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  1. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Stargate RP Ideas [PG13]

    I was going to say option one or three, seeing as I'd have a hard time believing we could undertake a counterstrike against the Ori in their own galaxy, with the first wave of the armada breathing down our necks. The first idea would require a huge amount of thought and planning, but would be in my opinion the most rewarding and fun, seeing as we could invent our own society. Idea #3 kinda threw me when you said it would be a bit like Star Trek, but could definitely work. That was before you gave us that wonderful synopsis. Now my vote is unoquivically for the Excalibur story. I love the idea of taking the Alteran's latest and greatest toy and testing it against the Ori (and possibly the Wraith). That would be so cool. I'd hang onto the first idea though, and save it for a future date when you have nothing better to do, or have a sudden inspiration. Or both (it happens sometimes).
  2. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Fallen Leaves UNDERGROUND [PG-VL]

    [quote name='Athena][size=1']Right. Moving on, I just want to inform everyone in Cell #3 that Shogo is taking a turn for his true personality. His sudden attitude and personality change isn't anything personal against the three Genin. But if anyone feels that I might be belittling their character, or feel something I write may be too far out there, please PM me or catch me on AIM and discuss it with me.[/size][/quote] Athena, you've been doing great with my character. And I mean it, just about perfectly in character. And, hey, c'mon guys, let's not let this one die. I [I]refuse[/I] to let this die. It has too much potential.
  3. Cambrian_Explosion

    RPG Fallen Leaves [PG-LV]

    [COLOR=White]Daisuke activated the Byakugan as Ginmaru made his boast. He normally wouldn?t do this, but in a case like this he needed the added insight of his bloodline limit. What he saw didn?t necessarily surprise him, but did unsettle him. Imi opened her mouth to lampoon her rival, but Daisuke cut her off, ?No Imi-chan, he means what he says. He is seriously capable of killing his father, and anyone who gets in his way. He can kill intentionally.? As soon as Daisuke mentioned Ginmaru?s father, Ginmaru whipped his head around to face him, though the katana remained trained on Shogo?s heart. Daisuke saw in his eyes, just as surely as if he had told him, that the only reason Ginmaru didn?t immediately attack him was he?d leave an opening for Shogo to attack. Imi glanced nervously between the two pale-eyed companions, wondering at the sudden murderous intent from Ginmaru. After a few heartbeats Daisuke broke direct eye contact, and seemed to draw into himself. ?But then again,? he said quietly, but still loud enough to hear, ?so can I.? Shogo laughed outright, and shaking his head said, ?Now this is too much. You Dai-chan? Kill? I don?t think so. Gin-kun, maybe in time, but certainly not you.? Daisuke saw in his periphery vision Imi staring at him with wide eyes. So she had never heard? ?Shogo-sensei, with all due respect, you may be blind, but you aren?t that blind,? Daisuke stated, ignoring the sudden threatening ?stare? from his sensei. ?You know that I got in a fight with a fellow student late in my second year. He was hospitalized with a ruptured spleen, from my jyuken (Gentle Fist). I forced chakra from the palm of my hand into his inner coil system, thus damaging his internal organs. If Yamanaka-sensei hadn?t intervened, I would have killed him. But everyone assumed that I hadn?t meant to hurt him that badly, that I would have stopped, because I?m a nice guy. But you know sensei,? he said, walking towards him, stopping off to Ginmaru?s left, equidistant from his sensei, ?I cease being ?nice? when I get angry.? He reached behind his shoulder, and took one of his two sais from its harness. He?s picked them up soon after becoming a genin, spurred on by Shogo?s subtle hint at their first meeting as a team. They?d proved invaluable, especially when sparring Ginmaru. He held it in an offensive position, fingers between the three prongs, thumb hooked around the handle, and pointed it at his sensei?s heart.[/COLOR]
  4. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Fallen Leaves UNDERGROUND [PG-VL]

    I've been having a great time so far. And Ezekiel, love the Cell 3 picture.
  5. Cambrian_Explosion

    RPG Fallen Leaves-Cell 3, Mission#1 [PG-L]

