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  1. You mixed up Tribute and Non-Tribute Monsters. Summoned Skull, Dark Magician, etc. are Tribute Monsters. Union Monsters have the ability to become Equip Spell Cards and equip themselves to certain monsters. Like your Dark Blade can be equipped with a monster called Kiryu. Now for your deck. Your number of monster cards should be about equal with your spell/trap cards. Try taking out a few trap cards, like maybe The Emperor's Holiday. You should also take out De-Spell and Bait Doll and replace them with some Mystical Space Typhoon's. (You can get them from the Kaiba Evolution and Pegasus starter decks) You should probably take out Sword of Deep-Seated and Horn of the Unicorn for Malevolent Nuzzlers or Axe of Despairs (Which can be found in the Yugi Evolution starter deck) You should also make sure not to have too many tribute monster. Take out Marie the Fallen One. She's pretty weak and you only gain 200 Life Points from her effect.
  2. [QUOTE=digitalshadow]I just had my first duel today and I got my butt whooped big time. Anyway, I'm a beginner and most of the cards in my deck right now were given to me. [U]Monsters[/U] 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Mask of Darkness Magician of Faith Dark Ruler Ha Des Man-Eater Bug 7 Colored Fish x2 Arsenal Summoner Skilled White Magician Patrician of Darkness Dark Magician Buster Blader Witch of the Black Forest Gearfried the Iron Knight Harpie’s Brother Nimble Momonga x2 Roulette Barrel Pitch-Dark Dragon Kiryu Giant Germ x2 Dark Paladin (I'm thinking of trying to find the Skilled Dark Magician) [U]Magic[/U] Confiscation Sparks x2 Soul Exchange x2 Mystical Space Typhoon Dark Hole Black Pendant Dragon’s Gunfire Card Destruction Prohibition Precious Cards from Beyond Red Medicine x2 Ground Collapse Metalsilver Armor Polymerization Dian Keto the Cure Master Hinotama [U]Traps[/U] Ordeal of a Traveler Waboku Trap Hole x3 Earthshaker Gravity Bind Gust Solemn Wishes Enchanted Javelin x2 Attack and Receive Skull Dice Michizure A Feint Plan Light Intervention Life Absorbing Machine Magic Jammer Just Desserts[/QUOTE] First off, you have too many cards. It would be good to keep your deck lower than fifty cards. Also, I counted 21 monsters and 38 magic and trap cards. You should keep the number of magic (I don't like to call them spells.) and trap cards about equal to the number of monsters. 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom can be replaced with a Man-Eater Bug, or even better, a Swarm of Scarabs. Get rid of Nimble Momonga, Giant Germ, Sparks, Dragon's Gunfire (considering you have no dragons in your deck), Precious Cards from Beyond, Red Medicine, Hinotama, Earthshaker, Gravity Bind, Gust, Attack and Recieve, and Life Absorbing Machine (you don't have many effects that require you to pay life points). It looks like you're going for a Dark Paladin deck, so try focusing more on spellcaster support. You should also look for cards like Change of Heart, Raigeki, Heavy Storm/Harpie's Feather Duster/Giant Trunade, Pot of Greed/Graceful Charity, Magic Cylinder, Ring of Destruction, and Metamorphism. You might also want to get a De-Fusion. It could be used with Dark Paladin during battle. Attack with Dark Paladin, then use De-Fusion while still in battle and attack with Dark Magician and Buster Blader.
  3. I heard on a card rulings list on Pojo.com that you can sacrifice Sheep Tokens to special summon monsters such as ritual monsters, toon monsters, Lava Golem, etc. since they are considered special summoned and not tribute summoned. Is this true?
  4. Guy on Horse: "Play dead. Ha! I didn't say 'Simon says'."
  5. Mask of Defense and Curse of Masked Beast. Tom can ask a question since he got most of them.
  6. Black Pendent [X3) It's a good burner equip card.
  7. A: It was Maho Vailo. Electric Lizard was in front of a car. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon and Sword Hunter were both seen in duels. Q: In Lector's duel against Kaiba, what was the name of the card Lector destroyed for his Emergency Provisions card, and what does the card that he destroyed do?
  8. Barrel Behind the door was the card that I was going to add. It can be used with your own Ring of Destruction too. Tribe-Infecting Virus A very good card for clearing your opponent's field for a direct attack.
  9. Ring of Destruction Another good burner that can work well with Lava Golem, especially if you use it with another card. (which I might add later if no one else has)
  10. Mask of the Accursed (x2) This card is a great burner. It works well with Lava Golem. If you get both on him at the same time, it can't attack and your opponent will take 2000 damage each turn.
  11. One time I was dueling someone at a tournement (it wasn't a tournement duel, though) and they summoned Last Warrior from Another Planet on his first turn. (At first I thought he was just lucky, but later I think I heard someone talk about a kid who kept getting the fusion requirements for a monster on the first turn. It was probably the same kid.) I set a monster face-down, but he kept telling me that I couldn't because his Last Warrior prevented it. I tried to explain to him that set monsters are not considered summoned, and that Last Warrior prevented monsters from being summoned, but he wouldn't listen. Another player came over and started telling me that I was wrong. (and this was someone who had won a couple tournements) Then the next round of the tournement started, so we just stopped arguing forgot about it.
  12. If the meter is full, SWAT will come after you. I think if it is almost full, cops will come after you.
  13. Yes, it does. But someone in my science class doesn't collect Yu-Gi-Oh! cards anymore and he said he'd sell me a Raigeki, Magic Cylinder, and Mirror Force for $10 each. Though, that was toward the beginning of the school year, so I don't know if he still has them.
