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  1. Ariadyne

    You know you're easily amused when. . .

    [COLOR=Navy]I don't know what's more sad: the fact that me and my friends are easily amused, or the fact that this all happened....mostly yesterday *lol*. I'm mostly mentioning these since they are fresh in my mind :smirk: can't mention them all because there are SO many, some are WAY TOO DUMB, or are just too annoying to explain. Here are some highlights *lol*:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]1)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]You and your friend start a "sword fight" using a black wooden drumstick and a "feather" drumstick.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]2)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]You think doing a song with only bass and drums will sound alright.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]3)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]The "bass and drum only" song does sound really cool.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]3)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]You can sit down and play [I]UNO[/I] for 1 1/2 hours straight...[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]4)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Your friend starts showing you all his different pairs of boxers, pointing out his favorites, ones he hates, other people's opinions etc. (really really funny)[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]5)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Your friend whips a marshmallow at you. You respond "did you just throw a marshmallow at me?....oh you're getting it now!!" and you two start whiping marshmallows at each other like mad.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]6)[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]You are willing to wait in the shower all night for someone else to come in to use the bathroom so you can scare them[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]...Yeah, I'm too lazy to type the rest in. Got about an hours sleep last night *grrrrr*.[/COLOR]
  2. Ariadyne

    Favorite teachers

    Mr. Fillier (my English and "AP Literature and Composition" teacher) is definetly THE best teacher I've ever had. He majored in History, European History, and English. Possibly the most learned person I've ever met, EV-ER. Besides the fact that he goes off topic every five minutes and could go on and on talking about completely random stuff, we've all learnt a good lesson in his classes: [I]everything, everywhere has to do with the darkness and lust for power existing deep without the heart of humanity that has been corrupting mankind for centuries, and will continue to do so, forever.[/I] It may seem harsh, but it was funny how every piece of work we reviewed in class had some dark meaning hidden deep within. Even the people who hate school shut up and listen in his classes because it's actually quite interesting *lol*
  3. Ariadyne

    Gaming PS2..Worth The Buy??