    [COLOR=DarkRed]One moment Daisuke was rushing to his sensei?s side to help him get an irate nutcase off of his chest, the next he was hurled backwards like a rag doll by one of the said nutcase?s grenades. The impact knocked the wind out of him, and the dust that rushed into his lungs to replace the air made him gag. Someone helped him to his feet. He thought he heard someone shout something, but the ringing in his ears made it hard to hear. Then the ringing receded, and he heard Imi?s voice. ?Shogo-sensei, are you alright?!? ?I?m fine, Imi-chan,? Shogo called through the dust. Daisuke coughed on the dust, and added, ?Aside from the fact my ears were driven six feet into my skull, I?m fine too. Thanks for asking.? He felt more than heard Imi chuckle in response. She still had an arm slung underneath his shoulders, supporting his weight. Daisuke was a bit glad she did, he still felt a little bit unsteady on his feet. As the subtler nuances of hearing returned to him, he heard the sounds of blows raining down on a tough leather breastplate. Then, after some sounds of scuffling and running, a third explosion sounded to their left. Daisuke wished the dust would hurry up and settle so he could see? Imi gasped in surprise when she saw Daisuke smacking himself in the forehead repeatedly, punctuated by cries of ?Baka, baka, baka, baka.? ?What the hell?s gotten into you?? she demanded, wondering if he had somehow gotten a sip of sake while she wasn?t looking. Instead of answering her question, he stepped away from her, and began making seals with his hands, ending with hands clasped and the middle and index fingers pointing up. ?Byakugan!? he announced. He quickly located the lunatic and Ginmaru, locked in combat, Ginmaru doing rather well with Drunken Boxing. Daisuke turned to Imi, who was surprised to see her comrade smiling under these conditions. ?Imi-chan, want to make our mad bomber cry?? Then she returned the smile, and replied, ?Lead the way.? With Daisuke in the lead, they quickly found the nutcase, who had managed to lob another grenade at Ginmaru. Ginmaru dodged it, but was still thrown by the shockwave. Shogo caught him in midair, and began checking to make sure his student was still alive. Daisuke and Imi converged on the man at a sprint, and several things happened at once. The man grabbed another grenade. Daisuke made a few quick seals, and suddenly a whole platoon of Daisukes were rushing him. It was a normal Bushin no Jutsu, but the man probably didn?t realize the clones couldn?t do any damage. In a panic, the man lobbed the grenade into the midst of the Daisuke clones. And Imi and Daisuke hit him from behind, swiping his sword and all but one of his remaining grenades, plus getting in their own licks, leaving him moaning on the ground. Imi tossed the newly awakened Ginmaru the crudely made boken, which he surprisingly caught quite easily, and sank into a ready position. However, Daisuke noted with a smirk, he was holding the stupid thing by the blade. Apparently, ?wake the dead powder? couldn?t do anything for drunkenness. Daisuke gingerly handed the grenades he?d snatched from the nutcase to his sensei, and asked, ?Shogo-sensei, can we take out the trash?? Shogo looked at their eager faces, and chuckled. ?Knock yourselves out, kiddies.?[/COLOR]
  6. Cambrian_Explosion

    RPG Fallen Leaves-Cell 3, Mission#1 [PG-L]

