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  1. K.G

    Unraveled Destiny

    Etna stood as she realized that they were all there, looking up at the older man he gave her a crooked smile before turning and swiping a key card on the wall. The large doors began to slowly open to show a large, dark hanger on the other side. She frowned as she began to see the glint of lights on what looked like giant eyes. The older man flipped on the light and Etna felt her breath catch as she looked up at 5 large, metallic animals.  "These are your new partners. If you'll all line up right here." He gestured to the middle of the hanger. "You will meet your partner by they're choosi
  2. Hope this works. If not lemme know I'll resize it again.
  3. K.G

    Unraveled Destiny

    Etna threw her cards onto the floor with a slight curse, her cheeks slightly flushed as she looked up at the man in front of her.  "I have no idea what I'm doing." "I couldn't tell love, you were doing so good. Had me on the ropes there for a good while. Let's give it another try shall we?" "No thank you. The last five times were enough for me. Although the distraction is welcome from the waiting." Etna looked up at the man waiting with them and cleared her throat.  "What exactly are we doing here?" "Soon enough you lady, soon enough. As soon as Akieen brings the rest of the ch
  4. Etna yawned as the shuttled lurched to a stop, sitting up in her seat she looked around and frowned. The dim lights in the shabby station gave her a glimpse or the area, it was the same as the eastern base, run down and lacking anything that looked like it worked. One the bright side it looked cleaner if nothing else. Sighing she stretched and grabbed her bag as the door slid open to allow her to step out onto the small loading bay. She frowned more as an older man approached her with his arms crossed behind his back.  "Etna?" "That's me. And you are?" "I'm the commanding officer
  5. K.G

    Unraveled Destiny

    Ok, I'm either gonna start this tonight or tomorrow depending on when our last member get signed up for it. That being said, Zien i'm gonna ask you to make just a few tweaks to your sign up. Mainly just the part on how your character leaves. Keep in mind we're supposed to be chosen to protect humanity and save the world. The fact that your character is in and runs a gang doesn't bother me. But all of us are supposed to be a member of the underground factions put together to put a stop to the threat of our world. Your supposed to be approached and spoken to by one of the higher ranking member a
  6. *headdesk* in a writing mood, with nothing to write. Story of my day.

  7. The year: 3018   The small base creaked and shook as the desert winds outside howled, slamming against the metallic walls, the plexi-glass windows shuddered with the force of the winds as an older man stood behind one of them staring into the swirling sands. His hands clasped together behind his back, his graying hair was slicked back away from his weathered face, dark brown eyes clouded by his deep thoughts. His white lab coat hung loosely from his shoulders as he simply stared out the window. The howl of the winds outside made him uneasy as nothing could be seen in the distance, no wa
  8. Finally managed to get my password right and get back on.

  9. Laying on the couch facing her large bay window Satsuki closed her eyes and sighed as the sun beamed through the glass to warm her lightly tanned skin. Twirling a strand of her sky blue hair around her finger she smiled slightly as the dog on the floor snored loudly before growling and letting out a whine in his dreams. Life was wonderful, peaceful and slow; just how she liked it. Letting her hair go she shifted her weight and stood her full height of 6ft, stretching her back before padding silently towards the kitchen for a glass of water. Standing next to the sink she cocked her hip to the s
  10. So I hit a deer going home to see my mom, and totaled the car. Go me! >.<;;

    1. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      oh my.... you're okay, I hope?

    2. K.G


      No one was hurt but the deer and the car.

  11. *sighs*

    1. Deadpool


      Play destiny and that wouldn't happen

    2. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      Or plot too take over the world. Like me XD

  12. Miyako dashed across the rooftops, small beads of sweat falling from her hairline as she held tightly onto Raikan. Catching sight of another captain she dropped down and smiled as she saw it was Chiniiro.  "Aren't you gonna go to Rukia's thing?" He looked over at her briefly before he was gone with a flash step, pursing her lips she let out a small huff and returned to making her way towards her destination. She let her mind wander slightly as she continued on her course. It was only a few days ago that the Kuchiki messenger had come to her and the fact that they had threatened her brot
  13. K.G

    Summoner's Road

    Cool I'll get to work on it and try to have it up soonish. Gonna try and give Darth some time to finish but I'll start writing it up in the meantime.
  14. K.G

    Summoner's Road

    Soooo. I might try and get this going again if those of you who signed up for it would be willing to continue it with me. Just let me know folks.
  15. I'll get a post up for this tonight or tomorrow. Just gotta get everything in order.
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