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  1. i have a lot on my list Xbox:Halo 2, Rainbow Six 3, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Gamecube:Metriod Prime, Metriod Prime 2, LOTR: the Third Age GBA: Final Fantasy I &II, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2-Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater, Killzone, PC: Half Life 2, Final Fantays XI, Call of Duty, Day of Defeat, World of Warcraft
  2. Hito

    Gaming Halo 2

    There is a local game shop here in Indiana and they had a Halo 2 lock-in. I must say that this is a very fun game with extremely good graphics. If you dont own this game, you shouldn't own an Xbox. By far, the mulitiplayer is the best. I must have played 12 hours worth of LAN and not once did i think it was old. It's one of those games that you need surround sound for and a huge TV. I give Halo 2 a 10/10
  3. Hito

    Gaming Final Fantasy X vs. Final Fantasy X-2

    X-2, like you have said, was a bit of a let down. I was really hoping to play the game without using the same characters. As you can tell, that didn't happen. The story itself was a bit of a letdown. it just seemed that they were telling the Final Fantasy X story all over again. That's why I like Final Fantasy X better. It was no where near redundant and very cool to play through with a good story. If I had to rate this game it would be: Final Fantasy X: 10/10 Final Fantasy X-2: 7/10
  4. Hito

    Anime Inu Yasha

    very true. after about the 50th episode, things started getting redundant. [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Welcome to OtakuBoards, Hito. Please try and add more detail to your posts in future- posts this short are usually deleted as spam. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  5. i heavily believe that anime is going mainstream. Im seeing FMA and Ghost In the Shell on Adult Swim and mayn more on the On Demand section. i think thats why the Anime Channel was invented. i know people know who werent really into anime, and now they watch Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. sp yes, anime has gone mainstream