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    I'm gay
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  1. sinna

    Naming weapons...

    I have two weapons that I own that I've named. One's a dagger that has a kind of ti-dyed lookin' hilt (name's Jewls), and a katana that always feels cooler than room temp (I named it Shade).
  2. sinna

    Where do you live?

    I live in a state famous for its potatoes- Idaho. To be more precise, Filer Idaho. It gets fairly cold during the winter, but we never have snow, so it sucks. :animecry:
  3. sinna

    Google Earth...

    yea, they are a bit old. it shows a blank stretch of dirt thats actaully a road now, yet it's still pretty useful.
  4. sinna


    the only nickname I go by is Stonewall. I got it 'cause I was in an accident last August and I did more damage to the truck then it did to me... the steering wheel got folded into a taco shape from hitting my chest, I knocked out the windsheild with my head, and I came out with a few little scratches.
  5. sinna

    Weird last names, do you have one?

    I don't have a weird last name either (Knight), though my grandmothers maiden name is Cee.
  6. sinna

    How did you find OtakuBoards?

    A friend of mine showed me theotaku.com and I poked around till I found the otakuboards link (which took me a while considering it was i plain view) and I signed up at once.
  7. sinna


    I'm actaully surprised that so many people on the ob have read this book. I'd have to agree with the people who said they thought it's not non-fiction. The only reason for this is that the book seems more like a fanasy book than anything that could be real. Not to mention that the writing style changed a little ways into [I]the Testimony of the Mad Arab[/I] .
  8. sinna


    I was wondering whether anyone here has read the Necronomicon? If you've read it, what did you think, and did you beileve any of it? For those who don't know what it is it's supposed to be the book of the dead written in the eighth century A.D. by an arab named Abdul Alhazred. Thats about all I know of it, and if I'm wrong on some point would somebody please correct me?
  9. sinna


    I would follow the philisophical way of looking at it for a few reasons. 1) I have a very hard time beleiving that there is any type of god , and 2) It just seems more like a way of life than anything else to me.
  10. sinna

    Do you "front"?

    I would say I put on a 'front' alomost all time. Normally people can't get me to say more than five or so words in a sentence,though when I want to be a social person it's almost impossible to shut me up. Then there's also the fact that I play D&D, in which you would normally take on the attitude of your character for hours on end. Normally in school I act like one character or another, somedays being social, and others being downright mean to people, and still other days I'll act like myself again and be quite the entire day. So using 'fronts' is almost a day-to-day habit of mine.
  11. sinna

    Anime Inuyasha the movie 2

    I didn't even know there [I]was[/I] an Inuyasha movie, so I guess I'm behind the times movie-wise. How sad for me. :animecry:
  12. sinna

    Eating Habits

    I usually eat about an hour or so after I get up in the morning. Then I'll eat the school lunch if it's not too sickening. I'll usually eat at seven or eight at night or something of the like, so it really doesn't seem I have a bad eating habit at all.
  13. sinna

    What Super Powers Would You Want?

    I'd have to choose to control heat. If I want fire, just look at piece of wood make it so hot it combusts, and there ya go! Other than that I'd just like to be able to make copies of myself like Tien does in dragon ball. No real reason for this ablity except to be able to always be in more than one place (very useful, it would be, for school ;) ).
  14. sinna

    What are you 'addicted' to?

    I'm addicted to reading for one. I go through withdrawl if I don't have something to read every day . Also addicted to playing with anything that has a sharp edge on it :devil: .
  15. sinna

    Lead or Follow?

    I tend to be apathetic about most things, so I've never been in the "leader" role.