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  1. Amazing!!! I love it. very moving.. i like the last stansa
  2. I can't wait until the movie comes out!!! inu yasha kicks ***!!!! My first episode i saw was when they first introduced shippou and the thunder brothers...I was watching ytv and they say whats coming up next and they said inu yasha i was intrigued so i stayed up to watch what was inu yasha. I was overjoyed when i discovered it was anime so i stayed and watched it...it had me on the edge of my seat. After it was over i ran upstairs to my computer to see if it was on any other times....it wasn't but im glad I can watch it on friday
  3. The most recent movie line that i can think of that i find memorable would be from Man on Fire with densiel washington(I can't remember the exact words but I'll give it a try): Every man has an art wiether it's food or painting, anything....well creasy's art is death and right now he is going to create his masterpiece. I thought this movie line was very peotic and its stuck with me for a while. There are a bunch more movie lines that i like but it will take a while to remeber them all. I'll get back to you when i remember some more
  4. The love song that comes to mind for me......well nothing actually comes to mind. Sure I listen to love songs and all that stuff but songs that actually put me in the mood can't say I've had any of that. one love song I know would be el beso del final its from the dirty dancing havana nights soundtrack. I thought that song was pretty nice but thats about it. Fact: dirty dancing havanva nights the story is placed in Cuba but it was filmed in Puerto Rico?
  5. best videogame music ever...final fantasy 7 9 10 and 10-2 (in the fareplane glen and kuon:memories of waves and light) 7 was great i loved vincent's and aeris' theme, I can even play them on the piano, however the only problem i have with it is that there never used real intruments like the piano or violin eveything was made on the computer or some keyboared. As for Nine i liked song of memories...when i first listened to it i didn't play the game for an hour, I just left it idol so i could listen to the music. 10 I liked it all!!! there are no songs from that game that stand out in my mind except for To Zanarkand. 10-2 almost all the songs where so childish there only songs i liked would've been from the onse I have mentioned earilier. As for anime series inu yasha and escaflowne stand out in my mind.
  6. As soon as i can im getting a tatoo on my lower back..my cousin has one and its soo cool!!! I'm obvousely not gonna copy her but something along the lines of that would be nice as for piercings.....i already have to four piercings in my ears ( two for each one) and i''d like to get one for my eyebrow or my belly button...perferably both though cus they'd look really cool
  7. I thought the movie was....alright...they didn't really explain the relationship between kiara and riddic..there diffinitly should've been a prequel to the movie or gone more indeph in that part.....the storyline was also kinda rushed so they could focus more on the special effects and fighting scenes (which, I admit were pretty impressive.) I thought riddick's eyes were awesome if i can i wanna get contacts like that!! also did anyone notice that one of the characters from riddick was also from the lord of the rings: Eoamer or something like that, Eowyns brother
  8. The number one movie I remeber crying my eyes out would be my dog skip i was bawling when i saw skip get hit by his owner....i hate cruelity against animals....then i saw the puppy get kicked and than hit by a shovel.....i have a dog and if anyone did that to my pet id make them wish they were dead...i dunno why but i just stand to see an animal get hurt
  9. my favorite bands would have to be linkin park mudvayne cradle of filth rancid blink 182 my friends introduced me to mudvayne, cradle of filth and rancid and since then i haven't stoped listening to them!!
  10. crapiest game ever for ps2 would hafta be ico.......all your doing is just solving easy level puzzels ..... its took no effort at all in beating the game....you don't have to worry about dieing you just have to make sure the albino girl doesn't get sucked up in one of those black holes.....and the final boss battle is pretty crappy too....there is hardly any strategiy involved in that game at all....but i will say i did like the graphics the castle looked pretty cool.....the story line was pretty crappy tooo
  11. Yeah i heard from a friend how awsome dq can be...hes even challenged me to try and beat dg 7 in two weeks...i've heard how difficult it will be but if i keep playing the game 24/7 literally i think i should have no problem what so ever heh heh
  12. I haven't played bloody roar yet but it sounds cool so im gonna check it out. However my favorite character from soulcalibur would hafta be cassandra and sophitia there sisters so i think thats pretty cool. And they have to fight each other in sophitia's destenty battle. I can also reltate to them as me and my sister lol. she's very preachy just like sophitia and i like to battle than talk. Cassandra's has some pretty cool moves as well. Like the one were she stabs them in the ankle as someone previeously mentioned before....anouther move would be wear shes bent down and stabs them in the lower abdomine and she slowly pulls her blade out of them.....thats awsome!!! other sub cool characters would be taki....she has some pretty devastaing moves but god i hate that cat suit she wears...good god her boobs move with every slight move she makes. voldo is really cool i like his style of fighting, whatever it is....but I'm not too keen with his costumes the black on is ok but hes wearing a thong with spikes coming out were his groin is and that red bubble kinda suit is just weired... misterugi is anouther great character to play with his ultimate weapon damascus sword but i find him to be alittle slow sometimes.