    [COLOR=Navy]There are a couple things wrong with that question. Different people have different tastes. They may like a game that you would hate. You might like a game that they will say sucks because they don't like that genre. All I can do for you is to offer my personal opinion. I like RPGs. I like fighting games. I like action/adventure games. I hate first-person shooters, sports games, and a load of other stuff. I may seem a but prejudice (...can't spell...) but the following games are ones [I]I[/I] would recommend to people with the same tastes as [I]me[/I]:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Title:[/COLOR] Guilty Gear XX (aka Guilty Gear X2) [COLOR=Navy]Genre:[/COLOR] Anime/Fighting [COLOR=Navy]Info:[/COLOR] Possibly the coolest fighting game I've ever played. There are 20 playable characters along with 3 hidden characters. Each character also has "EX" and "SP" versions. There are plenty of different playable modes including traditional Arcade, VS, VS CPU, Survival, and Training, along with 62 Story Mode paths (3 per character + one for Justice--unlockable character), 50 missions, and a "Medal of Millionaires" mode. Awsome Rock/Metal soundtrack too. I think 6 difficulty modes from Very Easy to Maniac, along with a "Guilty Gear" mode. There are enough unlockables in the game to make it a sequal to itself when you get them all. Extras include the GGX intro and a load of anime pictures. [COLOR=Navy]URL:[/COLOR] [URL=http://www.sammystudios.com/games/ggx2/][COLOR=Purple]Official GGXX site on Sammy-Zone[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR=Navy]Title:[/COLOR] Chaos Legion [COLOR=Navy]Genre:[/COLOR] Action/Adventure Info: My kinda game with the dark/gothic flare to it. Basically you play as Sieg Warheit, who has the power to summon and command 7 (including the Ultimate Thantos) legions...not to mention that he has some mad sword skills. The legions (Guilt, Malice, Arrogance, Flawed, Blasphemy, Hatred and Thantos) have their own strengths and weaknesses. They can be used offensively or deffensively while [I]countless swarms of relentless enemies come rushing at you non-stop!!![/I] Actually, it's not THAT bad, but the enemies don't really give you a break. I can't really explain it very well, you kinda got to see it to make your own judgement. (kind of a mix of [I]Devil May Cry[/I] and [I]Castlevania[/I]) [COLOR=Navy]URL:[/COLOR] [URL=http://www.capcom.com/xpml/game.xpml?gameid=750039][COLOR=Purple]Capcom USA: Chaos Legion[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR=Navy]Title:[/COLOR] Devil May Cry [COLOR=Navy]Genre:[/COLOR] Action/Adventure [COLOR=Navy]Info:[/COLOR] You play as Dante, a bad-*** devil hunter who is half human and half demon. The mysterious Trish takes you to Mallet Island to stop Mundus (ruler of the Underworld) from opening up the gateway to the demon world. You'll have a couple of swords, guns, and other various weapons in your arsenal as you travel through the island--and the ability to transform into different devils: Alastar the Thunder Devil, Ifrit the Fire Devil, and Dante's true demon form. [I]Really[/I] cool enviroments, gothic/rock music, and interesting storyline. [COLOR=Navy]Why not Devil May Cry 2?:[/COLOR] DMC2 had no real storyline. Sure, the graphics were better, you could customize your own devil form by equiping different stones into your amulet, and there was a wider variety in game modes/difficulties and costumes, but it was SO much of a dissapointment compared to the first...and [I]easier[/I]. Normal mode WAS "Easy-Auto" mode in DMC...but then again, that might be good for other people...just a matter of personal opinion i guess... [COLOR=Navy]URL:[/COLOR] [URL=http://www.capcom.com/devilmaycry/][COLOR=Purple]Official Devil May Cry site on Capcom[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR=Navy]Title:[/COLOR] Final Fantasy X [COLOR=Navy]Genre:[/COLOR] RPG [COLOR=Navy]Info:[/COLOR] Typical RPG. If you liked the other FFs then you should like this one. It has a really nice storyline with a couple twists and what-not, long gameplay time, cool sidequests, and *some* challenging battles (stupid battle arena secret enemies like Nemesis, grrr). I'm not sure what to say. I really enjoyed the game, but I can't think of anything to say... [COLOR=Navy]Why not FFX-2?: [/COLOR] Just take a look at the FFX versus FFX-2 thread I started in this forum *lol* [COLOR=Navy]URL:[/COLOR] [URL=http://www.playonline.com/ff10/main.html][COLOR=Purple]Official Final Fantasy X Site [/COLOR] (mostly Japanese)[/URL] [COLOR=Navy]Check out the descriptions (info) and sites to determine whether or not they are worth the while checking out. I only mentioned a couple because it took up so much space mentioning just those four :smirk: [/COLOR] ~Ariadyne~
  4. Ariadyne

    Gaming If you became a game designer...

    I was seriously thinking about it, but I decided not to try it after. I do like my little RPGMaker 2000 though, and you can do just about anything if you can remember all your switches and variables. Most people think you don't have much freedom, but they just don't have a high enough IQ to come up with a way to make things work, or just don't have the patience to get it to work perfectly (like html coding). What is the Neverwinter Nights program like anyway? (just incase I get bored and might want to try it out) :smirk:
  5. Ariadyne

    How did you get your user name?

