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    I'm a pharmacy student who loves anime, video games, and studying (*cough* not really *cough* )
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  1. ChemAngel

    Gaming Arcades are almost gone....

    actually, I'm lucky enough to be in a big city. Apparently, we still have alot of arcades. The thing is that they are being converted into arcade/bar/pool area. We have two main ones. one is called "daves and buster" and this arcade is more for adults (you can't enter unless you are 21 or accompanied by someone over 25 years old). The other one is "gameworks" and it is a true arcade. They have playing cards so you can play all the games you one in an hour if you want also. Just this thursday they had a deal off all you can play from 7pm to 11pm for $10 per person. But it was so crowded that nobody could play anyways. :animesigh
  2. ChemAngel

    Where do you live?

    Miami florida. Where the temperature "with humidy" feels like 102 degrees! I love miami in mid july/august! *note the sutle sarcasm*
  3. ChemAngel

    London Bombs

    i really don't know how this exactly got into a political discussion about nationalities but that isn't the real issue. The real issue is that terrorist are attacking all type of countries all over the world. I just found out that they attacked an egyptian hotel the other day. I don't care whether the terrorists are musilum, catholic, french, american, german, or any other race or nationality....THAT DOESN'T JUSTIFY KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE! The people of London were attacked, very hard. My belief is if you are harboring these people...who have attacked other people and have killed non-soldiers....i don't care WHAT NATIONALITY or RELIGION you are.....you are WRONG! I'm American, and I love america. Granted we have our bad stuff...but so does EVERY OTHER COUNTRY. I don't believe in knocking down the French for choosing to not side with the americans (though...if france was hiding terrorist...THEN they would be in the wrong). They have every right to not want to participate. But on the same token...we AMERICANS have a right to hunt down the people that have done us misjustice. now, do I agree with the methods in which they are doing it.....not necessarily. But there really is NO real good solution. It is a double edged blade. People are so quick to criticize goverments (whether it'd be theirs or others) but none of those have been able to come up with a sensible solution.
  4. ChemAngel

    Suicide(Common Topic <.<)

    As for being selfish...yes, selfishness is part of the formula. But sometimes I think it is just desperation. They want so much for someone to pull them out of this feeling that they have...and they don't know how to ask for help. So they commit suicide....some try desperatedly to get the attention of people (which is why most suicidal people leave signs and clues that they want to commit suicide) I had a friend of mine. Little by little her friends started commiting suicide...and while talking to her, I began to notice that it was in fact a suicide pact and that she had made it as well. I talked to her and tried to tell her that there is always a way out...that to end your life isn't right. I even gave her various hugs and allowed her to cry until she couldn't no more. She never did commit suicide and is now married and quiet happy with her life. She called me the other day to thank me for helping her...that I was the only one that gave her the time of day (her parents were oblivious to the fact of what was going on in her life) Sometimes, you have to think of the people you are leaving behind and whether it REALLY IS worth ending your life. Usually there are so many good things that you are leaving behind (even as simple as a rain drop falling down the petal of a flower) that nothing is EVER worth ending your life....or causing those you love so much suffereing. [FONT=Arial Black]my great uncle commited suicide when I was little. He did it for a rather unselfish reason. He had developed a brain tumor and didn't want the family to be burdened by him deteriorating. But what my great uncle DIDN'T understand was that....it was a burden we were all willing to take if it ment him being by our side. We wanted to be with him...and he had no right to take that away from us...simply because he ASSUMED that is the way it had to be. The people he tried so hard to keep from getting a burden...ended up with the greatest burden of all ....the "what if I was there". My grandmother and aunt (who loved my great uncle very much) blamed themselves for him doing that. My aunt cried in her own wedding because she wanted for my great uncle to be there to see her...but he took his life away.[/FONT] so, even for what seems to be unselfish reasons, suicide is NEVER the answer...and at the end you will ALWAYS end up hurting the ones you love
  5. what words could I possibly say that will make you feel better? I believe that things happen for a reason and perhaps there is a reason to this. maybe, this will make the two of you stronger as a couple if he does decide to go back to you. or perhaps maybe being apart will help you gain the strenght that you need to raise your child in a good way or maybe he just wasn't ment for you. If he isn't ment for you, you should be relieved that it happened early on in your life...instead of later on. Because if he IS seeing other people, despite having an expected child with you....then there would be no guarentee that he would not do the same thing if the two of you should have married. Perhaps, it is better that he did this to you now...while you still have the support of you parents...then if he would have done this to you at a later time....perhaps when your parents could not help and you would have been truly left alone. Either way....you need to ask the father to support his own child and give you the money you need. He cannot simply leave you to fend by yourself financially (it did take two to tango) I just want you to know what you DO have. A supporting family and a beautiful and healthy soon-to-be-child I'll be praying that you have the courage to do what is right...and to have the strength to continue fighting for whatever it is that is coming your way.
  6. [quote] SEPTEMBER Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people's mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive. Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic. [/quote] actually that is very dead on. but I don't see the one word that they always pin on the september people (specifically the virgos) and that would be "logical"...but I guess the word "systematic" is good enough. except for the good memory part...I have a horrible memory without some logic to back me up. I do have alot of confidence and am able to motivate myself to do almost anything. and I'm very VERY choosy with my friendships and relationships. I think I get a double wammy with this considering that "september" "virgo" AND "the year of the rooster" all have close to the same characteristics. As to whether I believe everything....no. I think this is a fun way to try to analyze yourself as a person.
  7. ChemAngel

