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  1. [QUOTE=Dagger]A lot of people who posted earlier in the thread seemed to blame "dubbing companies" or "licensing companies" for what they perceived to be the poor state of anime, either on American television or in general. I sort of protested that, and one or two members responded to my comment. Seeing how as JenniKate answered the original question, it's hardly fair (in my opinion) to imply that she ended up dragging the topic off on a tangent, or something to that effect. If the subject of subs vs. dubs came to dominate the entire discussion, then maybe a thread-split would be in order, but thus far that certainly hasn't happened. ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] Thank you Dagger for letting me know I wasn't trying to make it sound like I wasn't happy with what was posted. I am sorry if it seemed that way and sincerely didn't mean to imply that JenniKate was dragging the topic off on a tangent. Once again I would like to apologize if I ended up sounding like I was making any accusations.
  2. [QUOTE=JenniKate]As we've established anime is not dying. You should feel lucky you have any anime on TV, in Australia we're very restricted on what we can view. Everyone here has to buy the DVD's to really watch it - and then we can't buy half as much as American's can. :animeangr So now that little grumpiness is over.... I also wanted to say Dagger you are far from alone! I, and most of my frieneds, actually prefer dubs to subs. Subs are good but they take concentration and I find I miss a lot of the animation because I'm too busy watching the words. So I go with the dub, accept that sometimes the meaning differs slightly to the original and take in the animation.[/QUOTE] May I ask when this thread became a sub/dub debate? Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining too much but I thought that this was supposed to be on the status of anime.
  3. I consider myself a Christian but just like some people, I have taken on some belief systems which some wouldn't consider "religous" such as the wiccan ways. Many authors of all genres touch on religon and their views or beliefs from time to time. One book I read that was written by Piers Anthony from the "Incarnations of Immortality". It was the first book that I read, titled: " On a Pale Horse" which dealt with the incarnation of "Death" and what happened to the "soul" after a person passed on. One of his "clients" was an infant who by the "rules" stated in this book, should have automatically gone to heaven on its own but due to the "sins" of the mother, whether she commited the act of her own free will for not, was sent to purgatory until its "soul" could make its way to whichever location it would eventually choose. Another "client" was an atheist and when he passed on his soul just disappeared as if it never existed. Let me state rignt now that though I don't know what the author's beliefs are, that he is just stating one of the many possibilities that are out there. Again I will state that I consider myself a Christian and on the homosexuality issue, I can not believe that God (or anyones equivallant thereof) would discriminate against their peronal choice of partners. If a person lives a good life and is a good person overall I can not in good concience believe is automatically condemmed to hell. Some religons could state that a person who follows the wiccan way is condemmed to hell as well, which would put me in a "walking the fence" sort of thing since I have adopted some of the wiccan beliefs on top of my Christian ones.
  4. There is a song that I really like off of the first season of Charmed that I have been having a difficult time trying to figure out the title or artist. The song is just after the opening theme in Episode 13, From Fear To Eternity. and the lyrics are as follows: "Gold in the sky, it sparkles in the night. But in the corners of my mind, I feel something's just not right. Call me superstitious, call me any thing you want. But I can't ignore this feeling, I can't close my eyes to certain signs. So, what's the spell I'm under? Or is it just a number? See the signs, they're everywhere, something's coming and something's near, and I got this feeling in my soul I've seen the writting on the wall." If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it because I want to get the complete song if I can.
  5. For the first half of this question I have no answer for since I am not sure of that myself. as for the second half of the question, my favorite music is pretty much all of the music from Cowboy Bebop, I really enjoy all of Yoko Kanno's music and like listening to it frequently. I would have to say that one of the songs that I like the most from Cowboy Bebop would be Call Me can't say why though, I just like it.
  6. I find it quite interesting that I just so happened to come to this site and read this thread today since I barely recall having a dream last night which if i remember correctly featured Kenshin Himura. I would say what it was about but I really don't remember anything about it anymore.
  7. I guess that it all depends on the mood that I am in at the time. I like the variety that I have at my disposal with both mediums. Both anime and manga have their good qualities while anime can be considered to be more theatrical because it is animated, there are some things that the animators can sometimes not touch on due to time constrains or other factors like what the creator and the company they work for are willing to have animated. Most of the manga that I have read and own have given me some more insight to the story or an alternate storyline to consider. One other thing that I like about most of the manga that I own is that they are published in a way that you read right to left which also makes it more interesting than reading a regular book.
  8. You want to hear one of the Yu-Gi-Oh games that I gave away shortly after I bought it? Duelest of the Roses. What killed me was what felt like a 3 hour tutorial on the battle system and I never really got past that, too much information that would be lost to me until I possibly made a bad move because I didn't remember what they were trying to teach me.
  9. I will state right now that no one is too old to enjoy watching anime it are the people who compare it with cartoons that are aimed for the younger viewers and refuse to watch anime that are missing out on what could be a very entertaining thing. There is a lot of anime out there that are supposed to be aimed towards the more mature viewer, if a person were to check out some of the anime available and check into when and what time it originally aired in Japan they would, I believe, be suprised that many of them were aired close to midnight or later. BTW, I have been placed in the 26-30 range in your poll and have been watching anime for approximately 9 years and was introduced to it by someone almost 10 years older than I am.
  10. Just got back from counting my DVD's and I have over 200 total. :eek: Here is the break down: 19 Box sets-complete, 13 series complete(non-boxed), 7 movies, 12 disks of series I am working on completing. My favorite ones that I own are as follows: Cowboy Bebop-complete-box set, Saiyuki-complete-2 box sets, Azumaga Daioh-complete, Trigun-complete-box set, Love Hina-complete+3 specials. Would anyone out there like to do the math as to how much I have invested on Anime DVD's alone? Why do I like them? I enjoy the animation/style.
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