    Okay, it is kinda like a combination of a couple things ( ;) this might get long, so bare with me on this one): [COLOR=RoyalBlue]I have always liked the sound of the word [I]aria[/I], and thought that it would make a cool name. (I also like the Castlevania games, but it is [B]NOT[/B] a reference to [I]Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow[/I]).[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]In [I]Lunar: Silver Star Story[/I] there was a character named "[I]Dyne[/I]" (pernounced "die-nuh"). He was a Dragonmaster who had the ability to command and use the power of the Four Dragons to protect the goddess Althena. Why does this matter? It doesn't. Did I like Dyne? No. Did I even play that game? Nope. Then what's up with the Dyne stuff: his best friend, Ghaleon. I [B]really[/B] liked [I]Lunar 2: Eternal Blue COMPLETE[/I] and is one of the few PSone games I'm gonna keep. Dyne was not in it, but Ghaleon was ^^! There were a couple of references to Dyne in Lunar 2, and amoung that is what I think is possibly the saddest anime cinematic from a vgame EV-ER: [/COLOR] ** SPOILERS ** [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ghaleon's last scene. He had learned some new dark powers and turned into one of the bad guys (go figure), but RIGHT AFTER he finally turns good again, yep, he dies... just like all my other favorite characters. The sun breaks through the clouds, and Ghaleon looks up into the sunlight. He mentions his old friend, Dyne, before finally fadeing into the light. You see his "tiara"-like thing fall to the ground and roll away, and then his cape blow away in the wind . Of course it was much more elegant and sad than I made it seem then. [/COLOR] :D [COLOR=Navy]Well now, so far I've mentioned a likeing of the name "[I]Aria[/I]" and a connection with "[I]Dyne[/I]". So, how did I get them together? The answer: Xenosaga!! Yes, [I]Xenosaga Episode One: Chikara he no Ishi (The Will to Power)[/I]! There was a planet that "mysteriously disappears" during a test of the Zohar Emulators (...or the real Zohar...or something, can't really remember...) called [I]Ariadne[/I](pernounced "are-e-odd-nay"). I really liked the sound of that. [/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]All I did was change the spelling of [I]Ariadne[/I] to incorperate "dyne". Simple enough. :smirk:[/COLOR]
  6. Ariadyne

    Gaming If you became a game designer...

    [COLOR=Navy]I AM actually making a vgame (it's in the rm2k, but I don't care!! did my own graphics!) right now *lol*. [/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]The game I'm making in the rm2k is called [I]Far Past the Rubicon[/I] and it's based on a story I'm doing (that is planned out, just not finished...) respectfully called [I]Far Past the Rubicon: A Requiem for the Light[/I]. It is NOT a typical "[I]vampyre game[/I]" but is kinda like the Anne Rice books, well, more or less like the [I]Queen of the Damned[/I] movie. It follows the main character Sorgoto (yes, the exerpt from one of my poems in my signiture is from his theme I wrote) who is a young more compassionate and curious pure-breed vampyre, but he betrays his mentor Zargato by walking into the light and speaking with humans. He changes his name to "Bryan" and vows to rid the world of all vampyres, expecially those like his former master, Zargato. It has the typical RPG elements and battle systems, but striped of all humor and "lighter enviroments", taking a very serious and thought-provoking route. I like it ^^ *lol*![/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]However, if I was gonna be a game designer for a living, I don't think I'd use my little "story" type game design based on the Lestat books, with some parts being narrated by the main character, and probably make [I]Final Fantasy[/I]-like RPGs, or probably even something like [I]Chaos Legion[/I], [I]Castlevania[/I], and [I]Devil May Cry[/I]. Those are the game types I actually play, so those would be type of games I'd actually try to design. Although most likely it would be an "[I]impossible-to-finish-in-your-life-time-and-find-all-the-hidden-stuff/beat-the-bosses-in-one-shot[/I]" RPGs . I like my games HARD, not a push-over like [I]Final Fantasy X-2[/I] (no offense to the FFX-2 fans). :smirk: [/COLOR]
  7. Ariadyne

