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  1. Manga

    Well in the US Volume. 8 comes out in December,and I dont know where to download full chapters. On NarutoCentral you can download the manga but only like a couple parts of one chapter,not the whole chapter.
  2. Manga

    Same here. [B]SPOILER!![/B] Naruto vol. 7. ( Don't read if you dont want to). Kabuto is one of Orichimaru's secret spies,even though he helped Naruto and gang get the Heaven Scroll they needed.
  3. Manga

    Oh ok. By the way I just finished Naruto volume 7,it rawks!!! I just bought it today,luckily it was out at this one bookstore.
  4. Manga

    Hmm..favorite manga..well I only own four,so easy!!! Naruto,is my favorite of all time. No reason needed,it's awesome like that.. And bleach,awesome action ( and hot girls :animesmil ). Andddd,I don't own it,but I've read a little bit of it,Sgt.Frog.Hilarious. The other manga's I own are DNAngel and One Piece, I like them too.
  5. Manga

    [quote name='sand dragon 19][COLOR=DarkSlateGray']i think these are good mangas atleast these are the ones i think are good besides bleach and cat is good if you like gunman and a little voilent...but still its cool..and there one piece which is very very very much greate[/COLOR][/quote] What do you mean besides bleach and naruto? You don't like them..? They're awesome!
  6. Manga

    [quote name='Killer7']Sister Red and Cowboy Bebop. I loved the anime Cowboy Bebop so I started reading that, also I saw sister Red in a bookstore for really cheap so I picked it up and liked it. I am just starting out with manga, so I haven't had a chance to read much else yet.[/quote] If you're into ninja's or awesome fighting I highly recommend you get Naruto.
  7. Manga

    [quote name='narutobleachfan']i got getbackers ots awsonme[/quote] Really? I've heard all about it on OtakuBoards.Everyone said it's pretty good. I might just get it..and by the way,thanks for the Naruto thing. Lucky I don't live in Japan so I'd have to buy all 25..
  8. Manga

    My first manga was Naruto. It's my favorite too. :animesmil
  9. Manga

    I don't have Bleach,but it might be the next manga series I start. I'm trying to get all of the naruto manga [ there are 25 released right? ] and D.N.Angel,and One Piece, since those are the only ones I have..but Bleach is next.
  10. Anime

    [QUOTE=Noside]wow that's really bad. After watching more of the Baratie arc my anger with 4kids has grown, they turned Krieg's spike bullets into suction cups and when Luffy Punches Krieg's spiked cape they editted so that it looks like luffy hit between the spikes. The fact he went through the spikes in the original edit show'd how determined Luffy was, with it edited out now he doesn't look as tough. Watching these 4Kids censored episodes is Masochism for a One Piece Fan.[/QUOTE] I watch it on Toonami..and the important thing is Luffy kicked Kriegs sorry ***.
  11. Anime

    Best Villain:Naraku/Bankotsu from Inuyasha. Best Hero: Naruto or Sasuke from Naruto.