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  1. Gin

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    [font=Comic Sans MS][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]To answerer some questions I?m pretty sure the reason why Ed, Al, and Izumi wear that symbol is to show that they?ve sinned [spoiler]by trying to perform human alchemy[/spoiler] they explain it in the episode where Ed and Izumi are talking about Dante [spoiler]I think after Ed?s learned that Dante and his father are connected and that Lyra is actually Dante?[/spoiler] ?but the part I don?t get is why Dante wore the symbol too? and Izumi says she was unworthy of wearing it? why was she unworthy?[/color][/size][/font] [font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]And Kimble is a ?.alchemist who blows stuff up. I think he?s called the Crimson Alchemist. And [spoiler]he was in the Ishbal massacre and put in prison after wars. He was in the prison that got destroyed when Ed and Al visited the 5th laboratory. He then joined Greed?s gang but betrayed him when he meat Archer (evil crazed robotic freak >.
  2. Gin

    Jokes - You got any you want to share?

    [QUOTE=Keyblade Wielder][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]A Chinese, American and Portuguese convicts escaped from jail and were looking for a place to hide from the cops after them, so they went to a park and saw three trees and each of them hid into a different tree. The cops came up to the trees in the park and looked up at the tree with the American in it, and the American quickly said, "Meow." The cops then went up to the next tree and looked up at the tree with the Chinese in it and the Chinese quickly replied, "Meow." Then the cops looked up the third tree with the Portugese in it and the Portugese quickly replied, "Moo." XD[/color][/size][/font][/QUOTE][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]This is like a joke that I've herd before except it's a dumb blond joke:[/color][/size][/font][/color] [color=black][font=Times New Roman][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were being chased by cops, so they hid in three haystacks. The cops came in and started to look around when the brunette sneezed. One cop came to look at where the noise came from and she quickly said ?meow?. The cop turned away when the redhead coughed. The cop turned to see what had maid the noise so the redhead said ?woof?. The cops were about to leave when the blonde farted. When they went over to look in her haystack she said ?potato, potato, potato? [/color][/size][/font][/font][/color]
  3. Gin

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    [left][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]?I?ll give it a try but I laugh really easily so chances are this wont be funny.^^;;[/color][/size][/font][/color][/left] [center][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][b]Ayame: By the way Yuki, your breath smells bad.[/b][/color][/size][/font][/color][/center] [left][color=black][font=Times New Roman][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]?meh. Bad I know but whenever my mom is angry at me and tries to whisper something to me to calm down I always comment on her bad breath.^^[/color][/size][/font][/font][/color][/left]
  4. Gin

    Who Are You?

    [font=Times New Roman][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]Hello. I suppose I?ll post something in here because it will be a good way to try and start getting more involved in the otakuboards. I?ve been here for over a year and don?t even have one hundred posts. Heh. Well, my name is Jessica but I prefer Jess? though most of my closest friends call me Ginny (or Gin/Gins). ^^ I?m thirteen fourteen and will be fifteen in March (aw I don?t want to get any older). I?m currently a freshman in high school and so far really don?t like it. I switched out of my old school after middle school and, because I?m so shy, still haven?t made any friends in my new school. I barley talk at my new school and don?t like it. But usually I?m a very loud, hyper, annoying person. I really like cows to the point were I obsess over them, but I don?t like milk unless it?s with chocolate (you can?t eat chocolate without milk!). I don?t think I mentioned yet that I?m a girl but I think you could guess that from my name (I don?t think there are many guys who are named Jessica or go by Ginny?). I live in Northern Virginia and the area I live in is considered part of the DC metropolitan area? at least I think in my old school (which was a private school) we competed in stuff like sports with other private schools from all of the DC area (instead of competing with the schools in your county). Umm. I hate the cold but I love winter and snow. I ski and I also run long distance and I went from being the best runner on my middle school track team to being the second slowest long distance runner on my high school track team. I don?t like sweet foods (especially candy) because they make me feel sick. I really don?t like the morning because I feel terrible in the morning. When I wake up my eyes have a bunch of that gunk you get when you?re sleeping in them and my mouth tastes awful and some times (like today) my throats soar too. I?m a heavy sleeper and it?s hard to wake me up and usually it?s so cold in the morning that I don?t want to have to leave the warmth of my covers. I like the color blue the best but lately I?ve really liked green ?especially pastel green along with browns. I think I like pastel colors a lot now. I?ve never broken/sprained/or done any thing serious to any bone or part of my body except my second smallest toe on my left foot which I broke at the begging of this school year by running into a wall while trying to get the phone. I like reading, writing, and drawing a lot and when I?m not on the computer that?s how I usually occupy my time. ?But the computer uses up most of my life. I procrastinate a lot but am also somewhat of a perfectionist. I like walking down to the library a lot since it is so close but because I started winter track a few weeks ago I haven?t been getting home early enough to walk down before it gets dark. I enjoy singing though I don?t think I can and know absolutely nothing about popular music (or popular anything). I burn my lounge really easily and just burnt it earlier today when my dad reheated my hot chocolate for too long. I also tend to burn my tongue on pop tarts, cup noodles, and hot pockets. I?m really talkative and once I start talking I tend to not be able to stop (which is why this post has gone on for so long). Cooking scares me and when I?m in college and have to cook for my self I will be forced to live off the above-mentioned foods (which means my tongue will be burnt a lot >.
  5. Gin

