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    Techno-Update: SDR-4X

    Hey. I just saw that dancing robot on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was making fun of it. He said that it can remember up to 10 faces, and when it's memory is full it goes to combat mode and kills the faces it remembers to make more space in its memory.:laugh:
  2. Jeebs

    Invader Zim!

    Invader Zim is my favorite show(that's not anime). I like GIR. He's unpredictable and his voice sounds funny because it changes pitches. Zim: "OK, for you I'm thinking a dog." GIR: "Can I be a mongoose dog?" GIR: "But if you send that robot back in time and destroy Dib, then you wouldn't have to send the robot to destroy him. But then you would have to send the robot and..." *GIR's head explodes* :laugh: :laugh:
  3. Jeebs

    Gaming FFIX and DBZ

    While playing FFIX I noticed a few similarities between it and Dragon Ball Z. Here they are: 1. Quina looks a lot like Buu's 1st form(both big, talk weird, and like to eat). 2. Zidane has a tail just like a Saiyan(sp?) 3. One item is called N-Kai Armlet(I think it stands for North Kai) Have you noticed any other similarities?
  4. Jeebs

    Favorite Cartoon (No anime)

    My favorites are: South Park Ed, Edd, and Eddy Family Guy The Simpsons Futurama Home Movies Baby Blues and the best of all [SIZE=3]Invader Zim[/SIZE] even though they hardly ever show it any more. GIR: I'm guarding the house. Gaz: Where's Dib? (A lot of weapons pop out of GIR) GIR: No one may pass! Gaz: Where's Dib!? (GIR's weapons go back inside of him) GIR: Right down here.
  5. Jeebs

    Gaming Memory Card Help!

    Yesterday I tried to load my FFIX game but the continue option was in black, so I couldn't go to it. I checked my memory card and there was nothing there. I tried to start a new game but when I tried to save it it said that the memory card wasn't inserted, even though it was. Does anyone know what's wrong and what to do to fix it. Please help!
  6. Jeebs

    Gaming Memory Card Help!

    I guess I'll have to buy a new card. I don't have the recipt because I bought it a few years ago. Thanks for the help.
  7. Jeebs

    Gaming Memory Card Help!

    I'm using a Madcats PSX memory card.:flaming::demon:
  8. Jeebs

    Gaming Memory Card Help!

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ShadowGohan [/i] [B][SIZE=1]Well, I haven't ever had that trouble, but do try and clean out the port that the memory card goes in, blow in it or something. And did you check that you put it in right? Other than that, sorry, I can't help.[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE] I'm sure it has nothing to do with the port because I tried my Gameshark in the same port and it worked just fine.
  9. They came out with 2 books from the story: Quiditch Through the Ages and Magical Beasts and Where to Find them.
  10. Jeebs

    Gaming Please Tell Me Your Favourite Pokemon?

    My favorites are: [COLOR=purple]Mewtwo[/COLOR] [COLOR=crimson]Scizor[/COLOR] [COLOR=indigo]Haunter[/COLOR] [COLOR=green]Scyther[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkblue]Lugia[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Hitmonchan[/COLOR]
  11. Jeebs

    Gaming Who likes Mewtwo as much as I do??

    Mewtwo's one of my favorite Poke'mon.:ball:
  12. Jeebs

    What's your school like?

    Here's my school's site [url]www.ccboe.com\hanson[/url] I hate school.It sucks!!:flaming: :flaming: :demon: :demon:
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by amiboshi [/i] [B]I'm getting tired of waiting for the 5th book.[/B][/QUOTE] I think the 5th book's coming out this summer.By the way, has anyone played Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for Playstation.I think that it was way too easy.:flaming: :demon:
  14. Jeebs

    Maryland Sucks!

    I'm from Maryland too.We have to take functional math,writing, and reading tests,the CTBS test,and MSPAP.It sucks.:flaming: :demon:
  15. Jeebs

    Gaming Help... me!!

    I had trouble with Gizmaluke too.Get your characters leveled up and equipt water absorbing armor.:flaming: :demon:
  16. Jeebs

    Gaming Daggauro

    In FFIX, where is Daggauro(I might have spelled it wrong):flaming: :demon:
  17. Jeebs

    Gaming Daggauro

    I found Daggaureo now, but does any one know how many ores you have 2 put in the blessing stone?:flaming: :demon:
  18. Jeebs

    Gaming Oot Hardest Bosses

    Who do you think is the hardest?I thought that Bongo Bongo was the hardest because you have to shoot both of his hands and his head and the hit him in the head with your sword before he gets up.:flaming: :flaming: :flaming:
  19. Jeebs

    Gaming Pokemon or Digimon?

    I like both,but I watch Digimon more than Poke'mon.:demon: :flaming:
  20. I think the actors would look really wierd with huge spikey wigs on.:flaming: :demon:
  21. Jeebs

    Gaming Oot Hardest Boss

    Who do you think is the hardest?I thought that Bongo Bongo was the hardest because you have to shoot him in both hands and the head and then hit him in the head before he can get up.:flaming: :flaming: :flaming:
  22. Jeebs

    Anime Whos really the best Vegita or Goku?

    I like Goku better. Vegeta always thinks that he's invincible and ends up being beaten up by someone because he under estimated them.:flaming: :laugh:
  23. Jeebs

    Gaming whats your...

    :flaming: Mine is Ocarina of Time because it's the only Zelda game I've played.:flaming:
  24. I think Ganon was the easiest because he's so slow you can just roll in between his legs and hit him in the tail.:flaming:
  25. Jeebs

    Gaming Favorite FF9 Character

    I like Vivi and Zidane.:wigout: