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  1. Writing a new RP. Excited.

    1. James


      Always good to see new RPGs appearing on OB. I'll definitely check it out. :-)

    2. Stephanie


      It's been a while since I've done one. I'm hoping it'll get my groove back. :)

  2. :D Indeed you do!

  3. I'm the one who added you on the Book of Faces. :)

  4. ohai there. :)

  5. That went to you? -__- I was IMing from my phone, it musta fritzed. Mah apologies, good sir.

  6. You have yet to prove it, Grasshopper. :)

  7. Sheep do not.

    And yes, can haz muffin.

  8. Welcome to the boards! :) Ignore Botar, he and CaNz have obnoxious tendencies. It'll grow on you.

  9. is the Muffin Queen of the Court of Pastries.

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