    Gaming Xenosaga Episode I

    [quote name='TheTrueKOSMOS']...help on The Song of Nephilimn...can't get the notes...[/quote] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Sorry I took so long!! My computer had to be sent out to get fixed!! But it's fixed now and I'm ready to help! :D *lol* [/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Okay, so there are 3 columns: (from left to right) Blue, Red, and Green. If you walk into the room to the left, three musical notes will play. These are the sounds you have to create using the three colors in the previous room.[/COLOR] :smirk: Without furthur delay, this is what you do: [COLOR=Plum](I had to go back and check this :wigout: ) First, hit the Green Column once Secondly, hit the Red Column 4 times and Finally, hit the Blue Column 3 times.[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Sorry it took so long :( ! Since I got my computer back I'll respond right away in the future.[/COLOR]
  8. Ariadyne

    Gaming Xenosaga Episode I

    [quote name='TheTrueKOSMOS']...and as a warning,since you were so helpful,I will be bugging with more questions later on in the game :D[/quote] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]No Problem ;) , I live for this kind of stuff :smirk: , well, not [I]really[/I] but, you get my drift...right? *lol*[/COLOR] [quote name='ScirosDarkblade']I hear that the person who wrote the music for .hack//SIGN and Noir is scoring Xenosaga Episode 2. While I'm upset that it's not Yasunori Mitsuda (the best video game composer in my opinion), I am somewhat consoled by the fact that it's still somebody competent.[/quote] [COLOR=Navy]I have to agree with you on the fact that Yasunori Mitsuda is the best vgame composer [B]EV-ER[/B]! I am guilty about not paying attention to the "Xenosaga News" as of recent times so I haven't heard of the composer change, but it's quite possible. Don't know how much the game will change with the difference in composers since I've only seen my friend play [I].hack//SIGN[/I] once and can't really remember the music that was playing. Regardless, [I]Episode II: Beyond Good and Evil[/I] is definetly gonna be on my "to buy" list once August rolls around anyway. :D [/COLOR]
  9. Ariadyne

    Writing Ariadyne's Poetry

    :D [color=royalblue]Just responding to a few comments [/color]:D [QUOTE]"it just doesn't sound like a poem. More a long the lines of a speech. Not exactly a speech, but that's the best word I can think of to describe it right now."...."just didn't feel an rythm to it"[/QUOTE] [color=navy]Most of my "[i]poems[/i]" don't really rhyme or have an exact pattern in it (I've done alot like that, however I don't really like them, or really think anyone else will) so I just write it the way it sounds best to me. If you don't think it's structured very well, you should see [i]Child of the Fallen[/i] *lol* (the one I cut half out of...however that one has a few things that repeat in it to make it flow better).[/color] [color=royalblue]I find it frustrating to write things in verse because what I want to say don't fit or I can't get a word to rhyme, so I just say "screw this" and write it the way I want...or throw it in the garbage...[/color] [QUOTE]"It reminded me somehow of a vampire, or another mythological creature like that who lives in the night."[/QUOTE] ;) [color=navy]That would probably be because it [i]is[/i] *lol*[/color] :smirk: [color=navy]Okay everyone, this is my attempt at making something rhymn (can't spell). Please give me your comments.[/color] [center][color=darkorchid][size=2]Who I Am[/size][/color][/center] You've smothered me with expectations, leaving me no room to grow. Even though I thank you for your patience, there's something you need to know. Please don't worry if I don't look back once I finally get out that door. Just remember that not all darkness is black, and that you've shown me all I need and more. I desperately need the chance to be me but time is something that I cannot bide. With my shackles I can never truely be free to discover who I am deep inside. Please don't worry if I don't look back once I finally get out that door. Just remember that not all darkness is black, and that you've shown me all I need and more. [color=navy]I want to add some more, but I not sure what. This is the second of two poems/songs I've tried to make rhymn. I didn't want to post the first since it was WAY to simple, lol.[/color] [color=#000080][/color] [color=#000080][/color] [font=Verdana][size=1][color=red]Please don't double post. If you want to add more, just edit your previous post. -- Lady Asphyxia[/color][/size][/font]
  10. Ariadyne