    [COLOR=DarkRed]Daisuke stared up at the building that hosted the party. He and his team were in full formal wear; Imi wore an attractive flower-patterned kimono, while the guys wore tuxedos. Shogo used a Henje no Jutsu to give himself the appearance of having eyes and being scar-less, but still wore a tux like his male students to conserve chakra. Daisuke glanced at Ginmaru, and noticed he still looked angry over being forced to leave his beloved katana behind. Imi still seemed a bit ill at ease, but whatever Shogo said to her earlier had apparently calmed her down a good deal. As for Daisuke himself, he found the tuxedo insufferably hot, uncomfortably tight and restrictive, and felt as though his shirt collar was attempting to suffocate him. He also wasn?t particularly impressed with their client Mr. Wantanabe, a fat, middle-aged man, who waddled along spouting gibberish about his own brilliance in the stock market. They were of course arriving ?fashionably late,? that happy medium where the party has already started, but not too much sake has been consumed. Upon entering the hall, their client began making the rounds, bowing, exchanging smiles, and conveniently following the waiter carrying sake. There really wasn?t much to do, but follow the pudgy businessman around. Shogo ordered Daisuke to activate his Byakugan and check for concealed weapons. He swept the area with heavily veined eyes, using his penetrating vision to see through clothing and bodies. Aside from some nail clippers, nothing caught his attention. However, as the evening began to progress, Daisuke noticed the level of drunkenness steadily rising. Cell 3?s first ?customer? came in the form of a stumbling, nearly cross-eyed man with a score to settle. Slurring incoherently, he threw a punch at the back of Mr. Wantanabe?s head. Although Ginmaru was closest, the punch landed in Shogo?s hand. ?You really should calm down, sir,? he told him mildly. The man responded with an even more poorly aimed punch, which the Jounin didn?t even bother to dodge, and crumpling the man with a swift fist to the gut, knocking the man cold. He then calmly carried the man to a nearby table to ?sleep it off.? Daisuke peeked at his comrades, and they both nodded. Shogo-sensei had just given them a message; beyond speed and reflexes, put down the drunkards with as little fuss as possible.[/COLOR] OOC: Sorry it's short, just wanted to get to the party and all.
  7. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Fallen Leaves UNDERGROUND [PG-VL]

    Um, guys? I have no idea how to start this. Do we go meet our client straightaway, even though it's morning? Or should we loiter around a bit, then meet him in the afternoon? Thoughts please. Oh, I deleted my post to our thread because I was extremely dissatisfied with it. In case anyone was wondering.
  8. Cambrian_Explosion

    Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

    Well, mine aren't really as interesting as some of the others, but what the hell... 1. Funny father + slippery slide = Big Hurt My dad's a really funny guy. Seriously, he should do stand-up, people would love him. Anyway, when I'm like five, maybe six years old, he takes me to my favorite playground. The thing is like a ****ing wooden castle with all kinds of crawl spaces, slides of various heights, and is just plain awesome. I go down one of the taller straight slides. And while I'm going down, dad starts making funny faces at me. So I make funny faces back. I figure they must've greased the slide recently or something, because I hit the ground pretty fast and pretty hard. While I had my front teeth over my bottom lip. Lots of blood, lots of pain. I had to be taken to the hospital and get my lip stitched back together. I still have the scar. 2. Roller skating I'm really not sure what I was doing, but I ended up falling while roller skating (not roller blading, you know those side-by-side wheel deals?) with one leg underneath my body. My tailbone slammed down on the wheel, and I had to crawl to the side of the rink, because I couldn't stand from the pain. I'm pretty sure nothing was broken, it just hurt like hell for a few hours. 3. I've broken one bone in my 19 years of life. When I was twelve, walking home from school during winter, I hit a patch of glaze ice. Both my feet zipped out from underneath me, so I reached one hand down to break my fall. I landed with all my weight on my left arm, and broke my left ulna (one of the two bones in the forearm) near the wrist.
  9. Cambrian_Explosion

    RPG Fallen Leaves [PG-LV]

    [COLOR=White]Daisuke wasn?t sure what to make of his new jounin. He was obviously blind, yet had sensed out his assigned pupils from among 23 students without trouble, and had thrown those shuriken with great accuracy. He was tall, very lean, and covered with bandages. He did lend an air of danger and excitement. And he seemed able to keep Imi and Ginmaru in their places. Still, Daisuke wasn?t one to tempt fate and deliberately sat between his new comrades. ?Well, I like a lot of things,? Daisuke said, beginning to count on his fingers, ?Long walks, reading, strategy games like chess, the night sky, sweets, practicing with ? Neji-sensei,? he remembered Meiko helping him with target practice, and felt his cheeks grow warm, ?and um?? ?OK, OK, I think we get the point,? the jounin interrupted, who mentally chalked up ?varied interests? and ?in love? next to the other personality traits this genin possessed. ?I really hate taking written exams,? Daisuke continued. ?I wondered why you were chosen to round out my group,? Ginmaru snickered, ?The Hokage must?ve decided it took two idiots to make this group fair.? ?You?!? Imi began, but stopped when she saw the jounin twirling a pair of shuriken on his fingers. ?Anyway, my hobby is collecting acorn caps.? Everyone stared at him while crickets chirped. ?No, seriously, they make great whistles. Here I?ll show you.? He began rummaging around in his utility pack. Before anyone could stop him, he placed his thumbs in a V-shape over the open side of the cap and blew. An ear-piercing, shrieking whistle came forth from the little brown circle, scaring off the crickets. ?Thanks for the demonstration,? the jounin said, ?how about your dreams?? ?I want to become the strongest ninja I possibly can, so I can protect Konoha and the Hyuuga blood.?[/COLOR]
  10. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Fallen Leaves UNDERGROUND [PG-VL]

