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  1. So I now have my learners which means I can start to drive, loving work but I hate my laptop and I need to buy another desktop because the laptop is crash dumping continually >:/ loving Bones, now onto season four, and i now have all the expansions of WoW......I need more of a life >.>; And I'm thinking of giving up on love and relationships....too much heartache and I keep falling back to depression, not good.
  2. if you want a movie like paranormal activity and insidious then try grave encounters.....i couldn't sleep that night x.x; in other news skyrim is bloody amazing.
  3. when ever i see lyndy's banner i keep saying in my head "your hip" repeatedly @_@
  4. i actually watched that movie last night (road to el dorado)....and in other news my mum is going to Egypt tomorrow night for a month and a half so i'm stuck with dad...yay, and when she comes back possible hello divorce papers :/ but apart from that life is good, mostly.
  5. Happy birthday ChEe.

    Hope you get even more cool stuff so that I can get jealous.

  6. So, I have two days of school left then I am done with daramalan for good :D I turn 17 this weekend, going to a bunch of parties and on the 15th and 16th of October I MIGHT be going up to the gold coast for EB game expo :D also, I was on youtube and found this O_o all it made me say was what the hell [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciV1zD_3j7I&feature=feedu[/media]
  7. there's a band called Karnivool and they are pretty awesome, if you like Tool then you'll probably like Karnivool. This is one of their songs called New Day. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR7SzOdW3Vg[/media] Another band is In Fear And Faith, here's Heavy Lies The Crown. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqDxCrGSxFo&ob=av2e[/media] I guess that's it for now until I find more bands lol.
  8. [quote name='Elle Jay' timestamp='1315487107' post='709338'] [color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]Move to Michigan. Although you probably won't survive the winters since you're coming from Australia. :V[/font][/size][/color] [/quote] I survived a week in Seattle during the winter...it actually reminded me a lot of Cooma (a town here) during winter....I'd have to find somewhere were I can get a job as a youth worker though because I am taking the youth work courses at CIT.
  9. Being a major 360 FPS gamer I'm looking forward to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare3, Halo4 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. I'm also looking forward to Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Skyrim...and I think that's it for now
  10. I've decided that I am moving to the states once I'm finished at CIT.....mainly because I REALLLLLLLLLY want to go to PAX, COD XP and other con's....and I loved my time over there when I went on holidays.
  11. Five weeks left of high school for good, five weeks until I turn 17 and five weeks until I see an old friend from queensland, woo! time is going to fly by :D Also, don't mean to promote this or whatever but I've been trying to get a gameplay video so I can start gameplay videos w/ commentary for my YT channel, and well I finally have my first video~ [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr5kxHI9gxM[/media]
  12. being awake this early on a saturday morning should be illegal x_x

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      Holy crap Lyndy knows where Australia is.

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      Inuyasha Fandom

      Saturday, huh? I with it was saturday here...

    4. Dovahkiin
  13. [b] Darling Parade [/b]remind me of paramore, mainly because of the singer, but they sound pretty good :D I like screamo but not that much screamo ._.
  14. [quote name='Elle Jay' timestamp='1313032705' post='708853'] [color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]I don't get pop-ups. =p But I tried uploading a photo, but I wasn't allowed to do that, either. [i]lahm[/i][/font][/size][/color] [/quote] facebook is breaking for everyone i think :/
  15. [quote name='Elle Jay' timestamp='1313032492' post='708851'] [color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]They won't let me sign out. :|[/font][/size][/color] [/quote] are you getting a page pop up thingy? 'cause i am ._.;
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