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    dont have a job... i write for fun though
  1. lost shinobi

    Your Birthday

    I was born on December4 1990. I'm born in the year of the horse. I also share my birthday with Tyra Banks and led Zepplin broke up on my birthday in 1980... My dad's birthday was 4 days after mine too
  2. lost shinobi

    What Does your sig, avi and username say about you.

    [QUOTE]I'll do lost shinobi, I suppose ^^[/QUOTE] You did a really good job^^. Yes I will admitt that I am a bit obsessed with Naruto. I guess I'm nice. A bit shy though. The sig i made and I made it dark because it resembles how the character is dark, not evil really, mysterious. and my s/n I get these moments where I feel lost within the world but i can't find my way out. You did really well :animesmil (yes i am a newbie and I don''t know anybody :( )
  3. lost shinobi

    Writing Leaving Home [G, possibly PG (Depressing)]

    Wow, That is really good. Very descriptive. Your very good with words. So um... whats going to happen now? :D
  4. lost shinobi

    What thought comes into your mind most often?

    The thought that comes into my mind a lot is either. What is instore for me in the future like whats going to happen to me in the nest 20 years or what happens after death. Its a question that will never be answered I know that. I mean is there really a "heaven"/ "hell" some supreme being living in "heaven" do we get rencarnated or does our soul rot/burn with our bodies. Soul, is there really such a thing though? Or is it just a word with no meaning what so ever. Yea so thats my usual thoughts. The second thought I 'm not trying to say anything bad about anyones religion. I just never grew up with a religion or told one thing to believe in so Its a question i think about a lot :D
  5. lost shinobi

    What Does your sig, avi and username say about you.

    I think I'll do [B]Lord Rannos[/B]! s/n Hmmm... this one is hard. From my opinion yourr name seems to have a serious personality but when the time is right you are outgoing and adventurous. avi. Hm... i think you like Irvine from FF VIII or just the FF series. You seem humorous to me and enjoys to hear/ make people laugh sig. Like i said before you seem to like to make people laugh and have a humorous personalitly but serious when needed. You like to write aparently, and your writings help you get all those feelings you bottle up out. In general- your serious, outgoing and seem to bottle all the bad emotions up. You let all the bad emotions out with your writings. You like video games aparently especially FF series... or maybe not.. I'm most likely completely wrong so yea. I tried my best. Now someone try me ^^
  6. lost shinobi

    What can't you live without?

    I wouldn't be able to live without 1) the interent like most have already said 2) my cat because it took me about 11 years to convice my mother to get her for me ^^ 3) anime (especially Naruto) I'm addicted 4) music/ insturments) another addiction plus it comes me 5) My poetry) gets everything off of my mind thats basically everything i couldnt live without besides my family/ food/water ect) :animesmil
  7. lost shinobi

    Where do you live?

    I live in a small town that is only a square mile in New Jeresey call Mt. Ephraim The best place to eat in my Area (not my town) would be The Club Dinner. They baciscally make anything u crave for and its really good in my opinion The best places to shop would be the mall which is like 10, 15 minutes away. thats only because there isn't any other stores that are in my area that are nice... Well for unique... we got a swamp next the the highway but i dont think anyone would really wanna go there... Um...I live like 15 minutes away from Philly go to south street that place is awesome... So dont visit my town because there isn't much Just avoid my town. There is nothing interesting here. It's very boring, and its filled with many ignorate people.. me not being one of them hopefully. The only hotel in my town is a really cheap run down one. If u want a nice one u will have to go a town over. I live 10 minutes away from one of the worst towns called camden. U always hear cop cars going there. umm thats about all. ^^ besides all that its a really nice town. Our school systems is really good one of the highest in NJ except that we only have an elemtry school and a middle school and our public highschool we have to walk almost 2 miles to get to another town over (no buses)
  8. lost shinobi

    Anime What is your favorite anime character

    This is hard. I don't have just one favorite character so I'll name my three favorite girl and guy characters guys- Sasuke from Naruto because he is mysterious and ignorant. Also he tries to hide all of his feelings and make himself seem like he doesn't need anybody, but in reality he does. Miroku from InuYasha I like Miroku because he is such a pervert. Also he is the funny character that livens the show. My last favorite guy character would have to be Neji from Naruto. Neji is one of my favorite characters because he has been hurt for so long and it takes him a long time to realize that life isn't set for you from the start, and that you can change your future. Also I love the flashbacks of him when he was younger. He Was ADORIBLE! Girls- For the girls i would have to say Hana from fruits basket. She is funny and dark and mysterious. I also like how she can read peoples elctric signals Ed from cowboy Bepop. Ed is like the best character from Cowboy bepop she is a tomboy who i think is hooked on sugar or something. She is a strange character that can always make me laugh Last but not least my last favorite characters for the girls would have to be Mizuki from Hanazakari no Kimitachi E (Hana- Kimi for short) Mizuki is one of the bravest characters I can think of. She is an ordinary girl that goes across an ocean and dresses up like a guy goes to an all boys school just for some high jumper she likes. That i think is amazing. Also I like Mizuki because she is HILARIOUS... well thats really all :D
  9. In my school it seems that the Popular kids and the jocks are the main groups. There are the few small groups of the nerds and gothic punk kids. I also have a very small school. I would say that I'm not in any of these groups. I wear what i want and what is comfy. Also I'm basically friends with everyone some more than others. I guess i would be classified as a drifter. :animesmil
  10. lost shinobi

    Manga What was your first manga?

    My first manga I have read was Fushigi Yugi. Ever since then I couldn't stop reading them. I'm always looking forward to reading a new anime or when the next book in my series comes out. :D