    [QUOTE=Ezekiel][SIZE=1]Just for that Jounin comment, KKC. You guys have already passed, but I guess the Jounin will have their own ways of determining whether they actually [I]like[/I] you or not, heh. [COLOR=DarkRed]And for my Cell...black, grey or dark purple seems like it would be a suitable colour, considering our dark Jounin? ^_~[/SIZE][/QUOTE] I vote black. *gets strange looks* What? I like black, it goes well with any color.[/COLOR]
  11. Cambrian_Explosion

    RPG Fallen Leaves [PG-LV]

    [COLOR=White]Daisuke rested his forehead on his hand and groaned. He wasn?t in the same Cell as Meiko. Not only that, but his other Cell-mates were his greatest rival?s best friend Imi, and that insufferably superior Ginmaru. Although he could probably work side-by-side with either one of them with some success, the same couldn't be said for those two. They were huge rivals, they could hardly sit close together without coming to blows! Daisuke sat up straight again and looked at his two teammates, who were both glaring daggers at each other. Junko had a hand on Imi's shoulder, ready to restrain her if necessary. Then he turned and stared at Daisuke. ?Any minute now, one of those three are going to protest this match-up. And none of them are afraid of speaking their minds.? Daisuke muttered to himself. [I]Oh, well, might as well make the best of a bad situation,[/I] he added privately.[/COLOR]
  12. Cambrian_Explosion

    worst movies you have ever seen

    [B]Project A[/B], a movie directed by Jackie Chan. He also plays the main character. That movie used so much humor based on the fact everyone's an utter moron that it [I]wasn't[/I] funny. And humor was the only good thing about it! Well, the stunts were pretty good. WORST. MOVIE. EVER. PERIOD.
  13. Cambrian_Explosion

    Sign Up Fallen Leaves [PG-VL]