    Manga Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

    [font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=black][color=navy][font=Comic Sans MS]Grrr. My dad decided to cut off the Internet because I wouldn?t come done stairs to watch a movie with him seriously right before FTA released the new chapter. Now I?m (not so) patently waiting for it to download. But I?m probably going to be forced to go to church before I can read all of it so I think I?ll just wait ?till I get back? oh! It?s still nine not ten! I forgot I never set my clock back after daylights saving time! *Reads it* Blah. I really liked the fact that we got info on how [spoiler]The Fuhrer became a homunculus ?and how he didn?t kill Mustang for finding out! And I?m happy that Ling, Ed, and Envy finally got out of Gluttony. And oh no! [/font][/color][font=Comic Sans MS][color=black]Edo[/color][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=black] and Aru just saw ?Father?. Them meeting him just doubled my belief that he?s Hohenheim? but there?s still the slight chance he could be an evil twin? his face looks too mean and evil. ?and he doesn?t wear glasses. Darn. I?m stuck thinking of Hohenheim from the anime where he was just funny (I loved his face when Winry and Sheska ran away from him. XD[/color][color=navy][/spoiler] Blag? I wrote that junk at nine but haven?t had a time to finish my post. >:-P Hmmm. There was more I wanted to say [spoiler] I think Gluttony?s going to die soon for eating Ling, Ed, and Envy. ?umm Envy freaking scares me ?I wonder how many of his fangirls would like him as much if they see his true form in the manga or if the learn he kills Ed in the anime . Also I don?t really get why all those people?s souls were inside Envy. Was it because they were used to create him? So why aren?t all the other homunculi like that? ?oh! And Alphonse?s really body was so cute! ?Even if he looked like he was starving, poor thing. That scene was pretty sad but kind of sweet. And I thought all was a girl at first.^^;;[/spoiler] Also I read on the new FTA boards that Arakawa-sensei's address is in the chapter some where...[/color][/font] [/color][/size][/font]
  6. Gin

    Manga Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

    [font=Times New Roman][quote name='MangaFan007][/font][color=black][font=Verdana'] True, that is why I said it. The manga is supposed to come out in Japan tomorow (Nov 12), so I think they will have the raws uploaded by monday... hopefully.[/quote][/font][/color][font=Times New Roman] [font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]Actually I think chapter 53 came out today (the 11th) because the raw?s already up on the MSN group. ?But is it already the 12th in Japan? I think whenever my dad went to Korea for business trips when I was younger he was a day ahead of us (and Japan is even farther away than Korea)? *shrugs*. I think I'll just wait until new chapters come out and be happy they're out instead of confusing my self with when they come out... *sigh*.[/color][/size][/font] [/font][QUOTE]In any case [spoiler]I have a hunch Pride is somebody we have heard from before, maybe the Crymson Alchemist? He had a pannel for himself in Volume 4, but has not been heard of since then. Then again, that is just speculation...[/spoiler][/QUOTE][color=black][font=Verdana][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]Ah who?s the Crimson Alchemist again? *Feels really dumb for not being able to remember*. I think it?s Marco? Or Kimbly (if he was part of the military in the manga too)? Gosh I can?t remember any of their special state names!! And also [spoiler]about Pride: if you haven?t already noticed on page five of chapter 49 when Wrath?s talking to Pride they kind of show his face shaded. And, if the Crimson Alchemist is who I think he is (because I?m too lazy to look for the part you?re talking about in volume four^^), then the build of Pride?s body looks different than the Crimson Alchemist?s. [/spoiler] ?that?s just incase you had missed that part? it took me a couple times reading through that chapter to realize that!^^[/color][/size][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy] [/color][/size][/font][/font][/color][color=black][font=Verdana][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]?and I feel really dumb because one of the times I put a spoiler tag thing in I didn?t type it right and a mod had to fix it![/color][/size][/font][/font][/color]
  7. Gin

