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  1. wow there where alot of good ones and bad ones good ones NES The Legend of Zelda SNES The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past SNES Chrono Trigger (like FF3 only a lot better) bad ones NES & SNES Metroid games (too much back tracking) also if your just into old school games or side scrollers look for an old series called Valis. They where old side scrolling anime type games and I liked em but you might not. and they might be alittle hard to find too I don't think many of them made it to America, but I know for sure that Super Valis IV did it's for the SNES if you havn't figured that one out lol.
  2. xaustus

    Anime Will Anime die with our generation?

    First off let me say shudder twitch twitch i had never even thought about this until now. anyways i agree with what everyone else that anime will indeed outlast our mortal bodies and live on yada yada yada however talking about old things that aren?t around anymore should actualy give you a bit of hope when you consider that oh lets say 60s/70s rock for example no they don't make it anymore (obviously) and no it's not the most popular genre these days but i know a lot of people that that's all they listen too. heck even me, that's about the only music i like and i'm only 16 so sometimes the next generation will carry on the old ways. So my point is even if they stop making it what they [I]had made[/I] in theory could still have/make fans in the future generations and if it does ?die? temporarily maybe some of em will even recreate it ya know like a lot of the throwback bands do today.
  3. xaustus

    Gaming G4: waste or worth it?

    I'm sorry to say it but...Waste. I loved tech tv but g4 is a steaming pile on a hot day. it's not even G4tech TV anymore and there are only 2 remaining shows X-Play and Anime Unleashed (oh what do i mean i should say Gungrave that's all it is, is Gungrave reruns 24/7) 3 remaining people from TTV Sarah Morgan and Adam everyone else was either fired or left because they didn't like the direction G4 was goin and i don't blame em. the only show i watch is X-Play and after Adam said he, jokingly of course, left i just about quit watching it.and there old shows that used to be ok such as filter for example it used to be cool and fun but now it's mtv! it's all about the latest clothing and accesories, honestly if G4 vanished off the face of the earth i can't say I'd complain. Sorry.
  4. xaustus

    Gaming Console front plate customization, Sink or Swim?

    [quote name='James][font=franklin gothic medium][color=black'] People love customizing things, especially teenagers.[/color][/quote] and that about sums it up teens are there target group and the this way they can give all the exterior mod freaks a way to mod there box without voiding there warranty! I personally feel it's like the Dreamcast Memory cards. If you remember they had those screens and you could get little minigames and stuff on em well i think it's like that, good if your into it if not ya aint missing out on anything. It's something new and catchy, not revolutionary.
  5. xaustus

    Gaming Favorite Game to Play

    Wow sounds like most of you are goin for more recent games but as for me, I could play Super Mario World The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (sorry Nintendo but worst pun ever) and TLOZ: Ocarina of Time again and again and again. Probably because I played them when I was little and they remind me of a simpler time when things weren?t complicated or serious or?oh sorry didn?t mean to get sentimental on you guys!
  6. xaustus

    Gaming PlayStation 3

    Well Well Well this is a very interesting topic and I can see all of you are way out of my league ya really know what?s going on. So anyways what I was going to say was, on the issue of graphics, the X BOX 360 seemed a lot more viable very smooth and believable. Yes I realized that the PS3 is VERY superior graphics wise the stuff they showed was amazing but I don?t know if I can believe that that is actual game play that was just too?good. It was flawless and the best I?ve ever seen but we?ll have to see if that?s actual game play before we know who wins graphics wise. On another note I was very disappointed in Nintendo (understand first off thought that I am ever so slightly bias because the X Box has amazing graphics and Halo and the PS2 has a LARGE library of games and a lot of rpgs and Gamecube looks like a purple lunch boxes and has what may be the most ridiculous controller I?ve ever used it?s so uncomfortable. But then again I respect Nintendo for helping to mainstream Video Gaming in America and for Having the Zelda series and not selling it out. Anyways back to the matters at hand). If you remember, it?s been a while back now, but Nintendo said they where gonna have out the first console blaming the lack of initial success of the Gamecube on the fact that it was out last, way behind the other consoles. And so now that everyone else has told you ?everything?( yes I know they didn?t tell you everything but they sure told you a lot!) that Nintendo or more specifically the unveiler himself Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo mind you) would just show there prototype machine. Ya after all this time a PROTOTYPE! Very disappointing but I suppose that?s there way of letting you know that yes Nintendo is still around and not putting all your eggs in one basket and so when they release actual Revolution stuff you?ll be so suppressed that you?ll forget about everyone else. Oh ya and before you start ?hating? or what every you kids are sayin these days (no I?m not one of the cool kids T_T) understand that I do not hate Nintendo I am just disappointed at there recent lack of force in the oncoming console wars. I mean ya can?t just take it as it comes Nintendo, Microsoft and, especially, Sony are very serious competitors!
  7. I liked nightmare because not only is he cool he had a real high attack and defense and i had to have that because all my friends are button mashers and pick raphiel and use his quick slashing attacks that make immposible if your character is not strong...but then agin they also liked to be cervantes and push you up against the side of the ring and then do the thing where he stabs you and throws you (it's a grapple) and throw me out of the ring! There so cheap...
  8. xaustus

    Gaming Cowboy Bebop

    Does anyone else remember that cowboy bebop game that they where making for the PS2? they talked about it in some of the gaming magazines and it was supposed to come out late last year but i never heard anything about it. did it not come out or was it just under the radar?
  9. xaustus

    Gaming Best Battle System , Which RPG had it?

