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  1. sakura13

    Anime Tucassa

    :o Tsukasa's a girl for real???Hey,ya learn somethin new every day!:D -Gelgoog Pilot good point!(sorry,had to add on to this one or they'll prolly delete it :rolleyes: )
  2. sakura13

    Anime Can you really call it anime when...

    Well,I think it's anime if a non-Japanese person drew it really well...and it looked like anime.When I grow up,I wanna draw anime and be an anim...ator but I'm not Japanese! :D
  3. sakura13

    Anime Cardcaptor Sakura

    Hey,I luv that show!^^ What does "butchered " mean?Is it bad???
  4. sakura13

    Gaming What's a Girl Gamer to Do?

    I know just how you feel.....!
  5. sakura13

    Official myOtaku Problems Thread

    How do u get little avatars in myotaku.com for like,signing guest books and stuff??? :help:
  6. sakura13

    Anime fave series

    Mine is G Gundam,it ROCKS! ^^'
  7. sakura13

    Anime G and SD: The Gundams Everyone Hates

    Both of those ROCK!Why would anyone hate them???
  8. sakura13

    Anime Characters

    I've never even heard of half the characters you guys have said!Anywayz, my favorite is Mimiru just because.Just joking!She's funny and caring! =^-^=
  9. sakura13

    Gaming .hack PS2 games question

    It's because of the way some of the girls dress...^^' It's not really that bad tho...
  10. I dunno,maybe the Final Fantasy Series or Chrono Cross...?