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    Gaming Final Fantasy XII

    I need help I'm on #14 hunt for the mine flayer and I can't find it anywhere. It's ment to be in phase 1 dig area of the Henne mines, where the mist is most dense and it is drawn to magical entities or somthing like that. I have gone through phase 1 dig over and over so many times. There's something i'm not doing someone please tell me step by step what they did to get this stupied hunt!!!
  2. Rachael

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    Can anyone give me good sites on were to download some trailers from KH2?? I have an imac (the new ones with the flat screen) and it has quicktime player on it and all ther trailers I see aren't for quicktime player. I'm at wits end here :mad:
  3. Rachael

    Gaming Soul Calibur III

    I need to know whether I can use Amy's costume in character creation so I don't go on a wild goose chase looking for it. I like it alot and would like to incorperate it further into one of my custom designs.
  4. Rachael

    Gaming Next Generation Consoles

    I thought I'd start a new thread about the three big consoles that are gonna hit stores this year and the next. It bothers me that Xbox 360 is coming out alot earlier than the other two. Why is that?? If I remember correctly they came out approximitly all at the same time last time. I also need some oppions/advice. Being a teenager I'm not exactly wealthy so it's not like I can buy all three of them so I need some advice as to which console I should get. I love Fantasy rpgs. I don't like sports or army games, I like playing certain one on one combat games like soulcalibur and (like many of you I presume) I am drawn to a game with superb graphics. So which console do you guys think satisfy my needs? Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo revolution?? Note: this thread isn't just about me, it's about the new consoles as well so if there is anything you want to add or ask go right ahead.
  5. Rachael

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    [QUOTE=Dagger]Oh man. I just watched an [i]awesome[/i] trailer for this game. I wasn't that pumped up or anything before, but now I'm really excited. Kind of funny to hear Jack Sparrow speaking Japanese though, heh. I guess what I'm looking forward to most is the stuff dealing with Beauty and the Beast, Mulan & Pirates of the Caribbean. Seems like [spoiler]Cloud will be returning in his Advent Children[/spoiler] outfit... it was pretty cool seeing [spoiler]him and Leon[/spoiler] fighting back to back. ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] Sounds really good but where did you see it. GameFAQ??/ Gamespot???
  6. Rachael

    Gaming Shadow of the Colossus

    I loved the Demo. My absoloute second favourite hobbie is horse back riding. It's like they captured a real horse and downloaded it into the game. Algo (the horse's name) is very life like. However I have to disagree with James and say that Shadow of the colouses seems to be the sequel to ico. For the people that have played the Demo you'll see that the hero moves and fights exactly like ico. The lifeless girl on the alter actually looks like yorda without the white glow around her. There are other aspects to that seem to have been taken from ico as well. If the ico players remember, Ico was transported to the castle on....A horse. Algo seems to have the same apperence (yet he is brown and not black) as the horses in Ico. The totems that surround the hallway were the girl sleeps look like the prison that Ico and the other 'cursed' boys were taken and locked in. And last and final thing: at the begining of shadow of the colouses you fight the shadowy monsters that were in Ico. I'm sure this sounds very familiar to the people who have the PS2 magasine. This is the way I see it: Ico found Yorda at the end of the game on the beach. She looked asleep or maybe in a coma. Many years of past and Ico has become a straping young lad and he is still looking for a way to revive Yorda. Meanwhile Yorda has lost her glow/powers because she is 'asleep' and not in the castle anymore. This theory seems reasonable. Since there are many simialrities to Ico and Shadow of the collosus. It seems only natural that Shadow would be the sequel. If it isn't than (harshly put) It seems almost a copy to Ico
  7. Rachael

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    [quote name='Desbreko][color=#4b0082']Right, so I went and downloaded Advent Children. (I know, it's less than legal, but I'm going to be getting it on DVD when it comes stateside anyway. Seeing it early has only confirmed that even more.) [/color][/quote]Whoa Whoa Whoa you have it downloaded?!?!?!?!! how'd you do that? What site did you go to?? was their subtitles or was it all japanese!??!!?!! please tell me I am sick and tired of waiting! Pm me if you won't post it on the forum. please!!
  8. Rachael

    Gaming Bloodstone/Demon Stone, Forgotten Realms

    Zhai was my favorite character. Her style and abilities were very enjoyable to use. They should've talked alittle more about the past of the characters but it did rap up nicely in the end. I haven't played Bloodstone. Is that the prequel to Demonstone? Is it for PS2 PS1? What was it about?
  9. Rachael