  13. For some reason i've always liked guys with long hair. I've liked that ever since i can remember. Sometimes though short hair suits some guys.I like guys who have the same intresests as me so we have something to talk about but just some I don't want him to be a male version of me :S. I like guys with an outgoing attitude so "I'd be abe to pick them out in a crowd" hair......so long as its washed i don't mind. I never notice eye colour in people. He'd have to be taller than me but I'm not concerned about that, I'm going into grade 10 and I could pass off as a grade 8 I'm so short. As for tatoos (which I've been trying to get for me but parents athority overrulled me *shakes fist and curses at parents*) i like tattoos but not to the extent were there all over a guys body that it looks like there wearing a shirt. I've never given this much thought everything I said just now was off the top of my head (cept for the hair.......i don't know why but i like long hair) just now. I don't really care much about looks...if i like him, i like him.
  14. Me and my sister fight constantly and were always pissed at each other but it doesn't last. she is 20 and im 15. I don't know the age difference or your ages but i think we may have relativley the same thing. I love my sister to death but everytime were in the same room tempers flare and we storm off. I'll admit its mostly cause by me. I just get this feeling to rebel against my sister saying stuff like " you did that to me so i can do that to you...." when we were younger we were so close people couldn't tell us apart either due to the fact that we both had blonde hair sometimes people thought i was the oldest. We have our moments though nowadays when we just hang out and talk about stuff. We may not have the same closeness that we did when we were little kids but we have a different kind of closeness now (cept I keep ruining it cus im just a 15 year old gurl that just wants to argue with her sister for the heck of it) I'm trying to say that even though you think that you guys aren't as close as you were before you still have that closeness somewhere. I think hes trying to figure out his life or something (maybe hes kinda like me: the rebeling 15 year old) its not a nice idea knowing you have to take any type or drug daily. I'm positive whatever you guys had....it'll come back, just give it time.
  15. I guess i could say that I'm a mix between aeris, tifa (FF7) and Rinoa (FF8) I can sometimes i can be kind and caring like aeris. I punch or kick my friends alot but its all fun and games. If I was in a stituation were i might hafta fight I would try to find an alternete solution. That and they all have an up-beat attitude which I think I have. My friends are always telling me I luagh at everything.
  16. I can say that i have a crush on somebody on OB. He already know's about it though were still close friends but i sometimes wonder if he wants to go further than that. I'm happy with what we have now but if possible id like to go further. The problem is i don't think he wants to commit to a realationship. There are some other issues relvolving around us not taking this further but i won't get into them now.
  17. I don't believe in true love. I don't think there is just this one true love person that makes you sublimly happy even when your old and unable to do anything. I think love is just an emotion like despair, guilt, anger, or happyness. You could call love lust in some sences, not the type of lust that is sexual but more mentally like there personality your infatuated with their personality you just want to be with them more closer than just friends. And as for love at first sight. Its more a myth than anything else. You'd be baseing your "love" purely on looks and that too me is more lust than "love". As well is you say you have found your true love your also saying your comparing your past relationships to your recent one and I don't believe that people should compare their relationships, each one of them is different with diverse experiences. I'd also think there are many degrees or levels of love. Thats why teenagers always say "i really like her." or "I'm kinda crushing on him." They don't say "I love her!!" striaght away because in most cases they hardly even know the person they have these feelings for.