    Note: Ezekiel, if you're sick and tired of almost all Genin sign-ups, I'll sign up as one of the original crew. Also, Sakura, if you don't want Daisuke involved with Meiko, just say the word and it will be gone. Note 2: Thanks Sakura. [COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Hyuuga Daisuke - given name means "great tree" [B]Gender:[/B] Male [B]Age:[/B] 12 [B]Rank:[/B] Rookie Genin [B]Appearance:[/B] Looks remarkably like Hiashi, even though his parents are just his cousins. Strange how genetics work, ne? He prefers dark green loose-fitting pants but also wears a long-sleeved shirt similar to Neji?s. He wears the Konoha forehead protector on his forehead (he can?t conceive why anyone would wear it any other way, but keeps this to himself). [B]Personality:[/B] Although the shinobi tend to be a reclusive bunch (especially those with secrets to keep), Daisuke seems to have no trouble striking up small talk with his classmates. By no means the most popular kid in the class, he nonetheless has a sort of quiet charm, which combined with his openness and willingness to lend an ear to anyone who wants someone to talk to has endeared him to a majority of the class body. However, there are some people he personally dislikes. He and Junko have a heated rivalry going, each seeking Neji-sensei?s recognition. Although he and Kazuko are technically rivals, their personalities jive well enough for them to get along. He likes Meiko a lot, partly because he thinks she looks good in black, but mostly because she?s a very smart and skillful ninja and he respects her. Plus, she gave him a few good pointers on improving his aim with needles. Aside from this, Daisuke is fairly intelligent and possesses an excellent memory, but in fights he sometimes over thinks things, a weakness Junko rarely passes up a chance to point out. He always takes training and missions very seriously, sometimes practicing well into the night. Mild-mannered though he may normally be, if someone were to push him beyond a certain point and made him angry, they very well might not live to regret it. He doesn?t fly into a blind bloodlust; he just coldly calculates in a split second who he will kill and how, without any compunction about killing until afterwards. A good way to make him angry is to threaten his life, or the life of someone he cares about. [B]Equipment:[/B] Daisuke carries his kunai holster on his right hip and shuriken in a holster on his right thigh. He is also experimenting with using needles and carries a number of them on his person, some up his sleeves and many more stuck in his belt; he needs to work on his accuracy with them, but Meiko has helped him a few times. He may or may not eventually discard kunai and shuriken altogether in favor of carrying more needles. In a pouch on his left hip, he has several exploding tags, a length of strong yet thin wire, and a couple smoke bombs. He has scroll pouches for maps and jutsu scrolls as well (mostly empty for now). [B]Main Weapon/Technique:[/B] As a Hyuuga, Daisuke possesses his clan?s bloodline limit, an eye jutsu called the Byakugan. It gives the user a combination of 360 degree vision (except for the blind spot behind the thoracic vertebra), telescopic vision, and penetrating vision. He can also use chakra to detect anything within a 50-foot radius. The aspect that makes the Byakugan the most dangerous however is the ability to see the inner coil system, a system that channels chakra throughout the body like blood vessels, as well as the chakra opening points, places where chakra leaves the body to perform jutsus. Combined with the juken (Gentle Fist) style of fighting allows Daisuke to damage internal organs with his chakra, as well as possibly shutting off the chakra opening points, preventing the opponent from using jutsus requiring chakra. Like Junko, his skills are quite deadly, but still not up to par with Neji?s when he was 12. He is also experimenting with using needles to strike the chakra opening points from a distance. Like Junko, he has yet to master the Hakkesho Kaiten (Eight Trigram Palms Heavenly Spin); however it seems Junko is closer to achieving it than Daisuke, simply because Daisuke takes more time out of practice to experiment with his needles, and practice ninjutsu and genjutsu. [B]Bio:[/B] Daisuke was born into the Branch House to loving parents. Although neither were particularly skilled with the Byakugan, their son soon showed signs of greater potential. As with most Hyuugas he has had the capability to use the White Eyes since the age of three. He picked up the basics of Gentle Fist quickly but not quite as fast as Junko, so it wasn?t until age six that Hinata became his teacher. Daisuke threw himself into his training, determined not to be outdone so completely again. He succeeded, but only because both of them graduated to the school of Neji at the same time. Around this time Daisuke began working with needles. He wondered if needles could close the chakra opening points. However, he found his accuracy with them was terribly poor. Instead of giving it up as a lost cause, he began devoting more and more time to practicing with them. He soon began running into Meiko, who was also working on her aim. The first few practices, he greeted her, but largely left her alone. But when he saw that her aim was improving much faster than his own, he asked her for advice. She seemed skeptical at first but gave him some pointers. In the last few practices, Daisuke?s accuracy has markedly increased. Extra Info: -Cousins to Hinata, Neji, Junko, and Nariko -Rivals with Junko and Kazuko, but friendlier with Kazuko -Really likes Meiko -Mixed feelings for Nariko. Pities her somewhat, wishes to help, yet feels alienated, and not just because she avoids him.[/COLOR]
  14. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Dead End Cup: UNDERGROUND [M-LV]

    [COLOR=DarkRed]Don't be sorry UXL, I ought to appologize. It wasn't until I re-read my post I realized it sounded rather... petulant. I was just trying to say I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post here or not yet. Anywho, I'll just concur with Bolt and Sakura; ditto on PMing our absentee gladiators.[/COLOR]
  15. Cambrian_Explosion

    Discuss Dead End Cup: UNDERGROUND [M-LV]

    [COLOR=DarkRed]I posted a sign-up on the Inn thread, but I haven't heard from anyone yet, so sorry if this question is a bit premature (or stupid). The impartial judges judge matches by post quality, right?[/COLOR]