    Manga Hot Gimmick

    hot gimmick is one of my favorite mangas. My only gripe was the long wait between manga releases. I really don't know which guy hatsumi will pick. you have: 1) friend next door 2) ex-bully next door 3) [spoiler] ex-step-brother who i'm rooting for [/spoiler] And even now...by the 9th volume I really don't know who she will end up with. [spoiler] granted she is the girl friend of the exbully named ryoki, but he isn't treating her very well and I don't see her staying with him for too long [/spoiler] this is really one of the few mangas that I really don't know how it will end. FYI: in japan, they just finished the manga series. So we will see a conclusion soon. Perhaps now that the manga has ended in japan, we will now get to see the releases coming closer and closer together.
  8. ChemAngel

    Manga Kare Kano

    ironically enough, I don't have number 6. I seemed to have skipped it in the rush to get into the manga that wasn't covered in the anime. There is nothing wrong with reading romance mangas if you are a guy. Just as there is nothing wrong with me reading manga ment for a "male audience" (ie inuyasha) anyways, kare kano takes some dark turns and does seem to get better and better as it continues on. I am currently by volume 16 where they started going back to the two main characters again. Wh ich character is your favorite?
  9. ChemAngel

    Anime what iz ur most fav anime look?

    I would probably be one of those normal looking ones compaired to the other characters out there. I would have blues eyes that look sadly at everything it sees. I would have light brown hair with slight highlights of blue. My bangs would be long, close to my chin and on one side (perhaps the right side) I would want a pink streak to come down on a piece of the bang. My hair would be long and wavy (they type that look good when they are upset and the wind at their hair) ooh...and I would have elf ears. Not the really long ones, but the ones that are pointy at the end. My staff will always be decoratedly place on my back as i travel.
  10. I was a rather late comer to the anime scene. It was about since 2002. I was about 20 years old and fell in love with cowboy bebop. Then I was introduced to ranma, kare kano, and fruits baskets....and from there everything fell into place and I have watch an incredible amount of anime within those few years. (i guess it helps to have a job to get your anime)
  11. ChemAngel

    Anime Times that you've rooted for the "bad guy"?

    I have notice this happens alot. Ranma 1/2: ryouga (because you just feel soooo sorry for him)....it helps that I want to take him home with me. Inuyasha: sessy...because he is cool, bad ***...and it also helps that I want to take him home with me. fullmetal alchemist: envy....because of his badassness....and *ahem* I...want to take him home too I guess :animeswea I the idea that they are hot villians makes it easier to root for them sometimes.
  12. ChemAngel

    Anime Does more anime demand mean more hentai demand?

    I've been fortunate enought that stores like "best buy" have kept their hentai DVD away from their anime section (i honestly have never seen their "dirty" section so I don't even know if they have one) One of the problems I get with hentai is when looking for anime pictures to use for my wallpapers. Unfortunately, you put a series name and you are always guarenteed a picture or two that make you either disgusted or turn your head sideways in confusion wondering what that is....and whether or not you really want to know. i suppose with the good you get the bad. Who knows, we might one day see an hentai section on the playboy channel..... :animeblus
  13. ChemAngel

    Anime Your friends dont know what Anime is?

    [QUOTE=PAche]y'know that's the same for me!except they dont think liking anime is only for boys.they think people who play video or computer games are guys.other than that i'm in the same situation.although anime and manga is quite popular here, those that aren't into them think its so darn boring and kiddo-ish.wierd thing is, those that dont really appreciate anime totally [i]loves[/i] spongebob.spongebob!thats even more childish than any anime i know of! once, my male cousin brought me to this cyber cafe where he was gonna meet his friends to play cs.they allowed me to play with them but when i played and killed a few of them they were all "who's that guy huh?which of you change username?" then when my cousin told them it was me they were like, "wah, not bad eh?never knew girls like and could play cs"...**** them[/QUOTE] I always loved doing that. I would go online to dead or alive and play. I wouldn't say anything and after I've beaten like 5 in a row...they would start saying "who is this?" and I would respond in my sweetest voice , "hi boys...sorry if I wupped you a little... I promise to go easier on ya next time, k?" than there was always a pause following by "holy @#$ it's a girl!!" LOL :D
  14. ChemAngel

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    no disrespect ima....but what you said isn't entirely correct either [url]http://www.crystalinks.com/alchemy2.html[/url] just to quote from it "It has been said that alchemy can be credited with the development of the science of chemistry, a keystone of modern science. During the alchemical period the repertoire of known substances was enlarged (e.g., by the addition of sal ammoniac and saltpetre), alcohol and the mineral acids were discovered, and the basis was laid from which modern chemistry was to rise. Historians of chemistry have been tempted to credit alchemy with laying this base while at the same time regarding alchemy as mostly "wrong." It is far from clear, however, that the basis of chemistry was in fact laid by alchemy rather than medicine. " I was simply generalizing the idea but it is true that alchemist were chemist...or rather they were created by alchemist's research. Whether medicine could have played a factor...it is very possible since the history isn't so clearly cut. As for taking it in high school...no....I didn't only take it in high school. I have a Bachelors in Chemistry at FIU... so I think I have a little more knowledge of chemisty that you gave me credit for. topic: regardless....I have to admit it was one of the best animes I have yet to see which accurately depicts an element of science that isn't technology. Especially how they defeated some of the enemies by sometimes just using the phase changes in an element. What an outstanding anime!
  15. ChemAngel

    Manga Fruits Basket?

    I am the first to attest to the fact that fruits basket is loved by both male and female. LOL...it coudln't be the #1 selling manga in japan and the states if only the girls were reading it. I know several of my online guy-friends that love the series..and my brother can't put the manga down. The manga is slightly different from the anime...in the sense that it is continueing where the other left off. I am collecting it religiously and am currently up to volume 9 waiting anxiously for volume 10. I don't think whether something is shoujo or shoujin means anything. inuyasha is supposely a guy manga but I really enjoy it. in fact, most of my manga collections consists of "guy mangas".