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  1. Fun fact: Valentine's Day is also the anniversary of me joining OB's staff. (This makes 13 years.)

    1. CaNz


      You are OBs Valentine!

    2. James


      13 years, wow! Impressive. ^_^

    3. Boo
  2. Got two hours of sleep and I'm about to go work, but I don't even care because I'm picking up Skyward Sword on the way home.

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    2. The Spectacular Professor

      The Spectacular Professor

      This is why I pre-order things. Also because it feels good to walk out of a place without any actual money being exchanged, even if it's just because I already did that a month ago.

    3. Desbreko


      Apparently, the Best Buy here never actually had any of the bundles to begin with, or else their preorders don't mean jack. My friend did preorder it and they didn't have any when he went to pick it up.

    4. The Spectacular Professor

      The Spectacular Professor

      Yeah, sounds like they just neglected to honor it. GameStop has a 48 hour hold policy on that kind of thing.

  3. Hands were cold. Typing with knit gloves on is interesting but easier than expected.

    1. BBS


      I have done that before, lolol.

    2. Felix the Cat

      Felix the Cat

      Don't try leather gloves, way unhandy.

    3. Boo


      A real man types with mittens.

  4. I've been here for ten years straight. What is wrong with me?

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    2. Milkycat


      Hehe would have been right behind you had I not left for about 5yrs. I just recently came back!

    3. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      I believe it's called a love of an awesome website

    4. Horendithas


      Des is the one who puts those chains on people so for him it's addiction. :p

  5. omg cake

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    2. Ellerby


      OMG *scratches at computer screen* do waaant

    3. Boo


      Oh good, my slow clap processor made it into this thing.

    4. Sangome


      ^ So we have that.

  6. has been live streaming Zelda: Four Swords Adventures the last few days http://www.justin.tv/desbreko

  7. Nichijou ep1 is a lot better than the ep0 OAV.

  8. is pissed at Nintendo for not allowing the free RB3 Harmonix DLC pack on the Wii.

  9. is looking forward to playing RB3 pro drums tomorrow

  10. is away for the weekend. Merry Christmas!

  11. What is this I don't even

    1. Japan


      I have no clue!

  12. The Des approves of your raging Erika pic.

  13. I figured the quote from Dagger in my signature was enough.

  14. is lurkin in ur threads, readin ur posts

  15. I'm still lookin' as badass as ever in that pic.