  18. first time i learned about sex was maybe.... around pirmary or something like that my friend told me about it but not in full detail (thank god!!) anyways i think im the only person in this thread that actually uses tampons the whole time during the *period time* I find them to be really comfortable. Whenever i wore pads i felt like a was peeing constantly. The think you've gotta look for is the type of tampons (you gurls probably already know this but I'll just say it anyways) there are some that are called biodegratable or have biodegratable applicators whatever you do DON'T GET THOSE!!! They're hell trying to put in, hurts alot. The best ones I'd recommend would be the tampons that have silk written on the box somewear or the tampax compact. I highly recommend the tampax compact. Tampons are great you don't feel like your wearing a diaper you just put it in and get on with your schedule.
  19. My most favorits of all the characters from FF series would hafta be Sephiroth!!! He seems to be a person that is always in deep thought. He has a look that makes him dark and mysterious. Its so hard to explain him cus i thinks hes kinda complex. Thats what i think is cool about him. Vincent is a great charcter too...hes seems so gothic and evil. He's limit breaks are awesome and i luv his costume... Aeris is a type of character that keeps you optmistic thoughout the game... shes always trying to cheer everyone up and she brings this warm feeling when its her turn to speak in the game.. I also like Rinoa....i like her costume and her personality is really up beat and cheerful Theres also dagger, vivi. and cloud but a couple of people mentioned about them before and i have the same opinion about them. i no im only soppose to choose one but there are so many different characters with different personalities and traits, its hard to compare them and choose only one b/c there all different
  20. I loved playing FFlX I thought the graphoics were really good (and i probably said this before but if you listen closely you can hear the different sounds of footprints as the charcters walk on different types of floors...i think its awesome!!!!) I thought the battle system was...ok, the atb was so slow at loading!!! [spoiler]and I was really thrown off by the last battle with Necred. It would've made more sence for an ending where kuja somehow fuses with the crystal so he has all the powers of the ancients memories ( or whatever what was in the crystal) That would've been more convincing than some monster metal type thing that is never ever mentioned thoughout the whole game. -plus the crystal was destroyed by kuja right?? shouldn't the world of Gaia be destroyed too?? what i got from the plot was that if the crytal of the planet was destroyed the planet would die. I think they showed that in oielevert at one point.[/spoiler] [COLOR=Red] [SIZE=1]Please use spoiler tags in the future. Some people might get a bit upset over what you've posted here if they've not made it as far in the game. Thanks. - Semjaza[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  21. For me I have always loved Legend of Zelda:ocarina of time and majora's mask. I thought the graphocs were outta this world untill ps2 and gamecube came along. I was tempted to buy Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker until i saw the graphics. I thought they were terrible. N64 did better than that, it looked so childish to me and so does the four swords, I think the developers should've kept to the old graphics and improved on them instead of changing links face so it looks like a huge sideways oval that his body shouldn't be able to hold up.
  22. if i created a game it would be to mesh ff 7, ff 8, ff 9, ff 10, and ff 10-2, I love the realtionship that rinoa had with squall. I probably have the the soundtrack to ff 9 ( i like how there are different sounds of there feet depending on what floor there steping on..........If you play the game you'll no what i mean) i like that battle system of ff7 and how you can chose to flirt with either aeris tifa or yuffie in the game. In FF 10 i like how you can switch charaters in a battle field and from ff10-2 i like how they have multiple costumes (sure some of them look alittle slutty but still) it kinda ticks me off how in these games they go on these huge journeys that probably take weeks to complete but in the end there still wearing the same clothes as they did when they started the mission....thats just wrong
  23. The first console i remeber playing with was probably super nintendo....but what got me hooked on video games would be Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time I saw my friends brother playing it and i just kept going over to house just watch him play it....she got really pissed at me but meh. That reminds me......i've still gotta beat that game.....i've been focused on ps and ps2 games that i forgot i still had it....*walks away to play game*
  24. I don't have any rpgs gameboy games but my friend does....I'd go with shippou's idea with dragon warriors 3.....and i think there are some lord of the ring games. you can play as legolas aragorn or gimli.....but I'd probably recomend dragon warriors 3
  25. You can see a trailer of the game by going to [url]www.gametrailers.com[/url] and go to the vualt of trailers. It looks awesome!!!!When it comes out, I'm totaly buying it!!!!!! Inu Yasha Kicks ***!!!!
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