    Writing Ariadyne's Poetry

    [COLOR=Navy]This is definetly one of my favorite poems that I've ever written. I know it's a little dark and "[I]despair-ish[/I]", but it's the way I write. When I was putting it up on my website, I ended up deleting a bunch of stuff from it (I just copied it off my site and pasted it here instead of typing it up again) to make it a little less obvious about what it was inspired by.[/COLOR] [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkOrchid]The Immortal[/COLOR][/SIZE] Alone in a cold world waiting for a savior with the world closing in around you. [I]Nothing[/I] really seems to matter anymore. You've wandered about for a thousand years hating what you've become, but there is no turning back when you're this far in, and life is just a distant dream. No one can save you, there is no cure. All you can do is wait for the slow decay of time to destory all that you know and bring forth inevitable darkness. All you wanted was for eternal happiness, but all you got was an eternal youth filled with sorrow and needy desires. You'll wander the world for another thousand years before your despair really comes on strong. All you will crave for is death and to see the sun rise one last time. The eternal night is your only company in this empty world called home. When all else has faded away, you will still linger on. [/CENTER] [COLOR=Navy]I'll probaby end up posted the 2 others I like in this thread too. Please feel free to voice your opinions. Constructive critisism is always welcome for I am critical myself and have high expectations...just don't over-do it *lol*.[/COLOR]
  11. Ariadyne

    Gaming Devil May Cry

    Sieg asked that if anyone knew how to get passed Mission 5 in DMC for them to make a new thread about it. This is a little of their post: [quote name='Sieg']I'm on the 5th misson and I dont have the slitest clue on how I'm supposed to get past it. Does anyone have any suggestion on how get past this one, I mean the people that actualy played the Devil May Cry? [/quote] Mission Five was the one with the Melancholy Soul, right? (If you're talking about DMC2, just mention it and I'll post one for Mission 5 in DMC2 because I've 100% finished both games and basically have them memorized 'cause I've played them so much) Well, all you got to do is take the Soul to the door all the way at the bottom of the room where you got the Death Sentence at, but you only got 3 minutes and it drains your hp. You begin in the courtyard where you had to fight the Nelo Angelo, and must make your way back to the highest point of the balcony that leads to the bedroom, but you have to fight a Shadow first, so kill it quickly if you want to get an S Devil Hunter Rank in this level. Leave the bedroom and you're already in the tall room that you got the Death Sentence in by riding up that elevator-like thing. Instead of wasting time running down the stairs, you can simply just jump off the edge and you're already down there. The (I think I was blue with some gold outlines...) door is what you examine to complete the mission. I'm not sure what happens exactly if the soul dies out before the 3 minutes, but I saw my friend mess up and have to go get it recharged (I didn't know you could do that). I think he took it to that room where you had to knock back a large table or something to get down a hole, well, just past there is a statue of a prisoner or a slave, and that recharges the soul, but if you kill the shadow quickly and jump down that large room you [I]should[/I] make it in time. [color=indigo]I merged this with the original DMC thread. If there's already a thread about a game, please just post in it instead of creating an entirely new thread. - Desbreko[/color]
  12. Ariadyne

    Gaming Xenosaga Episode I

    Just want to know if [B]this[/B]: [quote name='TheTrueKOSMOS']What lvl. would you adivse the char.s to be before they fight the Boss?[/quote] Is refering to Tiamot (or something like that); the boss in the Encephelon's Miltia area. If so: I've only faught the boss twice because I only played through it twice. The first time I stopped and trained a bit until I was at about level 33-35 then went in a didn't have the slightest problem with [I]Ruined Earth[/I] as I saw my friend have when I was at his house, but when I played through it the second time I didn't stop to train because I wanted to know if I could beat him at a lower level. I was only around level 25-27 and [B]I[/B] never had any problems. If you're not sure, just do what I do and spend a few hours straight fighting the local enemies until you're god, then go show the boss exactly [I]who should be boss[/I], *lol*.
  13. Ariadyne