    Manga Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

    [font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]I think they?re up to the 5th Laboratory stuff? but that?s the end of the third volume and the fourth volume might be out already (though it wasn?t two weekends ago when I was at Books A [/color][color=navy]Million). *Shrug* [/color][/size][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][color=navy][quote name='MangaFan007'] I can't wait till monday[/quote] You?re saying that because that?s when you think the next chapter is coming out, right? Because that?s what I thought too, but the site that I get the manga from has a counter that says chapter 53 won?t be out until Friday. ?maybe that?s just when they think they?ll have it translated by?[/color][color=black][color=navy] [/color][/color][/color][/size][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][color=navy]Well whatever about what day it comes out? I can?t wait ?till it does! [spoiler] Ahhh! I really want to know what happens to Hawkeye now that she?s the Fuhrer?s(sp?) secretary? and to Roy after he pretty much told the Fuhrer that he knows he?s Wrath. *Jumps up and down in her seat excitedly*. And I really want to figure out who Father and Pride are!!!![/spoiler][/color][color=black] [/color][/color][/size][/font][/color][/color][/size][/font][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][quote name='Lindus] [SPOILER']I'm going to stick to the theory that Father is Hohenheim because of the physical resemblence, as well as his role in the anime (as different as the story may be).[/SPOILER][/quote][/color][/size][/font][/color][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][spoiler] Even if Hohenhiem seems to obvious to be Father, he?s still my first guess too. Of course there?s the physical resemblance between the two (like you said), and it?s pretty suspicious that he can be shot at and not die, and (I?ve been lurking around the Fullmetal Alchemist MSN group and someone on one of the topics mentioned this) right after Father announced he was going out for a walk Hohenhiem showed up in Resembull, and also Hohenhiem seems to know something about the homunculi?s plans (he warned Pinako while he was visiting). [/spoiler] [/color][/size][/font][/color][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]Also while lurking around the Fullmetal Alchemist MSN group, I found this topic about killing the homunculi. I?m not going to link to the topic since I think that?s against the rules, but there was an interesting link someone posted about how the seven sins would [/color][color=navy]be tortured after they die (I don?t say the word for where they go once they do die :3). The site can be found [/color][/size][/font][url="http://deadlysins.com/sins/index.htm"][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]here[/color][/size][/font][/url][/color][color=navy][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]. [/size][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]Now we know that both [spoiler]Lust and Greed have died, and if you look at the link Lust?s punishment is being smothered in fire and brimstone, and she was killed by Roy repeatedly lighting her on fire. And Greed?s punishment is being boiled in a cauldron of oil? sound familiar? Yup that?s how he was killed! (Wasn?t it by Father? ?can?t remember >.
  8. Gin