    Gaming Radiata Stories

    This game is definitly defferent than the other Rpgs that I have played. The graphics are great and the weired sayings they characters say make it all the more a pleasure to play. I also like the different guilds and how your able to collect 177 characters to help you on your journey. Overal:Excellent!!:lecture:
  10. Rachael

    Gaming Ticked Off

    I just don't get it. Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children was soppose to come out today, TODAY!!!! AND it hasn't. I've heard it has been moved to november. It got me really steamed because I, like so many, have been waiting for the movie to come out for a long time. It's not right that square Enix keeps changing the bloody release date. They should've completed it and THAN tell us the release date. They say that they found some kind of glich and are repairing it, it sounds totaly childish. I expect a procrastinating teenager who has a project due the next day to make up an excuse like that. I'm sure there has been another thread about this but this has been on my mind for a while and I had to spit it out.......your thoughts??
  11. Rachael

    Gaming Bloodstone/Demon Stone, Forgotten Realms

    I've played it pretty recently and it only took me ten hours. I thought it was a very well rounded game. Every aspect was outstanding but I thought the story was lacking alittle deph. My favourite character was the rouge. Overall I thought it was great but there should've been more of a story line and more gameplay hours
  12. Rachael

    Gaming Future Gaming

    Here's the thing. I am 16 going on 17. My ambition is to be a top line computer animator. I think it's amazing how we can create the cg on computor. I was playing ff10 and I was on the mi'hen highroad whan the camera shifts and we can see the wind blowing the grass gently with tidus in the backround (for those who've played it i'm sure you know what I mean) thats what got me seriously thinking about this certain career. The thing that worry me is that after reading the thread "The love of Gaming" I got to thinking it might not be a good choice. I think it was James that said the video game industry is losing it's "freshness" as he put it. I'm worried that when I get my degree and start looking for a job that there will be no job because everyone has moved on with gaming. What is your imput? Are my theories crazy or do you agree with them?
  13. Rachael

    Gaming The Love of Gaming

    These past couple of days I've been wondering why I haven't been into my games as much as I used to. I remembered I'd cuss or swear violently if I lost a battle so much my mom would yell at me, I'd be beaming after beating my games and yes I even remember I was bawling my eyes out when yuna (from ff10) couldn't touch tidus before he left. I think it's just a point that we mature and think, it's just I game. We don't personalize our games to our lives any more. Before I was eat/sleeping/and thinking about games. Now I have a part-time job, I'm switching schools and my dads being a jerk about tons of stuff so I can't think about my games on a daily bases. It feels like it's become just a basic hobby. I also think this year hasn't been the very best for games as well. I like to check the ratings at gamespot before buying a game and nearly all have them been like 7/10 or 6 or 5. This new year will bring in alot more games and better ratings like KH2 ( heh heh no surpirses there :animesigh ) or FF12 soul calibur 3 prince of persia 3, legend of zelda, as well as many many more. So I say wait for 2006 and maybe it will hopefully rekindle the flare we once had for games
  14. The Top three games I want to be playing is: 1) Kingdom Hearts 2 (no suprises there :animesmil ) 2) Soul Calibur 3 3)Drakengard 2 Kingdom hearts 2 speaks for itself as to why I want it. As for soul calibur 3 I can not wait to try out the new characters they have installed for us and to customise your own character makes it all the better!! The first drakengard was definitly a let down. Not one ending was happy! and the repeative backround orchestra and boring battle scenes made it all that much depressing. However there is a glimmer of hope that the second one won't be as bad. The graphics look good, there are more characters to play with, and the story looks better ( though I have to admit I just heard the trailers in japenese and it sounded like jibberish to me :p ) Now that I have said my bit what are your most aticipated games and why?
  15. Rachael

    Weird last names, do you have one?

    My name is Rachel Bood. I hate it with a passion. people are always calling me boob, when it actually means Boat in dutch. Rachel means a quiet gentil lamb. So to sum it all up I'm a gentil lamb in a boat! ............I hate being dutch :p
  16. Rachael

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    Me again, It's been a while since I've been on...anyways I found some cool trailers and I'm sure everyone knows about kingdomhearts2.net. They're under contruction right now until the end of august which sucks : ( I wonder what their changing around though. I've heard alot about Pirates of the caribean but I haven't found and pics or images on them if any of you guys find some could you tell me the site. That would be great.
  17. Rachael

