper and deeper into it. Once fully inside, the Star shoots out so much energy that target object explodes(almost as if a bomb was eaten then exploded in the stomach) Personality: He has a reality vs. appearance thing going on. He appears to be happy and satisfied with life but on the inside he can be really dark and twisted. He is somewhat of a flirt when he wants to be. Bio: Zebias started off as a happy, normal, human being. He was happily married to his beautiful wife Enya, he had two children: a boy and a girl, identical twins the age of 12. Zebias had a great job working as a vetrenarian...he loved animals. Every night he would arrive home from work to a nice family dinner, but one night was different, that one night changed his entire life. He had walked in as usual and put his keys and jacket down...he remembered that he had called to his wife and kids. When he had walked into the kitchen, he had expected them to be sitting there smiling, waiting for him. He arrived to something completely different, he arrived to a group of vampires threatening to kill his wife and children. At the time he did not understand what it was all about. What had he ever done to them? Because of his love for his wife and children he sacrificed himself...he did not expect this idea to work, after all he was only one person. To his surprise the vampires agreed, he said his goodbye's to his wife and children expecting to never see them again. The vampires took him to a secret underground layer and showed him their secrets. Told him of the war. He still wondered why he had been chosen, and asked about it. One of the vampires told him because it was his destiny, and he still did not understand. He had not been killed yet either at this point....he asked about that, this is when he recieved his bite. After that bite, he did not remember anything at all. The vampires that stole him away gave him a created memory...about how he is in the OVD and how he has been for years and he is fighting for the right side in the whole war. It seemed as if he had just woke up from a long dream that he only had vague memories of. He would go on midnight strolls to try to recover whatever it is he could not think of, all the time on his walks he would find himself drawn to one house. One night he watched the house, watched a beautiful woman play with her two children, he could not shake the feeling that he knew them, he felt somehow connected. He has worked with the OVD ever since he was bitten and is still working with them, fighting for dominance, fighting to rule.
  5. Name: Ydnam (ee-deh-nahm) Age: 269 but looks as if she's 21 Race: Half-dragon, half human Sex: female Description: 5'1" with light blue skin, some of which is covered with scales. Has dark blue, sheer looking wings that are a span of 10ft. from tip to tip. Has a spiraling, twisting, design that goes from the small of her back crosses in the middle of her stomach, goes up between her breasts, then out and down and around her arms. Wear's no top, wears a short dark blue skirt and very tall (about thigh high) blue leather boots. Breath's blue fire when angered. Weapon: Cloak/Armour: She can use her wings as armour....if she enfolds herself in them, she is pretty much safe (mind you she cannot do this when flying) Languages: Draconic and human
  6. Name: Leyah (lay-uh) Age: 25 Gender: Female Personality: VERY outgoing, usually in a good mood at all times..the only thing that can get her down is other people's problems, definately a flirtatious and seductive. Race: Changed Vampire Appearance: Deep red corset type shirt, black pants, long black leather jacket. About 5'6" with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, (bright blue like...lighter than periwinkle blue.) 120lbs. Full lips, somewhat pale...being bitten affected her skintone. Weapons: Herself...she knows various types of the martial arts. History: She was dancing at a night club when she was changed. She met a vampire (at the time she didn't know he was one) and that vampire decided that he was not going to suck the life out of her after all, but bring her into the vampire world. She works most of the time at an all vampire night club now because she loved the night life so much she could not let it go. Being a vampire suits her for this reason. She has not quite gotten used the all the blood cravings, she has not yet fed from a human, but only at the blood bar at the night club she works at. ____________________________________________ Is this a good enough character for you?
  7. Name: Rosnet Lafayett (Rose-nay la-fy-et) Age: 17 Gender: Female Side: Good (not a descendant) Appearance: 5'8", Black hair w/red tips. Weight is about 120. Somewhat muscular, somewhat curvy. Tan skin. Large blue eyes that change to a very deep purple when she is angered. (is this good enough for you? If you need more pm me or something.) Bio: She was abandoned as a child on the doorstep of an old woman who was highly involved in the affairs of the good and evil war. The old woman, being on the side of good, had raised Rosnet to also be on the side of good. Not only did the old woman raise her, she also instructed Rosnet in some very strong healing and defense magics, in case Rosenet had to ever protect herself. The old woman's house was right in the forest beside the river, so Rosnet developed some sort of special connection with water. In her older years she continued to live with the old woman and be trained by her. The old woman never told her of how Rosnet came to her so Rosnet always assumed that the old woman was her mother (possible side change if she ever discovers the truth) She will continue to live with the old woman until anything big in the good vs. evil war thing happens. Weapons: Only 1...a small dagger (is it okay if the dagger lights up when there is danger?) Magic: Healing, Invisiblity (weakness...not strong enough to make invisiblity last for more than 1 hour) Soothing: When she sings, she can make people-esp. men- go into a deep trance. Rage: She becomes about 5times stronger than she usually would be, this only happens when she is extremely angered or is in a fight I think that about does it...pm me or change anything that you dont' like...
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