    Random Questions

    [color=darkslateblue][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkslateblue]I haven?t posted here in the longest time! And I barley ever posted when I did post?[/color] [/font][/color][/color][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkslateblue]*Cough. * [/color][/font][/color][size=2][color=black][quote name='Bombu][/color][color=darkred]How many fingers does God have in The Simpsons?[/color'][color=black][/quote][/color][/size][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkslateblue]?I?m pretty sure he had five. Because when Homer was telling Marge about his dream he mentioned his fingers and how he had five.[/color] [/font][/color][size=2][quote name='Shinjitsu']My question: If you were to live anywhere in the world, where would you live?[/quote][/size] [color=darkslateblue][font=Comic Sans MS]I really want to live in Spain. My Spanish teacher/adviser in sixth grade spent (I think) a quarter of one year in college studying in Spain with a group of people and she would always tell us stories about it in Spanish class/advisory. Ever since then I?ve wanted to spend part of my time in College studying in Spain? I think it?s partially because I always end up being in really slow and dumb Spanish classes, which don?t really teach me anything. And also it sounds like it would be really cool to actually learn the language from living there. ?I?m not sure if that really counts as where I want to live because it?s only for a short time but I think it would be nice to live in Spain when I grow up too? either that or I want to move to Italy (since I?m Italian and most of my family is there), but I don?t know any Italian and it?s hard to start learning languages as an adult (but Spanish is very close to Italian). [/font][/color][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][color=darkslateblue]My Question: Do male mosquitoes suck blood? Because I?ve herd before that only female mosquitoes bite animals, but if that?s true how do male ones eat?[/color][/font][/color]
  9. [color=#333399][font=Verdana]Doukeshi- ah that?s okay that you can?t because yours is already very good.[/font][/color] [color=#333399][font=Verdana]Sakurasuka- Thank you very much it?s very good and the fonts fine! ^^[/font][/color] [color=#333399][font=Verdana]I?m going to go with Doukeshi?s right now just because it?s the one I already have up and I?m on the downstairs computer where I don?t have an account to save stuff to but I?m going to use yours to Sakurasuka! Thank you both very much![/font][/color]
  10. [font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy]Oh! Thanks you very much. It?s very good and I especially like Ed and Al?s face that you added. I'm sorry to ask but is there any chance that you have a font that looks kind of ...flame-ish? DOes that make since? I know I've seen one like that before... if you can't it's allright and I should've mentioned that in my first post. The font is good it's just not what I had in mind... Thanks if you can and if you can't find one thanks for trying and making me this first really good banner and avatar![/color][/size][/font]
  11. [color=black][color=black][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=navy][color=navy][font='Comic Sans MS']Ah! I?m back and want a new banner/avi! (?cause my dad?s never going to get me photoshop >.
  12. Gin

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    [color=black][color=black][size=2][quote name='Meggido']you'll understand why everyone refers to Envy as a female.[/quote][/size][/color] [color=black][size=1][color=navy][font=Comic Sans MS]Wait do you mean people in the show or fans? ?Cause I don?t think they ever refer to Envy as a guy or girl except of course [spoiler]in the second to last episode when Envy reveals his true form (not sure what to call it x.x)[/spoiler][/font][/color][/size][/color] [color=black][size=1][color=navy][font=Comic Sans MS]Also I have a question. [spoiler] Can Edward move his automail when he?s in our world? Because when they first show him talking to Hohenhiem (agg! Did NOT spell that right x.x) he?s (I think packing stuff?) and his right arm is just at his side and it looks like he can?t move it? but then when he?s on the train going to ?the place he wanted to go to (can?t remember) he?s holding on to I guess blue prints for the rocket thing? and then he sticks his automail arm out the window? oh yea and I?m guessing he probably re-lost his left leg and he still is able to walk? so I guess he was able to make it work. ?then why wasn?t he using his arm in the scene were he was talking to his dad?[/spoiler] [/font][/color][/size][/color] [color=black][size=1][color=navy][font=Comic Sans MS]Oh also... And if I?m allowed to ask. does anyone know where I could find the song [spoiler]they play when Ed?s in the under ground city place with Dante? in like the ballroom area where Ross is dancing and he talks to Dante and the room keeps spinning. [/spoiler] I can?t really remember how the song goes now but I know I really liked it and now it?s been bugging the heck out of me! *Bangs head on computer desk* (You see I saw the like? third, third of the series at a friend?s and so can?t just bring that file up on my computer?) If I'm not aloud to get a link does anyone at least know what the songs called?[/font][/color][/size][/color] [/color]
  13. Gin

