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  1. I don't really like one better than the other. They were both good IMO. I didn't pay as much attention to the end of Star Wars as I would have liked 'cause I was concentrating on not pissing my pants due to the amount of Mountain Dew: Code Red I had drank.
  2. My father is probably the biggest jerk in my family. He seems to hate me lately. He even called me a coward once for my opinion on something we were talking about. :(:(:(
  3. ok. I am American and I admit, I don't like this country very much. In band I actually declared to my friend right before we played the national anthem that I cannot stand the arrogance and stupidity of this country. We think that if we go and shove our noses in everyone elses business we can right all the wrongs in this world. For the record, I believe that on September 11th, we got what we deserved. Thank you.
  4. As you could tell from my other post, I like Ryan best. He's totally adorable. One time on WliiA, the scene for "Scenes from a Hat" was "things that would cause Drew to do a spittake" so Ryan dragged Colin down and kissed him. After that in last period social studies on a Friday, my friend and I came up with a "Spittake Drew Carey" doll that spits out water when you squeeze it. Then we thought up a jingle for it. :D I like to read Whose Line? fanfiction too. Ryan + Colin slash is the best. Nerdsy, just try to describe your other fave. I might know! Wayne would probably be considered an origina
  5. I'm Monka Cowak. O_O''' Interesting...
  6. Who's your fave Whose Line person? In order of how attractive I find them, my list is: 1: Ryan Stiles 1.5: Colin Mochrie 2. Brad Sherwood 3. Tony Slattery 4. Niall Ashdown 5. Rory Bremner 6. Chip Esten 7. Greg Proops 8. Wayne Brady The reason Colin gets 1.5 is becase he's as cute as Ryan + Brad, so he's in between. I watch both the American and British versions, but I find the British to be much better. It just bugs me how Drew joins in on the end games. I only watch the Drew Carey Show because it has Ryan-chan on it. So, chat here 'bout the show, blah, blah,blah...
  7. Matrix...2... Keanu Reeves is SOOOOO hot! Need more Keanu....
  8. [COLOR=seagreen]Just wondering what you guys favor for fanfics in GW. I prefer non-yaoi/yuri fics, especially w/ lemons. I am planning, however, to write a fic that starts out w/ Heero/Relena and Duo/Hilde, but then halfway through, it'll change to Heero/Duo. It'll be a lemon. I like lemons. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D My 12 year old brain has been poisoned by them for 1 year now...[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=seagreen]I must say that I have naver really liked Wufei too much. I have had this argument w/ my b/f ever since the day we met about whether Quatre or Wufei was better. He always said it was Wufei. One day in history class, my teacher was man-bashing and then she let us work w/ people on something. I was working w/ a friend. My b/f was gonna work w/ another boy and he sat down in my seat. Then he got up and said, in Wufei's [I]exact[/I] voice w/o trying to sound like him, "I don't want to sit there: That seat's weak." It was scary! He still insists that Wufei is better. :mad: :flaming
  10. [COLOR=seagreen]Unedited dub, but I'm gonna borrow NGE eps 13-26 subbed so if I like subtitles after doing that, I'll just buy subs from then on! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D[/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR=seagreen]Hmmmm.... Lemme see.... (These are in no order whatsoever) Gendo :tasty::love::blush::D Shinji Toji Kaji Zagato Lantis Ferio Quatre Trieze Char :D:cool: Harry Mc Dougal *evil laugh* Hotohori Chichiri Tasuki Chiriko Vegeta The list could probably go on much further, but people staying awake would be good, so it won't... :angel: :devil: [/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=seagreen]My gym teacher looks like Lt. Noin from GW except she has blond hair...:p[/COLOR]
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kuja [/i] [B]lunar is a PSX game as is lunar 2... both are awesome games [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=seagreen]OMG! FINALLY! Someone else who's played Lunar! Who's your fave character huh huh huh??? I like Lord Ghaleon! He's really hot! *droolz* I almost forgot: it's gonna come out on GBA too!!!!![/COLOR]:D :blush: :D :blush: :D :blush: :D :blush:
  14. [COLOR=seagreen]I still love Trieze!!!!! Just wanted to let every1 kno! And for all u Milliardo fans...[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=seagreen]Just a random EVA pic I'm using for my desktop...[/COLOR]
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