    Gaming Favorite anime/Manga Video-Game

    [quote name='Wingman']I believe they need to make a game off of Gundam Wing or evangelion.[/quote] I just had to mention this: they have already made multiple Gundam Wing games, mostly for SNES though.
  14. Ariadyne

    Gaming Favorite anime/Manga Video-Game

    :D Neither of you mentioned [I]my[/I] favorite anime game! :D [I]Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete[/I] for PSone was my favorite. It was a long game with a relatively long epiloge after you finish it, good gameplay, good voice overs...as in the acting (lots too!) because the dubbing was a little off, and a cool storyline. And I do [B]not[/B] believe that Xenosaga is as bad as you're saying, sure the graphics were, but the storyline was relatively unique and complex, and it had a... "different" battle system. Episode II: Beyond Good and Evil comes out this August, I don't care what you say, I'm buying it! *lol* Oh my god! I almost forgot about Guilty Gear!!! Well, [I]Guilty Gear XX[/I] (aka [I]"Guilty Gear X2"[/I]) for the PS2 was an awsome game! It's an all-anime fighting game that is worth checking out! There are enough unlockables in that game that by the time you got them all unlocked, it's like a totally different game! That's why some say that "It's a sequel to itself". The all rock/metal soundtrack kicks *** too!
  15. I don't believe that there is already a thread like this here, so, here it is! I've owned and finished both Final Fantasy X games (FFX and FFX-2) and kinda started to compare both of them. So here's the deal: [I]Which of the two games do you think is better, and why?[/I] (and by the way, un-justified responses will be deleted) If you want to read this quite long response, this is MY answer: In MY personal opinion, I do believe that Final Fantasy X-2 was a bit of a let down (despite the very much improved graphics and dubbing) when you compare it to it's prequel. I don't care about the small cast, only a few FMV sequences, and almost completely different battle system; I just feel like FFX was a better game...and a longer one. FFX had a really solid, kinda deep storyline that kinda left you thinking; FFX-2...well, there isn't much of a storyline, you just run around trying to find some links to Tidus. In the fifth charpter, however it gets kinda good and a little more in-depth (if you go to the Den of Woe and have completed all other side quests pretaining to Lenne and Shouyin) and end up having to save Spira...again (maybe if the game had started around there and kept going digging in a little depper to Luna/Tidus and Lenne/Shouyin linkage and plot developement it would be on the same playing field as Final Fantasy X). Also, when I first started the play FFX-2 I was all like "....wow, this is SOO easy". There really aren't many new enemies, and for some reason they seem to have gotten [I]weaker[/I] for no apparent reason. Maybe I was just use to the incredible hardness of some enemies in FFVIII and some really annoying bosses from other games, but I found the random encounters and even the bosses to be quite the pushover...well, that is OUTSIDE of Via Infinito...we'll just leave that out *lol*. ...I don't even want to mention about what they did to Blitzball... Well, I've been going on about those few topics that I kinda forgot where I was going with this...(I have [B]bad[/B] short-term memory) um, well, besides the storyline, difficulty, and *left eyebrow twitches twice* blitzball, although I think I mentioned this above: there was a dramatic decrease in the gameplay time, if you're going by the main story paths. Just about everything that would make FFX-2 kinda long would be doing all the side quests. There weren't many side quests in FFX, but the things that you were required to do to progress the story, basically owned FFX-2 in the first five minutes, *lol* (I know that's a bit of an stretch, but heh, whatever). And the sidequests to do were somewhat longer than the ones in FFX-2 (except for the whole Crimson Spheres, Via Infinito, and digging in the desert). --[I]That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.[/I] So, well, I think that that is long enough. I could probably go on and on and on, but I'll just leave it at that, I got to leave stuff for other people to mention *lol*. Now, on to what [B]you[/B] have to say!!