  14. I got this game for Christmas too. It can be very fun, though it's annoying when people keep running over you. Some of the levels are difficult, but for the most part it's easy. Here are some fun things you can do: -Kill innocents and cops until the SWAT comes after you. Then see how long you can last without dying. -Beside that yellow road on the west side of L.A. there's a cliff. Go to the top of the cliff and there will be roads perpendicular to the cliff. Drive down them a bit, turn towards the cliff, speed up and ram a car from behind and push it of the cliff. Then, will you're both in mid-air, enter precision targeting and shoot their gas tank, causing it to explode in mid air. Cops, vengeful mobsters, SWAT, etc. will come after you if that meter next to your good/bad rating starts flashing red. My good/bad rating is over +200 and I got the SWAT to come after me. I got from the top left corner of the map to Downtown (east L.A.) without dying or anything. Then I just let my meter drop back down so they stopped coming after me.
  15. Here's a deck I just built. I'm not really sure what theme to go with. I want a burner deck, but I don't think I have enough burner cards to make a good deck. [U][B]Monsters[/B][/U] [U]Level 6[/U] -Jinzo -Summoned Skull [U]Level 4[/U] -Amazon Archer -Big Eye -Giant Orc -Goblin Attack Force -Jirai Gumo -Tribe-Infecting Virus -Witch of the Black Forest [U]Level 3[/U] -Arsenal Bug -Cyber Jar -Hayabusa Knight -Princess of Tsurugi -Princess of Tsurugi -Princess of Tsurugi -Woodland Sprite [U]Level 2[/U] -Jowls of Dark Demise -Man-Eater Bug -Man-Eater Bug -Penguin Soldier -Penguin Soldier [U]Level 1[/U] -Ameba -Magician of Faith [U][B]Magic[/B][/U] [U]Normal[/U] -Change of Heart -Creature Swap -Dark Hole -Giant Trunade -Heavy Storm -Monster Reborn -Pot of Greed [U]Equip[/U] -Black Pendant -Black Pendant -Black Pendant -Malevolent Nuzzler -Malevolent Nuzzler -Mask of Brutality -Premature Burial [U]Quick-Play[/U] -Mystical Space Typhoon -Mystical Space Typhoon -Mystical Space Typhoon -Scapegoat -Scapegoat [U][B]Traps[/B][/U] [u]Normal[/U] -Ceasefire -Waboku [U]Continuous[/U] -Fairy Box [U]Counter[/U] -Magic Jammer Monsters: 23 Magic: 19 Traps: 4 Total: 46
  16. Anime (Covering from the first appearance of the Rare Hunters to Kaiba's duel with Jinzo.) Best Character: Yami Bakura Best Yami: Yami Bakura Best Millenium Item: Millenium Rod Best Rare Hunter: Marik Best Big Five Member: The Jinzo one Sexiest Character (Male): Sexiest Character (Female): Mai Best Monster: Saint Dragon: God of Osirus/Slifer the Sky Dragon Best Duel: Yami Yugi Vs. Yami Bakura Best Dressed: Bakura Best Scene: Best Duel Move: English Card Game Best Card Set: (from LON to DCR) LoN, Labyrinth of Nightmare Best Holo-foil Card: Tribe-Infecting Virus Best Monster: Tribe-Infecting Virus Best Magic/Spell Card: Scapegoat Best Trap Card: Fairy Box Best Fusion Monster: Best Card Picture: Sexiest Monster (Male): Sexiest Monster (Female): Thunder Nyan Nyan Best Deck Type: Direct Damage Best Monster Type: Spellcaster Funniest Card: Video Games Best Video Game: The Duelists of the Roses Best Video Game enemy: Best Game Monster: Jowls of Dark Demise Best Game Promo Card: Harpie's Feather Duster Manga Best Character: Yami Yugi Sexiest Character (Male): Sexiest Character (Female): Anzu Best Scene: The scene where Yami Yugi defeats the fugitive that is holding Anzu hostage Best Volume:
  17. It's optional. It says you may. It doesn't say you must.
  18. You don't really need the light arrows. Every time I faced Ganon I just roll through his legs and hit his tail with a jumping slash.
  19. Forbidden Memories is one of the worst games I've ever played. There are no tributes, no monster effects, and you can only play one card per turn. Duelist of the Roses is a lot better, though you can still only play one card per turn. There are no tributes. Instead you have summoning points that you gain each turn that you need to summon monsters, so you still can't always summon a powerful monster to the field. The battle system's good too. It's like chess with cards. I don't have a Gameboy Advanced, so I don't know about those games.
  20. The English name is Mystical Reph (sp?) Panel and the Japanese name is Spirit Mirror. Q: Fill in the blanks: Card (English name): Level: 7 Attack Power: 2100 Defense Power: Main Type: Light Sub-Type: Dragon Effect: None
  21. Tom also forgot Yugi (Yuugi Mutou), Panik, and Mai. I don't know Panik's and Mai's Japanese names.
  22. That's not what I was looking for, but Shadow of Eyes wasn't supposed to stay on the field either, so I'll let you ask a question. The answer was Monster Reborn. The turn after Yugi used it to bring back Gaia, it was still on the field.
  23. A: They called Hysteric Fairy by its original name, Hysteric Angel, instead of its English name. Q: In the second episode of Duel Identity (Yugi vs. Mai) what card remained on the field that shouldn't have?
  24. Q: What mistake did they make in that episode? (Dubbing mistake)
  25. I believe it was called Sinister Justice or something.
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