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    anime lover! been watching anime shows since i was 2! i lyke 2 draw.
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  1. anime

    Anime Inu Yasha

    [quote name='RedMoon']Im Still Watching The Anime Series Of Inu Yasha I Dont Know When They Will Air It Again On Adult Swim They Halted Inu Yasha Because They Needed To Translate The New Episodes In To English Here In US So Im A Lil Pissed Off Cuz I Want To See The New Episodes :animesigh Its Sesshomaru[/quote] yeah..thats true...they stopped airing it cause they needed the english traslation....but since i dont have adult swin anymore i watch it on YTV so ii can still watch it but i miss a lot of episods cause they were ahead when i stared watching it on ytv.... --------- [quote name='ladycathren']i know what you mean i think its supposed to end in march or may but thats only what i've heard did you no that it end in Japan in 02?[/quote] actually no it ended in japan in 03..... sume time in septer ummm sept 3rd i think or 23rd cant remeber..... [color=navy][size=1]I merged your two consecutive replies. In the future, please don't double-post. Thanks. - Dagger[/size][/color]
  2. anime

    Anime Inu Yasha

    [quote name='Grave Yard']I agree Inuyasha is way to long. Its been on forever, it feels like a soap oprea.[/quote] thats true.....but i realli do like inuyasha..... ----- [quote name='Toyua's baby][COLOR=DarkRed]undefined[/COLOR'] Okay, who is your fav. Mine is a dog demon who is he. and he isn't inuyasha :flaming:[/quote] is it inuyasha's full demon brother???? sesshy???? sry but i dont noe how to spell his name so thats my nick name for him...
  3. anime

    Writing A story about a boy named Inuyasha [PG]

    i GIVE IT AN autiomactic 10!!!!! very nice story!!!!!!!!!1
  4. anime

    Anime Inu Yasha

    Inuyasha has been running for over nine years now and it just ended sometime last year in october.....now rumer has it the the creator of the show is now making more episodes.....when the show has over 135 episods.....they strech the story and make it realli smiply so most people already no whats going to happin next as much as i love inuyasha i would just end it already.....[COLOR=Red]undefined[/COLOR]
  5. Do you ever think that the story of the anime show Inuyasha gets pointless after a while? I've been watching Inuyasha for two whole years now and the story is plain and simple I don't understand why they keep twisting it around because its really starting to get on my nerves. Even my friends say that. Do you think that?