    Do you try to go by your name

    My name is Actaully Rachel. Recently though I thought about how my name would look like if there was an a in it. Everytime I met someone knew they'd write my name with an a so I thought why the hell not? I gave it a try but I'm kinda going back to my old spelling. WOW a whole letter difference :laugh:
  18. Rachael

    Gaming Final Fantasy IX

    I don't know if you've gone pass this point but it doesn't hurt to give some advice. It took me one try to get through that trail (sorry if I'm braging but its true) To my recolection after I turned on the switch I had to miss the lights that glowed......like you couldn't pass between two of those glowing orb things (hope you know what I mean heh.) there should be a pattern of how those lights work. Sorry if this isn't much help. I've looked on a bunch of sites and it hasn't helped at all it doesn't tell me anything about that.... heck I have the official strategy guide and it won't tell me anything. :p
  19. Rachael

    Are there any Law and Order fans here?

    I love law and order. It's AWESOME!!!!! my favorite would have to be svu the cases are alot more interesting but more groutisque. The original law and order is fun to watch because there are always problems when they get to court and some of the ending statements are quite good. CI is also good but I perfere the other ones because you don't know the murder's side to the story. The main detective guy (can't remember his name but he was on men in black the first movie....he was the farmer that the alien used for a skin suit or something.....anyways thats off topic...) he's always a blast to watch
  20. Rachael

    Who would u stalk?

    to me stalking is a shy form of flirting in a creepy way. I wouldn't stalk a person...I'd rather walk up to them and introduce myself and start having a conversation with them......but if i was ever to 'stalk' a person it would be johnny depp. I think he's asting is outta this world!!!
  21. Rachael

    Back to school

    First of all:HOLY CRAP your starting school in augest?? I still have my summer vaction....and second: I'm going into my first year in highschool...i'm looking forward to my first year there, it'll be better than my crap *** school in jounier high. What i'm not looking forward to, however, is that there are going to be so many new people there and its worrying me that me and my group of friends my spread out and stop hanging out....we've hung out all the time this summer and I'm having alot of fun. I just don't want it to disappear.
  22. Rachael


    [quote name='Icarus2K']I think that God thinks of everyone equally, whatever they have done, and at the Gates of Heaven i believe that the Angel protecting these Gates has a chocie. If you lie about how you feel bad about what you have done i think then you will be reincarnated.[/quote] [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]I've never thought of it that way before. It makes sence. Well as for me I don't reallly ponder life after death untill gandalf from lord of the rings said that line about him being reincarnated as gandalf the white. I found it amazing the way he worded it. And From FF7 with the life stream and having your spirit reincarnated into anouther organic life. Thats pretty amazing to me. The thing is I don't really believe in that stuff. I think when you die, you fall into a slumber in which you never wake up.[/B] [/COLOR]
  23. Rachael

    I have a boyfriend problem...

    ok well seeing that I hang out with boys more with girls so i might have to deal with this as well........if it were me i'd (like almost everyone is saying) talk to him (hey makes sence right) be blunt and to the point but be sensitive to his feelings, this is a big deal for him. If he keeps denying it tell him you've noticed him acting that way whenever your near your friends and you were worried that this was going to affect your relationship. Tell him you know these guys too well to go out with them and I definitly remcomend to cuddle with him more maybe set a couple of dates with him the following week and make him feel special.
  24. Rachael

    Gaming Final Fantasy XII

    (I don't know wiether a thread has already been made for FF12 but anyways....) Does anyone know the release dates for FF12 for north america?? I can't seem to find it anywhere :p and while were on the topic [url]www.gametrailers.com[/url] has a new trailer for FF12 incase anyone is interested (there third one is the best so far). I can't wait untill it comes out!!!! the graphics look amazing and the battle system looks awesome. Anyone else looking forward to FF12?? [color=#4B0082]If you're not sure whether or not a thread has been created about a game, you can use the search function to check. But in any case, I've merged this with the original FFXII thread. - [i]Desbreko[/i][/color]
  25. [QUOTE=Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]In all honest, probably no one. Call me cold-hearted and a horrible person, but it's what I perceive to be the truth. Death is scary, permanent, and it's not like there's anywhere to go after it happens. [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] True true some people can be really cowardice if death is staring you cold in the eye but I believe there are some that aren't afaid to die. To some death is just another demision in there life. They don't think its the end..only the start of another life or something. I think those people are ready to die for the people the truely care for...as well some people are trained to take bullets such as those idiots who are soppose to protect the president. As for the question....If I was in the situation and I wasn't afraid....I'd protect those who are close to me (family, close friends, Bf...etc etc)