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    I am obsessed with mostly anime and music. My fav anime character is Kyo Sohma from fruits basket. My fav music band is Green Day, I also like linkin park
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    a student
  1. animejunkee

    Anime Fruits Basket

    [QUOTE=wife_of_alucard][IMG]http://www.we-love-anime.com/../index.php?g=Helllsing[/IMG] true yuki is kinda a girl like person and kyo is much funnier then yuki but they do have there moments when they do act the same but it just take 5 or 8 mins before kyo and yuki start at it well i can kinda understand that yuki have a girlish voices because he kinda have a girl like personality but i dont understand is how kyo can have a girl like voice he is just.......kyo i dont how why they made him have a girl-like voice cause i can only understand yuki with that voice BUT NOT KYO but anyway we just have to accepted everythough it is really reall scary [color=navy][size=1]Next time, please try to use periods a bit more liberally. Thanks. ^_~ ~Dagger~[/size][/color][/QUOTE] What are you talking about?! Kyo doesnit have a girly voice. I've watch Fruits Basket in English and Japanese and Kyo has a man voice (only Yuki is the one with girly voice). The only thing that is wrong with Kyo's voice is that it is a little deeper than the English voice. XD Has anyone noticed that in the English cast of Fruits Basket is the voice actor Justin Cook? He talks for Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho and He talks for Hatsuharu in fruits basket. I was pretty surprised when I found out (the first time I watched fruits basket and I heard Haru's voice I was like: "that sounds like Yusuke!" Sorry I have fun figuring out which anime characters have the same voices as other anime characters in other animes. (another example: Tohru = Keiko (from Yu Yu Hakusho) XD
  2. animejunkee

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    Yes I have a windows media player and I'll check out the site, Thanks!
  3. animejunkee

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    Okay. Well, then Am I in the wrong thread, since this is for KH2 and I was talking about KH: chain of memories. Sorry I'm kinda stupid.
  4. animejunkee

    Anime Fruits Basket

    I like the manga because it has some stuff not shown in the show. For example I saw the episode of Kyo's true form, and then I read volume 6. I found both were quite different, so it's kinda fun comparing them both. Also the manga continues on, but the show has ended at episode 26.
  5. animejunkee

    Anime Fruits Basket

    Who here likes Fruits Basket? Who's your fav character and why, also which episode or episodes do you like? I luv fruits basket, personally I think it's the funniest anime/manga. My fav character is Kyo, because he makes me laugh the most, I luv cats, plus he has orange hair and there aren't a whole lot of orange haired people in anime. Also my fav episodes are #s 13,14,16,19,20, 21, and 23. Just to let you know I have not seen episodes 1-12, but I have read volumes 1-6.
  6. animejunkee

    Anime Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles

    If it ever shows here it would totally become my fav. In fact sometimes I try to imagine who would be the voices of the characters if tsubasa became a show (I call it tsubasa for short so don't get mad at me for not saying the whole thing).
  7. animejunkee

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    Well, I have it for gameboy advance. How am I supposed to prove to you that I own the game? Even one of my friends has the game.
  8. animejunkee

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 2

    Kingdom hearts rocks! I've played a little bit of the first one. And I got a gameboy advancesp and kingdom hearts 2 from my parents. I just beat hades in the game it took me 7 tries to beat him.
  9. animejunkee

    How Old Are Ya?

    I'm 13, but I wish I was 16 so I can drive.
  10. animejunkee


    Of course I know english, I started taking German in 7th grade and I am in the 8th grade and still taking it. In 6th grade I learned a little bit of spanish and french. When I go to high school I am going to take Japanese. I also speak a non-national language, pig latin.
  11. animejunkee

    3 Songs That Illustrate You

    Lets see..3 songs that relate to me most...hmmmm. Basket case-Green Day, because I am sort of a basket case (you know what that means, don't you?) Numb- Linkin Park, because I feel that I should stop wondering what people think of me and that I should be myself no matter what. Blvd. of Broken dreams-Green Day, because that is exactly how I felt when I got into a fight with my friend.
  12. animejunkee

    Anime What made you cry?

    Episode 15 of fruits basket made me cry. That was when [spoiler]Momiji was telling Tohru about his mom.[/spoiler] [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Added [spoiler] tags. Please be mindful of what you could be revealing to people who haven't seen the series (much like myself). Also, please try and add more detail to your posts in future- although the quality's okay, this is bordering on being too short. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]