    Well as for FF...umm ya I'm not gonna say too many fans, they'd kill me...but anyways as for [I]my[/I] favorite RPG battle system id have to be Grandia : or more specifically Grandia 2 (because that's the one i played) anyways since i'm the only one that played it i'll tell you about it. It was alot of fun things that don't really make a difference in most other rpgs like speed and activity really made a difference. You had up to 4 people in your party and usually several enemies on screen so the action was nonstop you had a bar on the bottom of the screen that had three different spaces marked off Standby Action Perform. you selected your attack or action for the turn then according to your speed and activity that determined how fast you reached you attack. also when you looked at an enemy you could tell who they where gonna attack and what attack they where going to use so you could use a critical attack and when they where charging up you could actually stop them from attacking and put them back into the standby phase. Also there where alot of special attacks and mana attacks it was really cool. Chrono Trigger : Ok there?s really no need to explain this one right? everyone here?s played a ff game before? i just liked chrono triggers system a little better because it seems like you could get more details about you character during the battle than in FF 3. Also I liked Chrono Trigger's character and storyline a little better too so.. Xenosaga : ok before we begin let me tell you im talking about Der Wille zer Macht I haven?t played the second one yet and I'm telling you this because i think they might have changed the system a little for the second one. Now that that's out of the way I hope that most of you have also played Xenosaga 1 because if your a bad rpg nerd like me it's a must. It's battle system, for the most part, is the standard three of you taking turns against the enemy. First you select your attacks do them and then stand there like a good warrior and take there punishment. However what made Xenosaga special was that if one of your characters was about to die or you needed to kill a powerful enemies a little faster you could use Energy from your battle gauge to "skip" ahead of the enemies and slip in an attack before they could. Also the game threw in turn modifiers so that on certain turns the chance for a critical would go up and on certain turns a regular attack would do more and certain other things like that. Mario RPG : I just had to bring this one up, it had a fun easy to use system and it was a lot of fun. The perfect game for a just starting off rpg player. But I cannot stress enough how annoying it gets when I tell people I like that game and there like oh so you played that paper Mario or Super Star Saga? I think RPG was way different those games, and yes I know this sounds weird, are too schizophrenic. I am a fan of both Turn based and Real-time game play but PM and SSS just don?t seem to know what they want to be. On M RPG you selected an attack and as you jumped on the enemies you could press the button and do a combo that let you hit more than one of em so it was fun but with the other games it?s like one minute your strategizing and lining up for the attack then you gotta go jump over a banzai bill. Those games need to be in one park or the other not lingering in-between. Ok so those are my favorite RPG fight systems Please do not hurt me because I think final fantasy is overrated I mean I like halo and it?s overrated! (Love and Peace!-Vash of course, gotta love Trigun!) Give me a chance, but speaking of Legend of Dragoon that was a really good game they should make a second one! That and Majora?s mask where the first games that took me from being a play a game everyone in a while to a true gamer...sorry this was so long
  10. xaustus

    Gaming Dance Dance Revolution Series

    i only read you're original post so someone has probably already posted the answer but i have Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and it is on that version and yes it's alot of fun especialy on the harder versions such as standard and heavy[quote name='Lord Rannos']Is Drop the Bomb by Scotty D only for the arcade version of Dance Dance Revoloution? My brother told me it might be, but i'm not sure.[/quote]
  11. xaustus

    Art Help with CG and Coloring

    ok thanks I'll look into Oekaki and now that you mention it i think ive seen the tablet thing on tv before. Thanx again. [QUOTE=GTK]you might wanna try playing around with oekaki... it's not horrible complicated and is fancier than paint. You have to draw in the program though... with a mouse, or a tablet if you have one. [url]http://dog.oekakist.com/skyflowe/[/url] there's one. and here's another [url]http://www.oekakicentral.com/fp/fp1/index2.php[/url] But, to color sketches and such that I've scanned, I usually use Adobe Photoshop. I found a rather nice tutorial a while back, but i've lost it T_T I'll post it if I find it though.[/QUOTE]
  12. xaustus

    Art Help with CG and Coloring

    I was wondering what people use (programs or otherwise) to color your works with all I've got is MS Paint and Colored Pencils but i don't like the way either of those turn out. Pencils look too sketchy ( in a bad way) and MS Paint looks too second grade.