    Manga Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

    [font='Comic Sans MS']I love the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. ?Though I really don?t know which I prefer. I think I like them both equally for different reasons. Like Panda and Lindus have already said I liked the Barry the Chopper part better in the manga [spoiler] I loved how he would only listen to Riza? and I cracked up while I was on the phone talking to my friend Sam when I read the part when he said ?Bunny only wanted to have a few words with Mr. Mustang. Just to talk about me and Falman?s big event in the future! [/font][font=Webdings]Y[/font][font='Comic Sans MS']? That was really, really funny. *Laughs*. And the ?chopping up his own body? part was interesting too. [/spoiler] Then being a major Ed x Winry fan I loved [spoiler] the part where Ed saved Winry from Scar? and later when she admitted her feelings for him! *Squee*[/spoiler] of course it wasn?t as great as it would have been if I hadn?t know it would happen before hand (I?d come across some spoilers on another message board I lurk on). The part where Mei Chen?s Panda bites Al?s finger? I loved his face there XD. I was also pretty sad that they left Ling and the rest of the Xing people out of the anime? who knows maybe they?ll be in the movie (I haven?t read any info on it not wanting to spoil it)! (Yea right.)[color=white] [/color]But there where some parts I preferred in the anime like how [spoiler] Lust died. ?She ended up seeming a lot less evil when you found out that she just wanted to become human and when she offered to help Ed. And also how she was killed by another Homunculus. But then I did also like how she died in the manga? and I loved the part when Riza came in (I
  14. [color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]I was originally going to use this image as the background for my myOtaku site but I?m having problems uploading it without it getting resized. I tried both Photobucket and Image Shack. PB resized it and IS just wouldn?t upload it. If anyone could point me to a site that wont that would be great thanks.[/size][/font][/color] [size=1] [/size] [size=1] [/size] [color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]Anyways. I decided it might be nice to try and add it to the wallpapers on theotaku but I?m not sure if it?s aloud. It?s pretty much just a collage of pictures though I did do a bit of editing so that certain parts of some pics would overlap parts of the other ones. I don?t want to submit it if it?s no allowed so I was hopping if anyone could tell me if it is or not. Thanks in advance if you can. [/size][/font][/color] [size=1] [/size] [size=1] [/size] [size=1][color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS]The image is from some of the later chapters of the manga? I think around chapters 46-48. [/font][/color][color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS]I?m a total Edward x Winry fan so when I saw the part in the manga where [spoiler] Ed protects Winry from Scar and then later Winry admits her feelings for Ed [/spoiler] I just had to make that my new background for myOtaku. I?m not very good with computer art and all I have on my computer is the regular paint system computers come with so it?s not very good. I hope you guys can offer your opinions for me? here it is:[/font][/color][/size] [size=1] [/size] [size=1] [/size] [color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]WARNING: If you don?t want some of the later chapters of the FMA manga spoiled for you do not look![/size][/font][/color] [size=1] [/size] [color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]Edit: Dang the image is too large? I?m giving you guys the link to the resized photobucket image. [/size][/font][/color] [font=Times New Roman][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v649/thecrazedchibi/bg2.jpg[/img][/font] [font=Times New Roman][color=#003366][font=Comic Sans MS][size=1]?dang it?s really tiny. [/size][color=#003366][font='Comic Sans MS'][size=1]Edit (again): Ooooh. Should this have gone under the wallpaper thread under Suggestions and Feedback?[/size] [/font][/color][/font][/color][/font]
  15. [font=Verdana][/font] [size=2][font=Comic Sans MS][QUOTE][font=Verdana][b]March[/b][/font][font=Verdana] [/font][font=Verdana]Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody.[/font][size=2][font=Comic Sans MS][/font][/size][/QUOTE] [/font][/size] [font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][/size][/font] [size=2][font=Comic Sans MS]?Wow this is actually a lot like me. But I don?t think I?m sexy? or secretive. Wait how can I be both secretive and naturally honest? ?Loves special things? ?I don?t really get that but okay. I?ve never really thought of my self as revengeful? ?[/font][font=Verdana]Hasty decisions in choosing partners.[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]? Since I?ve never had a boyfriend can?t really say anything about this one. And I'm only really moody at "that time of month" >.> ...yeeeea. [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Comic Sans MS]But pretty much everything else is right. (Though I might be [i]musical[/i] but I don?t think I?m all that [i]talented[/i] at the violin.^^;;) [/font][/size] [font=Comic Sans MS][/font][font='Times New Roman'][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2][/size][/font][/font] [font='Times New Roman'][font=Comic Sans MS][size=2]And thanks ^.^ for the link! ?I was wondering were everyone was finding that.^^[/size][/font][/font]